Anna looked a little sheepish as she collected that morning’s coffee cups.

“Leave that.” Maddy snapped without looking up when Anna went to take the half empty cup.

“Yes Ms Merry.” Anna blushed.

“Have you attended to everything else you were supposed to do this morning?” Maddy asked, paying more attention to her correspondence than to the hotel’s newest and youngest member of staff.

“Oh yes ma’am.” Anna said hastily. “Really I have.”

The girl’s Eastern European accent became stronger when she was nervous, but despite her questionable origins, her English was really quite good.

“Alright get about your work we don’t want a repetition of last week do we?” At this point Maddy looked up at the girl for first time.

Anna quailed, “no ma’am, I’ll be good.”

Anna had come to the Abaconti, a smart private London hotel just six weeks before. She had claimed to be Polish and her papers had seemingly been in order. However, it quickly emerged that she had virtually no idea what she was doing and her so-called Warsaw qualifications were fraudulent. When challenged her English had all but disappeared and Maddy had called in a Polish colleague to question the girl.

“Ms Merry I have no idea where this girl is from, but she is not Polish.” Magda had told her.

“I am Slovakian.” Anna had mumbled, her English inexplicably returning.

The girl had burst into tears and spun a great tale of woe, claming that she was on the run from some unlikely organised criminals and had fled to London posing as Pole thinking she would have more chance of getting work.

When Maddy had dismissed the girl, she had broken to down frantically begging for another chance. Maddy had agreed that as she was at least from an EU country her work status was still good and she could remain if she started at the bottom as a hotel maid.

“Oh thank you Ms Merry, thank you, you will not regret this.” Embarrassingly Anna had stooped and kissed Maddy’s hand at this point.

From the first Anna had been a disaster. She was no better working as a maid than she had been as trainee manager on reception.

“I tried my best Ms Merry, I do not know this.” She had explained when Maddy had hauled her into the office.

“Tell me Anna is there anything you can do?” Maddy had sighed.

“I do try.” Anna had wailed.

“You try my patience.”

“That is what my mother always say.” Anna looked downcast.

“What would she say now?”

“Please ma’am she is dead.” A tear rolled down Anna’s cheek.

“Well given your lies and behaviour perhaps that is just as well.” Maddy snapped. “I am sorry. But I don’t know what to do. What would your mother have done?”

“Mother she beat me all the time.” Anna blushed. “No not beat… how you say? Spank me. She spank me with old shoe or a brush on the bottom.”

“I don’t mean when you were a child… oh never mind.”

“Please, mother spank me until she is dying.” Anna shrugged.

“When did she die?”

“Last year, it is why I left Slovakia.” Anna blushed again.

“How old are you?” Maddy asked incredulously.

“I am 21.” Anna said proudly standing upright for the first time.

“Well 21 or not I have a good mind to spank you myself.” Maddy groaned. “Its a pity we can’t just do that. Oh well I will have to let you go.”

“Oh please Ms Merry I do better, really I do.” Anna was kneeling again and pleading frantically.

“But will you?” Maddy said in exasperation.

“I will, I really will. Do like you said, spank me. I deserve it.”

Maddy suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and a conversation she had with the hotel’s owner months before, came back to her. She had been confronted by the elderly but formidable Maxwell Abaconti shortly after her appointment to position as manager.

“Miss Merry I will make no bones about your appointment. I think you are too young. You have barely 10 years’ experience and none as the senior manager.”

She had tried to interrupt at this point.

“Oh I know you have ideas and you were able to convince the board while my back was turned. But those idiots don’t know a thing about this hotel. Sometimes I wonder if they know about anything. I own this hotel, I am the majority shareholder by a country mile, so if you can’t convince me of your abilities by the end of year, then you are out.”

“Mr Abaconti I am 33-years-old and I have 12 years experience in the hotel business, including two stints as acting manager. Before getting my degree in Hotel Administration I worked during my holidays every year since I was 16 in one hotel or another, so taken together…”

“Oh you had a holiday job when you were a schoolgirl did you?” Mr Abaconti sarcasm was as irksome as his patronising smile.

“I assure you I am no longer a schoolgirl.” She snapped haughtily.

“No but you do have much to learn.” He replied imperiously. “And if my daughter ever took that tone with me I would put her across my knee.”

“Mr Abaconti, I have no interest in how you bring up your brats…”

“My daughter is 36 and is a very much more accomplished hotelier than you are.”

Maddy sighed and sat back, her dream job was slipping away from her and here she was arguing with one of the richest hoteliers in Europe. He was a legend from New York to Manila.

