Time to dust off the old ways and dust her off with a spanking


Here is a cute cutting from the 1950s advocating the spanking of adult daughters. Having never seen it before, it is not clear where it was originally from and the article itself is sadly lost, leaving us with an intriguing intro.

As near as anyone is able to make out the intro reads:

In this brave new world of 1950 we are glad to see that our wives and daughters have more going for them than ever before. But sometimes do you not think that things may have gone just a little too far?

Last week a good friend of mine was confronted with a 21-year-old daughter who was decidedly too big for her boots. She went out with some friends without a word to anyone and came home, get this, three days later without a care in the world.

Is this lack of consideration what we have to put up with from this modern generation? I told this tale to my wife and she said that in her day she would have been soundly spanked for such behaviour.

Would that have been so bad? My own sister was spanked at 23 for going on a date with a travelling salesman. To this day she will tell you she deserved it. She expects to be sitting down any time soon now.

But seriously, the next time your precious little career girl in the making smarts off consider how grandma would have handled it.

5 Responses to “Time to dust off the old ways and dust her off with a spanking”

  1. 1 Christian

    It is funny to see this now. I am right this moment writing a story set in the 50’s about a grandma setting her errant granddaughter straight.. 🙂

  2. 2 murray roberts

    The upper drawing is from a 1950s Story called Don’t Tell Them About Us

    The lower is from a 1930s comedy short Slippery Silks
    This film has never resurfaced.


    • 3 DJ

      Thanks for that Murray,

      I knew about the movie pic – I didn’t know about the short story. I assumed the movie picture was just illustrative. Its possible that this is a genuine 50s mag rehashing old stock – but it is also possible that it is from a later date.

      I just came across it and as I hadn’t seen it before offered it up. Make of it what you will.


  3. 4 Poppy

    It is a good job all girls today are so very, very well behaved or people would be suggesting that for us. 😉

  4. 5 Giorgio

    Probably grownup daughters (even in their first 30s) are among those who need badly sound parental spankings, better if on their father’s lap, and too seldom get it!


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