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Our story began here. The next morning you could not see my face for grinning. Much the same could be said for Cindy. I also noticed that she did not sit easily at breakfast and I wondered what confession she had shared with her Clark. My own bottom was fairly tender, but I had only […]

GI Jane


There were other soldiers who lived in town. Jane could see where they lived from the yellow ribbons tied around trees and gateposts all along the bus route. Shit, that stuff was as corny as hell, she thought. “Bet your family’ll be glad to see you home ma’am.” The bus driver smiled. “Don’t ma’am me […]

The recent article on the Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine seems to have caused quite a stir and there have been several links made to it. These factual and quasi-factual histrionics seem to have struck a chord since last year’s publication of the Markham Project. Since you are all so keen, here is another excerpt from the […]

Years ago, yours truly had a job as a transport dispatcher for a large wholesale outfit in the Home Counties. Because they did not pay well, all the drivers were women between 20 and 30, so over the years it happened that many interesting conversations were overheard. One such conversation pertained to the forthcoming nuptials […]

Good day


This is in the way of a test post, but at least you get a nice picture.

There has been a lot of positive feedback for Lizzie Baines and commentators both here and on the Spanking Library, where Lizzie is also published, have said that they like the 1950s as a spanking era. Some time ago there was a post here on the 1960s and it is probably time for one on […]

The story begins here. Things had gotten a little out of hand the previous night. Or should I say a little too many hands. Perhaps in more recent times, such things would barely pass comment, but in those days I had scarcely heard of such things. So suffice to say that the next morning I […]



Anna looked a little sheepish as she collected that morning’s coffee cups. “Leave that.” Maddy snapped without looking up when Anna went to take the half empty cup. “Yes Ms Merry.” Anna blushed. “Have you attended to everything else you were supposed to do this morning?” Maddy asked, paying more attention to her correspondence than […]