The Perils of Paula


Friday 15th October, Athens

Dear Diary,

Budapest was horrid. Even before I got there, the man at the border got very boring about something called a visa. I told him that Aunt B had never let me have my own credit card and he seemed to think I was being cheeky. Luckily after a huge row, a nice boy from Canada spoke up for me and explained that I had some special needs, at least I think that’s what he said. Everyone was terribly nice to me after that and even the visa man said he could stamp my little book with my picture in it.

Then things got worse.

When we arrived at Budapest, they still wanted to see my ticket. You will remember that I had forgotten to buy one. I explained to the angry little man that the inspector on the train had already told me off about it and had given me a jolly sound spanking, but it didn’t seem to do any good because they arrested me.

That’s when they took my diary and other things so I haven’t been able to write until now.

Prison was just awful.

First they took all my clothes and made stand in a terrible little room with tiles on the wall like used to have at school. It was very cold and I was naked, which the fat lady in uniform thought was very funny. Then I was hosed down all over. The jet of water was so strong that I fell over and couldn’t stand up. I had to just kneel on all fours like a dog while the water went everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

Then they gave me some scratchy pyjamas to wear and locked me up in another little room with a small bed in it.

I hadn’t been asleep very long when another lady came and said it was her bed. Well, alright I thought, no need to get your knickers in a twist, but she was quite out of sorts about the whole thing.

“Get out of my bed.” She said, the only person so far who had spoken proper English.

I would have if she had asked me nicely, but I told her no.

“What are you gonna do? Spank me.” I thought it sound very street and tough of me.

I don’t know why I said that, because the next thing I know I am over her lap with my pyjama bottoms down and she starts slapping my backside. It didn’t hurt that much, or wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been spanked by the trainman, but it was very embarrassing.

Then the fat lady came with another woman and they dragged us apart and took us to another room with tiles on the walls. Only this one was bigger. There were even a couple of beds in the room, so I naturally thought that we would share it. But I was confused when the woman who had spanked me started to get upset and seemed to plead with them in that clever language of theirs.

Then we were dumped face down and side-by-side across one of the beds and my spanking friend had the lower half of her pyjamas taken as well.

So there we were cheek by other cheek with our bare bottoms pointing at the ceiling. Of course I know what’s coming, they are going to spank us. Why is it always me?

Like I said, Budapest was horrid.

A man came in after that. I mean we were both bare-bummed still and he could see us. Then I saw the stick. Now I really hate the cane. My old school used it. But compared to the old school cane this one was big.


I got six just for starters right across my bare bottom. I yelled the place down. Then just as I was getting over the first of it he started caning the woman. I could feel the strokes as they struck her bottom on account of our bare thighs etc were touching.

Then I got another six. I tried not to cry, really I did.

Then after she got her second six it was my turn again. In the end, I lost count and was very happy when it was over.

They did not let me out of prison until yesterday.

I still can’t sit down. I had to stand all the way to Athens.

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