The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined


There has been a lot of positive feedback for Lizzie Baines and commentators both here and on the Spanking Library, where Lizzie is also published, have said that they like the 1950s as a spanking era.

Some time ago there was a post here on the 1960s and it is probably time for one on the 1950s, which is a romantic historic period for many of us, not being there even as a twinkle.

The picture above originally came from a sixty-page paperback entitled The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined. This slim volume was conceived and edited by E Brummett as a tribute to Will Henry. Brummett wrote all but one of the stories, which he co-wrote with Mr Henry.

Will Henry wrote a whole host of spanking books set in the 1950s, although he was writing in the 1960s and 70s, books such as Spanking and the Single Girl, Spankmanship and It Hurts So Good.

As previously mentioned on the Voice, he was a specialist in sorority spanking, which has also been discussed here before. But back to Brummett’s book.

The stories themselves, were inspired by real letters to among others, Pats & Peeves, a magazine aimed at American teenage girls in the 1950s and 60s, although it was probably bought by middle age men with a prurient interest in spanking. Are there such people?

The subject matter includes salacious details of sorority initiations, domestic discipline at mother’s hand and a curious tale of marital spanking that is not all that it seems.

The book may still be available through Kurt Stevens. Look out for it.

Here is a snippet from Pats & Peeves.

Sally Arnos, 18, of Illinois wrote:

“It really is too bad of you to publish all these letters from girls going on about be spanked by their mothers. It is all very well for Lucy Cayman to say it does her good, but she is only 17 and sounds a thoroughly bad lot.”

“Now my mother has read some of these letters and has decided that I am not too old for a spanking myself. I told her that I would not agree to such a thing but she took no notice.”

“Just last Friday I was out with a boy. We only went for a soda and I suppose my mother had particularly wanted me home and I should not of gone. But I asked you, is it right that a girl who is almost a woman should have her slacks and panties taken down for a session over mother’s knee with a hairbrush?”

“Mother has told me in no uncertain terms that I will be spanked in future and spanked bare.”

“To make matters worse I have to stand in the corner like a child and mother has told all her friends. So please stop printing these dreadful letters.”

There are hundreds of letters like these, some of them still in print. Watch this space.


9 Responses to “The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Will Henry’s “Spanking Stewardesses” was my first introduction to the genre. Hope to read more from you in this vein. And yes, I think the 50s was really the golden age of spanking. And Lizzie Baines has been a lot of fun and shows great promise.

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    So I wonder if John Cougar Mellenkamp took the title of his song “Hurts So Good” from Will Henry’s novel? I’m guessing it’s entirely possible.

  3. 3 Rollin

    Henry was a lawyer in Chicago named Will Deer [sp: Deere?]. By the early 60’s he and Paul Little, another Chicagoan were responsible for penning about 90% of the spanking porno that was sold in “adult bookstores”. Much of Henry’s and Little’s work is now available at About ten years ago I set out to write stories that mimicked the style of Henry, but now when I read them, they strike me as quaint and outdated. Funny how styles change. What really got me were the names–Edna, Mavis, Hilda. Somehow doesn’t conjure the same image today as Jennifer, Brittney, and Ashley.

  4. 4 Larry

    Will Henry is also one of the best writers when it comes to spanking stories. His attention to details was fantastic. One of the aspects of his writings, which I dearly love, is that a good many of his young ladies had very well developed and ample bottoms—very wide hips, rather large plump bottoms and really nice round, plump cheeks, especially teenagers between 16 and 19. Also the fact that they wore girdles and full-cut panties, which, of course, were the style for teenage girls in that time period. I also enjoy the fact that it is almost always the father, mom, relative or friend that personally prepares the naughty young lady for her well deserved spanking.

  5. 5 Jay

    So many detailed sentences. I don’t like these inappropriate books. I am so confused of why people let it publish!

    • 6 Nobody

      I totally disagree with whoever this Jay kid. I think he is very detailed but it isn’t inappropriate. Bye! 🙂

    • 7 Rabbie Clive-Brankley. OBE

      You, Jay, are obviously an illiterate. Little wonder you had difficulty
      with my book. E. Brummett

  6. 9 Leslie Jones

    I think I first became interested in this kind of erotic writing when I found the paperbacks of P N Dedeaux, Martin Pyx, Paul Little, and Will Henry when I was growing up. They were very attuned to the times. Henry in particular now seems like an artifact but he did understand the ethos of the 50s and 60s. He also presented some advanced prototypes of normal woman–suburban even–who exercised their dominance over their children. In some of his stories, he even has mothers who force their sons to cross-dress, with the complete girdle and garter belt and nylons typical of those times.

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