Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part fifteen)


The story began here. Here is the concluding part.

The temperature just before Christmas was very mild. In New York it would have been snowing with ice, but on the farm a few dozen miles west of Vicksburg it was warm. Unseasonably so Ma said and the men were still in shirtsleeves.

“It’ll be even warmer in Texas.” George said matter-of-factly.

“Texas?” I was puzzled.

“That’s where I am posted in the New Year. You can come too and live on the base.” He waited.

I thought for a minute. Texas sounded bad, but then so had Louisiana. This time we would be together and a domestic posting meant that George would miss the war.

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. I just cuddled into him and we kissed. Texas here we come, I thought.

The next day Henry came over and he brought guns, a lot of guns.

“Time for some hunting boys.” He grinned.

George raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Lead me to it boy.” He said in an exaggerated southern accent.

“Hunting?” Eileen wailed when she realised that John was going to. “You cannot be serious.”

John just kissed her and picked up a shotgun.

“We will only be gone a couple of days.” John said. “We’ll be back in time for Christmas.”

“Days.” Eileen wailed. “John Baines if you leave me here on my own for even one day don’t expect me to be here when I get back.”

Ma looked up at her prospective daughter-in-law and fixed her with a long hard appraising look. She missed it, but I didn’t.

“Ma, Lizzie? You going hunting too?” John said seriously.

“Oh you.” Ma laughed and punched him on the arm.

“See Ma’s staying so you won’t be alone.” John said brightly.

“Oh.” Eileen pouted and stamped her foot.

“Shall I pack your bag honey?” Cindy said archly.

Ma glowered at her.

“Go stupid hunting then, see if I care.” Eileen snapped and stomped into the house.

A few hours after they had gone, I went up to one of the balcony rooms. The air, as I said, was mild and clear. The view across the swamp and fields was something I might miss in Texas. To my surprise, someone came into the room behind me. I was about to announce my presence when I heard Ma talking to someone. Eileen.

“You love my John?” Ma asked.

“Yes of course.” Eileen said defensively.

“I mean seriously, you really love him?”

Eileen didn’t answer at once, but then she said, “yes.”

“He needs a woman not a spoilt child.” I heard Ma say.

I glanced through the window, Eileen was chewing her lip and staring at her shoes.

“I was a bit of a brat about the hunting trip wasn’t I?” She said.

“You said it honey.” Ma said crossing her arms. “What if he goes in the army after college? What if he has to work away?”

“I know.” Eileen agreed. “Its just that I never had anyone before and its hard.”

“That’s way it happens sometimes, you have to face up to it.”

“I wish you were my mother.” Eileen said. “Then I could always count on good advice.”

“I’ll have to start looking upon you as if you were.”

“Please do. It’s just what I need right now.”

“Do you really mean that?” Ma asked.

Eileen thought for the longest time.

“Yes.” She whispered in a small voice.

“Then we shall put our best foot forward and make you a Baines.”

“Eileen Baines.” Eileen said with a giggle.

“Trying it on for size. Sounds good don’t it?”

“You bet.”

I felt like an intruder, but they both soon left and I was glad Eileen was settling down.


One of the first things Eileen did after John had left was light up a cigarette. Cindy and I just gaped at her.

“John really doesn’t like me smoking, but I guess while he is away.” She said with a guilty smile.

“I don’t know about John, but you had better not let Ma catch you smoking.” Cindy said, genuinely shocked.

“Oh phooey, what’s it got to do with Ma?” Eileen said with the cigarette hanging in mid air.

Cindy and I exchanged looks, but said no more.

I am not sure what was going through Eileen’s mind, but she blushed and stubbed her smoke out. I noticed Ma was not so far away, I am not sure if she overheard us, but considering what happened next I rather think she did.

The next day the boys were due back late. Cindy and I couldn’t help getting excited, after all George and Clark had only been with us for few days. Eileen was just as antsy and couldn’t sit still. She kept standing up and looking out across the swamp and asking how much longer did we think they would be.

I had no idea and I said so. It was then that Eileen, perhaps absently, took out another cigarette. I stared at her as she lit up and was about to speak when Ma came out onto the porch.