“Mr Abaconti, at least give me a chance. You say your daughter is an accomplished hotelier, she is not that much older than me, give me the same chance that you would give her.”

Maxwell Abaconti walked to the window to consider. At last he turned and studied her carefully.

“Miss Merry do you mean that?” He said no more and the words hung like a pronouncement of doom between them.

Maddy sensed something of great import between them. Then she said: “Yes I do. I know I can do a good job for you.”

Abaconti returned a hard look and then nodded.

“Very well. We shall see how well you do.”

That had been some time before. Now Maddy looked at Anna who was hugging herself with a pained expression.

“So you think I should spank you do you?” Maddy was intrigued. It was far from usual business practice but the life of hotelier was far from an expected way of life.

“I know I have been trouble for you, please give me a chance.” Anna insisted.

“You are telling me your mother spanked you even at 20?” Maddy smiled, not quite believing it.

Anna blushed and looked down.

“I was spanked many times, all my life. Mama use an old horse brush, she…” Anna swallowed “… she do it on my bare bottom, always.”

“You think if I was to spank you, then you could blackmail me? Because I tell you…”

“No, no Ms Merry, I just…” Anna chewed her lip. “I won’t tell, not if you help me like mama did.”

Maddy wondered if even this conversation were not unwise, but Anna seemed so earnest and innocent. If it came to it she could always deny it. Who could believe a girl who had already lied?

“Did your mother ever give you a time out?”


“Were you ever made to stand in the corner?”

Anna blushed more furiously than she had yet. Then she nodded.

“Yes, for a long time. Everyone could see.” Anna quailed at the memory.

A small smile played about Maddy’s lips. This might be fun, she thought.

“Alright. Get ready while I see to something. If you are in the corner when I get back then I will ‘help’ you.”

“Oh yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.” Anna gushed, looking very grateful.

Maddy had left her office on a tour of inspection. Luckily everything that Anna had not yet touched was in good order, so she returned. Anna was standing in the corner as promised. Maddy was surprised to see that the girl had removed her skirt and underwear leaving her nude below the waist.

Oh my, Maddy gasped to herself, that is a bottom worthy of a spanking.

Anna had gone across Maddy’s knee with a blush but without a qualm. True she had howled like a 10-year-old and had begun crying at once, but she did not resist.

Maddy had used an old tennis shoe that she had found and had marvelled at how quickly the girl’s bottom had turned red.

“Sorry ma’am.” Anna wailed, but her tears and submission just piqued Maddy’s libido and encouraged her to spank all the harder.

Afterwards Anna stood meekly before her boss desperately clutching at her throbbing bottom.

“Am I going to have anymore trouble from you?” Maddy grinned.

“Oh no ma’am.” Anna had sobbed kneading her sore flesh.

“What would your mother do now?” Maddy soothed.

Anna glanced at the corner and averted her eyes.

Maddy folded her arms and offered the girl a steely smile. “Let’s have that cute little tail of yours where it belongs and no more rubbing.”

“Yes ma’am.” Anna pouted before she trotted over to the corner and turned her red bottom back towards Maddy.

Before putting her hands on her head, Anna shyly glanced back over her shoulder at her boss.

“Thank you Ms Merry.” She said meekly with a cow-eyed smile.

Since that day, Anna had been as biddable and devoted as a puppy.

Maddy’s current concerns were somewhat more prosaic. Although hotel bookings were up, the bar takings were inexplicably down. That wouldn’t be so bad, but several key costs had risen and instead of increased profits, the profits were actually down.

Maddy was banking on a private convention that had been booked, but given some of the recent cost rises, it was imperative that no mistakes were made. She was in the middle of her third rereading of the spreadsheets when there was a knock at the door.

“Come.” She called not looking up.

Haley the reception manager rushed open the door. She paused as Maddy looked up and peered at Haley over her reading specs, she was always so intimidating when she did that.

“Well?” Maddy said impatiently.

“Mr Abaconti is here.” Haley hissed.

“Here? Now? But he isn’t expected… stall him will you I just have to…”

“I would rather see you now Miss Merry.” Abaconti said pushing past the hapless Haley.

“Mr Abaconti, what a pleasantly surprise.” Maddy said pleasantly.

“Is it? I wonder.” Abaconti growled.

“Alright Haley you can go.” Maddy said tartly.

Once they were alone, Abaconti dropped a large carpetbag next to his briefcase and went over to the spreadsheets on Maddy’s desk.

