The Perils of Paula


Monday 11 October

Dear Diary,

I am sitting on a train, which is a novel experience for me, both the sitting and the train. I have begun my first big adventure in the great wide world, although I have the most dreadful feeling I have forgotten something. Oh, well once I remember what I have forgotten you will be the first to know.

Where was I? Oh yes the train and sitting, the novelty thereof.

Last Thursday I was late. Nothing unusual about that, but Aunt B was miffed with me and I was spanked as usual. Aunt B always spanks me when I am late. On Thursday, I was three hours late to supper on account of meeting a boy at the library. Well actually, I was at the coffee house. The library was where I should have been. The boy was cute, well worth a sound spanking, even if I had to do two hours in the corner and got sent to bed without supper afterwards.

I have lived with Aunt B since I was 16 when mummy ran off with her tennis coach. I didn’t mind really, but I was a bit surprised when Aunt B said I had to have spankings when I was bad, as I had never been spanked before. That was seven years ago now and as you know, I have had lot of spankings since then.

Aunt B always spanks me on my bare bottom with a hairbrush. I am usually over her knee and afterwards I almost always have to stand in the corner with my naughty bare bottom on display quite regardless of anyone who is around. As get older I never seem to get used to it and I am embarrassed every time it happens.

The spankings are long energetic affairs and she rarely lets up until I am good and sorry and properly crying. It is usually days until I can sit down again, by which time I have usually earned myself another spanking. So you see sitting makes quite a change for me.

Now as for the train, after last Thursday’s spanking Aunt B said I should make something of myself. So on Friday I made up my mind to runaway and see the world. This had the added bonus of removing me from Aunt B’s vicinity on Saturday when she found out about her car. Well it was only a little dent, but I have no doubt that I would have been spanked and have spent half the weekend in the corner.

Oh diary please stand by, someone has come into the carriage.

Dear Diary,

It’s not fair. I remember now what I had forgotten, two things actually, the first being to buy a ticket. The ticket collector was furious and said I had to pay a huge fine or I would go to prison. I offered to be nice to him if we could work something out, but he only got angrier with me. Then I found out what else I had forgotten.

He picked me up and turned me over his knee for a jolly good spanking, but when he turned up my skirts we both realised I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

The spanking was dreadful, much worse than any I have got from Aunt B, and he only used his hand. By the time he was done with me I was in floods of tears and promising to be a good girl.

At least he let me off the ticket, but now I will probably have to stand all the way to Budapest.

More soon…

One Response to “The Perils of Paula”

  1. 1 Paul little

    You deservered more than a hand spanking I would have taken my belt to you you do not evade paying the fare or wearing no underwear

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