“If I caught one of my daughters doing that…” Ma growled, letting the sentence go unsaid.

“Oh it’s a bad habit I know.” Eileen pulled a face.

“It’s a downright disgusting habit.”

Eileen cringed and stubbed it out and went back to fretting over John’s return. Ma had not taken two steps back towards the kitchen when Eileen took out another smoke from her bag and went to light it.

“Oh I wasn’t thinking.” Eileen looked horrified, as if not believing she had been so blatant.

“Are you trying to rile me?” Ma asked in a dangerous voice.

“Look if I want to smoke then… we’ll not that I did, I just wasn’t thinking.” She quickly amended seeing the look on Ma’s face.

“Let me help you think.” Ma said. I knew what was coming, but Eileen didn’t.

Ma sat in one of the porch basket chairs and pulled Eileen towards her. In a trice, she had tipped the girl over her lap and had flipped up her grey woollen skirt.

“Oh.” Eileen said in surprise, but made no attempt to resist.

Ma hooked her finger into the top of Eileen’s panties had pulled them down in one motion. Being a young college girl, Eileen had on rather fetching stockings and a garter belt, they framed her rather handsome bottom to good effect and Cindy and I could not help but be ‘moved’ by the exciting view.

“What are you doing?” Eileen gasped.

By way of an answer, Ma slapped her bare bottom hard and before she could draw a breath, slapped her twice more. The instant handprint was soon obscured and I marvelled at how quickly Eileen’s bottom went red.

“Ouch.” Eileen squealed.

But Ma was an old hand at this and set to spanking her latest prospective daughter-in-law with all the punitive powers at her command. Eileen hugged into Ma’s thigh at one end and kicked like kidnapped movie heroine at the other. The rapid fire spanking rocked the porch like applause, although it was a noise that had to compete with Eileen’s yelling.

The spanking was a sound one and Ma was in no hurry and did not stop until Eileen’s tears began to flow. Eileen was spanked for a good 15 minutes before Ma let up.

“Oh gosh.” Eileen said as she stood massaging her rear. She was well and truly blushing at both ends and stamped her feet to shake out some of the sting. “That was some spanking, is that what you would have done if I was your daughter.”

She attempted levity with the last remark to overcome her obvious embarrassment.

“A spanking no! If I caught any daughter of mine smoking I would have done a darn sight worse.” Ma said obviously still not amused.

“I supposed we agreed you should treat me like your daughter and that was certainly a good enough start for me.” Eileen said wiping her eyes, again with just a little too much levity for Ma’s taste, a fact that seemed to have passed her by.

“I did promise to treat you like my daughter, didn’t I? Was that the first time you ever had a spanking?”

“That’s what you said.” Eileen forced a laugh. “But shit no, it’s not my first. I have had damn sight worse at college.”

I cringed at Eileen’s careless language.

“Oh you have, have you? Not for your foul mouth I’ll be bound.” Ma said folding her arms.

“As a matter of fact…” Eileen began still oblivious to the gathering storm.

“Right my girl.” Ma snapped taking Eileen by the ear. “You are about to be a Baines girl, it’s time you were treated like one.”

Eileen was dragged down the side of the house towards the old hickory. Cindy grinned from ear to ear. I joined her.

There was a time I would have been sympathetic to Eileen’s downfall. But I remembered what someone had said the first time I saw Ma spanking someone, ‘if it ain’t your turn for a switching, then you might as well enjoy it.”

Cindy and I walked behind them as Eileen was made to pick a switch from the tree.

“This really isn’t necessary Mrs Baines, I have learned my lesson now, really I have.” Eileen babbled as she realised what Ma intended on doing.

“It’s Ma to you, now that one see, that’s a good one.” Ma said tugging on a branch.

“Oh.” Eileen mouthed as Ma cut the switch without waiting for Eileen’s participation.

Then Ma half led and half dragged Eileen back to the porch.

“Look I am not sure…” Eileen protested.