“There are some issues to resolve but I am confident…” Maddy began as she saw where his attention was drawn.

“Oh you are certainly confident Miss Merry. But are you competent? That is the real question.” Abaconti cut her off.

“I think I resent your implication. I…”

“I was not implying anything. I am stating it. On or off the record? Well that is up to you. Bookings up takings down, that is rather strange is it not?”

“I think overall you will find the figures are within targets. After the conference…”

“The conference that I handed to you on a plate? That was not supposed to be a salvation, but a bonus.”

“We have had some unexpected rises in costs.” Maddy swallowed, she was beginning to think he had a point.

“Yes and a bar manager who is on the take.” Abaconti snapped.

“What!? How..?”

“Experience Miss Merry, experience.” Abaconti smiled. “More guests equals more drink sales, less sales means hands in the till.”

“But we can’t just assume…”

“Oh I can. But I did make the necessary inquiries before confronting you, just for forms sake.”

Maddy collapsed into her chair with her hands in her head. Of course she groaned inwardly. It had been her first thought, but the books tallied and that bastard Benson had been so plausible.

“I suppose you will want my resignation?” Maddy said dejectedly.

“You can resign at anytime, but that wasn’t what we agreed. Are you so ready to give up?” Abaconti observed her carefully.

“I have jeopardised the hotel, I cannot deny that it was an error of judgement on my part. I could not blame you if you wanted rid of me, you barely wanted me here in the first place.” Maddy sighed.

“I may have been wrong about you. You have only made one serious mistake. Making mistakes is how we learn. Actually, you have done quite well, bookings are up and long-term costs look set to fall. My daughter did rather worse as an assistant manager when she was your age.”

“Your daughter, ah yes, you said you would deal with me on the same terms.” Maddy wasn’t sure if she wanted a paternal relationship with this man, but any port in a storm, if it would save her job.

“Indeed I did.” Abaconti smiled sternly.

“When my daughter was your age she allowed some friends of hers to stay at another of my hotels without paying. On that occasion, I not only extracted the lost revenue from her salary, but I gave her a damn good spanking.” Abaconti said matter-of-factly.

“What? I mean you couldn’t. Not in this day and age.” Maddy gaped.

“I most certainly did and I mean to spank you.” Abaconti said pointedly.

“Now look here if you think…”

“My dear Maddy, I can call you that can’t I? Maddy, you agreed to be allowed to do this job on the same terms as my own daughter. I am a man of my word. I expect no less from you.”

“But this is… well its completely illegal for one thing. I could sue you for another.” Maddy spluttered.

“Tell me Maddy, would you really sue me?” He smiled as she stood blushing.

She shook her head almost shyly. Not only was it not her style, but the thought of this conversation ever going beyond this room was not to be borne.

“As for illegal, well the law is just a tool after all. What do you think the law would say about your treatment of Anna?” He fixed her with a stare, ignoring her surprise. “There is nothing that goes on in my hotel that I do not know about. Come with me into my world and who knows what doors will open.”

She was speechless. The thought of walking through the door, never to return was enough to make her cry. She sensed a whole world about to open for her, but to submit to… well it was unthinkable.

While she stood like a sheep that suddenly finds itself on the road facing an oncoming car, Abaconti got up and walked over to the large carpet bag he had brought. As she watched in nervous awe, he opened it and took out a long flat springy piece of wood.

“W-whats that?” She swallowed.

“My daughter was partly educated in America. While there, she joined a curious club called a sorority. Apparently they not only spank girls as part of the initiation, they are not adverse to a little domestic discipline. This little chap was a gift from a friend of my daughter’s as a thank you for a small donation I made to their little organisation. She asked me to continue the good work with my daughter’s discipline.” As Abaconti continued with his story, he flexed the three-foot paddle between his hands.

“Look can’t we talk about this?” Maddy gulped.

“My dear Maddy we are talking about it.” Abaconti smiled. “Now young lady I want you to remove that skirt and lower your underwear in preparation for your chastisement.”

“Look…” Maddy licked her lips.

“Would you prefer that I do it?” As Abaconti spoke Maddy could see the iron man revealed. She could well believe that his 30-something daughter was still spanked by him. “You can always leave, its up to you. I hope you will face me, for your sake.”

“But…” Maddy gazed at the length of wood in his hand; her fear was suddenly mixed with curiosity.

“I am waiting Maddy.” Abaconti snapped.

“You promise me that this will be just between us.” She could not believe what she was saying.

“I promise you nothing but a very sore bottom. But I see no need for anyone else to know about this.” Abaconti shrugged.

