Stepford spanking


The whole Stepford thing has always been difficult to understand. Why would any one want to replace their wife with a robot? They are completely impossible to spank.

But seriously, if you had pitched the script to that movie anytime before 1965 its irony would have been lost on many women in Middle America (or Europe come to that) let alone the men.

Back in the 1930s in Sioux City, Iowa and over 50 other American towns, they apparently did this for real. Some of us were born too late.

On 26 January 1938, the Los Angeles Times carried a story about the further adventures of the Wives of Spanking Husband’s Club. If you haven’t come across it before it ran:

Wives of Spanking Husbands’ Club, organised in Sioux City, Iowa, and parent organisation of 59 such clubs throughout the nation according to its own figures–reached out for another slice of territory today.

The Iowa housewives, who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary–Daughters of Spanking Parents.

“A letter received here from Sioux City and signed “Rita Rae, general delivery,” told of plans for the new organization for which she claimed an initial membership of 17.

“We think all parents should spank their daughters when they don’t behave,” Mrs Rae wrote. “Some girls won’t admit it, but the really know it is better to get spanked than scolded and nagged. Spanking creates a better understanding between parents and daughters.”

Mrs Rae is the president of the Wives of Spanking Husbands, which was organised last June 26 under the broad-minded slogan “Spare the hairbrush and spoil the wife.”

“Our husbands don’t beat us,” the Sioux City woman was careful to explain. “They just turn us over their knees and give us a good sound spanking.”

Well that works for some of us.

This story has been published elsewhere from time to time, although it is interesting that there is no reference to the original foundation of the club, allegedly in the year prior to this.

Now if you have finished laughing about the funny ladies from Iowa, sorry Iowa readers, closer to home this was found among some clippings on spanking humour.

Two English ladies are discussing a tradesman and his wife.

“Oh he is so common, he spanks his wife with an old clothes brush.” Says the first.

“Oh yes, how common, my husband spanks me with nothing less than a Mason Pearson hairbrush.” The second says, apparently shocked.

The above was couched as an advert and may not be a spoof since it carried a Mason Pearson logo in a ‘between the wars style’ although doubtless the humour was intended.

As for daughters, we return to America and a couple of decades later for this Pats & Peeves snippet.

In response to Mary J’s letter in last week’s issue, I think she should be thankful that she had parents that care enough about her to spank her when she needs it. And by her own account, she certainly needs it in my view.

At 18 she claims to be too old to get a spanking. Well let me tell you that I am 19 and I am definitely not to old to go across my father’s knee for a good old fashioned spanking.

Whenever I am due for a lesson of this sort, we always sit down and discuss it. I am always given a chance to put my side of it and daddy always listens. When my explanation for my actions is accepted, I am not spanked, but I have to admit that more frequently I have no excuse.

Then on these occasions, I am spanked over his knee with a hairbrush. My slacks, if I am wearing them, are always lowered or skirts raised. If it is a serious offence then my panties are also taken down.

I know that this is very embarrassing, but I agree with my father that it is completely necessary.

He really burns me up and does not stop until I am red and crying, but I know that it makes me a better daughter.

Mary J should be thankful that she is not spanked on the bare I think she should be.

There are many more like this, although possibly not all written by teenagers, but who knows?

So throughout most of the 20th century it looks like the spirit of Stepford is alive and kicking. Now if we could only find it on the map.

8 Responses to “Stepford spanking”

  1. I have always believed that the moment a bride says ” I do”, at the altar, it is the bridegroom’s duty, to raise the wedding gown of his beloved waist high, take down her silk panties, and spank his new just married wife a blushing red bare bottom. This should be repeated on their wedding night, and all days and nights that follow. That will make a marriage last a long and happy one.

  2. 3 Paul little

    I agree with the previous comment start as u mean to go on! use hand to start with and when she gets out of control use wood hairbrush on her bare bottom then progress to cane u will have a good marrige!

  3. 4 Poppy

    A wonderful post. I dothink that were a husband to spank his wife inchurch on her wedding day in front of everyone, the wedding may not be quite as happy as the gentlemen above like to imagine.
    I do like the idea of that club. I winder if there were any brats allowed in it or if everyone woman had to be resolute and well behaved.

  4. Jess M, Yes, I could type something else, but I say ‘if the shoe fits wear it’,

  5. 6 Remembering When

    Growing up in the era just after World War II, I may have been 10 or 11 when I found out that husbands sometimes spanked their wives. Given the attitudes toward spanking at the time, the discovery wasn’t as big a shock as it may seem for those born after 1970. To put it in perspective for later generations, learning that men spanked women in those days was about the same as finding out these days that men and women have sex. Back then, sex was the big taboo. Today, it’s spanking.

  6. As a young male raised under the new order, in which it is all but unthinkable that a husband would spank his wife; much more likely it is the other way around. Males are taught to respect and bend to female authority. It is all about mindset. And, believe, my girlfriend’s mind is set to correct me when she thinks I need it.

  7. 8 Vincent longo

    I spanked my coworker pulled up her dress pulled down her panties after taking the 45 year old over my knee

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