But Ma was having none of it she unzipped Eileen’s’ skirt and let it fall to her ankles, her slip and panties quickly followed, although Ma had to unhook the girl’s suspenders to remove the last item.

“Oh my god.” Eileen looked about in horror and clutched at her front. “At least take me inside.”

“Here will do just fine. Place yourself over the rail if you are shy.” At last, Ma sounded a mite amused.

By now, Amelia and Mary had come on to the porch to see what the commotion was. Amelia, as ever, looked like the cat with the cream when she saw the floorshow that was on offer.

“Look I am sorry right.” Eileen stuttered, one hand on her feminine parts and the other outstretched pleadingly.

“The rail.” Ma snapped.

“Okay, okay.” Eileen blushed.

Her sorority training had obviously stood her in good stead at this point, I doubt I would have been so cooperative in her place on so short an acquaintance.

Eileen bent over the rail with her bottom sticking out. It was still very red from the spanking, but not as red as her face.

Ma lashed the switch across the crowns of her bottom and then followed it with a swift volley. The strokes came fast, at a rate of perhaps 40 minute.

“Omigod, shit, y-yah!” Eileen’s eyes went wide. “Oh, ow, oh owww! Owwwwwwww.”

Amelia was in heaven and hugged herself. Eileen had no restraint and offered a heartfelt yell form the first swish. Then she heaved a great breath that was drawn from a long way off until it exploded into a sob.

“Wah, hooo.” She boohooed and began sobbing in earnest.

Her bottom was riddled with purple streaks as Ma switched in hard, deliberately aiming low to exact maximum penitence.

Despite her ordeal, Eileen did not resist or flee but clung to the rail for support and rocked her bottom from side to side and up and down like a grateful dog.

“Alright you’re done.” Ma said throwing away the switch.

“I’m sorry.” Eileen sobbed as she struggled to stand.

“A true Baines girl.” Mary whispered as she stepped forward to hug her sister-in-law to be.

“Not quite.” Ma said.

A look crossed Eileen’s face as if she had failed some test.

“You put that cute hiney of yours in that corner with your nose most definitely touching the wood.” Ma said affectionately.

“Yes ma’am.” Eileen said ruefully. “I guess it was a cinch that you folks would do that one too.”

“Best take it inside Ma, it’s likely to get cold out here.” Cindy suggested.

“I guess.” Ma conceded.

Much to Eileen’s relief she was bundled to the corner in the parlour.

“How long do I have to stay here?” She said meekly from the corner, acutely aware that her well-whipped bare bottom was on full display.

“Till after supper when the boys get back.” Ma said matter-of-factly.

“What!? Oh Ma you can’t” Eileen wailed.

“You think it would be different for one of my girls?” Ma snorted.

“But there are fellows, they’ll see me.” Eileen was frantic, although I noticed she did not dare take her nose out of the corner, so her voice was muffled.

“Nothing they ain’t seen before kiddo.” Mary laughed. We all joined her.

Ma nodded indulgently and started on supper.

“Oh.” Eileen said angrily and butted the wall, still not daring to move. “John’ll kill me.”

Eileen’s blistered bottom was the first thing that greeted the men on their return. They all cheered good-naturedly, having no doubt had a few beers, but John was the butt of most of the joshing.

“A new Baines girl in the making.” Henry said proudly. “Don’t worry kid they all go through it. Don’t they Lizzie.”

It was my turn to blush. I had come a long, long way.

The End?

4 Responses to “Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part fifteen)”

  1. 1 fatherjim

    This has been a thrill from the start. It flows so naturally, it seems reality not fiction. One could only hope such a wonderful family could and does exist in America! Great work! Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent!


  2. 2 sssspank

    “The End?”

    Well, if you ask me, I would like this story to continue until it reaches 2010 🙂
    Following their children, nephews, the way they continue the family “tradition” until these days.
    But thanks for all parts until now!

  3. 3 ncdad

    She needs one more from Ma. Good Hairbrush spanking then off to Texas…

  4. 4 Spankedwife0625

    Really enjoyed reading this. I am a spanked wife, and appreciate hearing of others whether it be fictional, or real.

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