“Please… eh… turn your back.” Maddy felt like a teenager as she offered him a forlorn look.

He snorted indulgently and turned his back.

For a moment she considered braining him with the lamp stand. Then she began to fumble with the waist of her tight skirt. It took an age to remove it. Then she didn’t know what to do.

“The underwear too.” He scolded as he glanced over his shoulder at her.

She took a deep breath and turned her back. Then she slipped her knickers down and stepped out of them.

“What a pretty bottom you have Maddy.” Abaconti smiled kindly. “Now I want you to bend across your desk taking a firm hand on the far edge.”

As she obeyed him she felt the cool wood against her thighs and lower belly. The posture had the affect of pushing up her bottom, which made her acutely aware of her nudity.

“Oh god.” She whispered. She had never felt so embarrassed.

“Not god Maddy, just me.”

He struck her hard across both cheeks. Her eyes went wide and it was a moment before she could draw a breath. He watched the red band develop across her white flesh before adding to it.

Maddy grunted and shifted where she lay. The second swat hurt worse than the first and the pain of both, rather than abating, continued to build.

“Please sir how many?” She managed to pant.

“Let us see how we do shall we?” Abaconti said paternally.

The third stroke made Maddy splutter and she choked back a sob. This time the pain was an enduring sting that wouldn’t stop. She felt a tear on her cheek and cursed inwardly at the show of submission.

Abaconti was impressed at the redness caused by his own hand. His daughter’s bottom took quite a while to colour up and then she tended to a ruddiness. But then he supposed she was used to it, having been spanked by him since she was 17 when he had taken over correction duties from Mrs Abaconti.

Maddy’s bottom was an altogether brighter red. He paused to consider it as the errant hotel manager pumped her thighs and attempted to shake the pain from her throbbing behind.

Abaconti spanked six or seven times in a moderate volley causing Maddy to breath heavily and rock against the desk. By now her tears were flowing freely and she was hard put to keep still. He added another volley of six and reflected that his daughter would consider this just an opener. Should he match such correction? He pondered.

He lay on with another all the harder.

“Nyah!” Maddy wailed and slapped at the desk near her head.

“Feeling it?”

“’Es sir.” She choked.

“Good.” He said swatting her again.

“Very good.” And again.

“That’s the ticket,” he said spanking her three more times at each word.

She blew an involuntary raspberry and began a series of sobs that sounded at first like chuckling. But this was no laughing matter. Maddy’s bottom was a deep red all over and darker purplish mottles had begun to appear, especially where she sat.

“I trust you bear me no resentment.” Abaconti said quietly as he spanked on.

She didn’t answer him, lost as she was in her broken sobs, perhaps she didn’t hear.

He allowed the paddle to strike Maddy smartly across both cheeks dozen more times and then considered that this would be half-way for a standard daughter spanking.

“If we leave your first spanking here, will you promise not to think me too soft.” He said seriously, although not unkindly.

First spanking? She railed, oh god! But she wailed, “yes sir… I mean no sir. Please sir.”

“Very well you may stand up.”

Maddy eased herself to standing, still spluttering sobs. Her bottom was quite something and they both knew she would forsake sitting for a while.

“Now was your treatment of Anna deserved?”

Maddy worked her mouth but no words came out and she stared at her shoes.

“Answer.” He snapped.

“Yes sir.” She said reluctantly.

“Is my treatment of you fair?”

She didn’t want to speak but his face said he could still spank her further.

“Yes sir.”

“Then go to the corner and remain their until I give you leave to get dressed.”

She gaped at him and her ears burned like her bottom, but there was no chance of a refusal so she limped to the corner and began a fresh bout of crying.

“I think you will do better from now on don’t you?” Abaconti asked.

She nodded into the corner and sniffed back her tears.


4 Responses to “Abaconti”

  1. 1 sophie

    I loved this story! You have a very good blog here.

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Another great story, Damien. I like the parallelism motif of Maddy getting a taste of the medicine she herself had dished out. I’ve got a feeling this will not be the last time Maddy gets paddled.

    And I should mention also that this post reminds me, in setting at least, of Emma Jane’s latest blog posting of her role play with Abel in which she plays the role of a hotel middle manager dealing with an irate and difficult customer: http://apainfulawakening.blogspot.com/2010/09/art-of-verbal-sparring.html

  3. 3 opsimath

    Another terrific story from someone who is fast becoming the finest spanking-story writer on the ‘net!

    Thank you, Damien. I wish I had a quarter of your talent and imagination!

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