An Algarve adventure: this is ridiculous


Sometimes you see something in passing or overhear a partial conversation that suggests a whole host of possibilities. What did that woman just say? Why is that girl rubbing her bottom and is that really just the effects of the sun you can see on an otherwise perfect tan?

There are many adventures and stories to tell every summer in Portugal’s Algarve. Here is one of them.


“Stay out of the sun Stacy,” Mother nagged, “and make sure that Louise stays out of the sun.”

“Oh but we’re only…” Stacy began.

“Don’t even go there,” Mother growled, “I mean it or you won’t go at all.”

“Oh like you can stop me, I’m 18 now…”

“Stacy James don’t take that tone with me. You are not too old to go across my knee.” Mother’s face was etched with anger.

Mother had been such a grouch about a lot of things since grandfather had died, but when it came to sunbathing, she was a fanatic. Although perhaps Stacey would grudgingly admit that it was understandable since grandfather had died of skin cancer.

Although Stacy bridled at the spanking threat, there was no way it was going to happen, she backed off nonetheless. Mother hadn’t spanked her for years, well not since before she turned 18 and the incident with the rum. That had been an exception, hadn’t it?

“Stace don’t.” Louise urged in a hushed whisper, “She can stop us going, well me anyway.” She added diplomatically.

At 17 Louise wasn’t so certain her spanking years were behind her and she so wanted to go to the beach.

“Look OK we won’t go sunbathing, we’ll wear sun block alright.” Stacey said petulantly.

“No, I know you won’t! And don’t you dare negotiate with me.” Mother snapped.

Stacey rolled her eyes up at this but she knew that her mother would relent.


The beach was a blast. Stacey had never seen so many boys and everything was hot in more ways than one. The local cabana had a toilet and shower block right on the sand and the girls wasted no time in changing out of their sensible one-pieces into the tiniest bikinis that could still lay claim to name.

“Oh Stace I can’t it’s…” Louise gasped as she saw how much of her sister was revealed and knew that she looked the same.

“Oh don’t be such a wuss, we’ll look great.” Stacey beamed.

“Where is the factor 30?” Louise said dubiously.

“Oh come on we’ll never get a tan with 30, I have brought 15.” Stacey held up the bottle and wagged it from side to side in triumph.

“But mum said…” Louise knew she was sounding a wuss. “OK.” But there was some doubt in her voice as she heard herself agree.

Soon after they were running down to the sea and forgetting about anything else and only got out of the sun during the hottest part of the day when they found a cafe to flirt with the boys.

That evening their mother eyed them suspiciously as they came to the restaurant in long summer frocks and well made up with foundation.

“You look like you have caught the sun.” She observed.

“Well duh, its Portugal Mum what do you expect, we did our best to cover up.” Stacey flipped off.

“Do you want to go across my knee young lady?” Her Mother snapped.

Stacey blushed and looked around hastily in case someone had overheard.

“Oh mother.” She pouted.


The week continued in much the same way. Every day Stacey and Louise would hasten to the beach and change into the scandal wear and then seek out the boldest boys drawn by their barely covered bottoms and breasts. Each day they would judiciously apply factor 15 and let the sun do its work.

“What is so good about this beach of yours?” Their Mother asked one day. “I never see you from dawn to dusk.”

“Oh its well cool we…” Louise began.

“Its OK.” Stacey broke in.

Mother stared at her hard and then shrugged.

Two days later they were in the sea leaping over the incoming surf when an extra large wave took Louise’s bikini bottoms and placed them on her thighs. Stacey squealed in delight as the white triangle of flesh came into view on her sister’s dark-skinned pert domes.

Louise gasped and hurriedly pulled up her briefs.

“Oh Lou you have really caught the sun.” Stacey said ignoring her sister’s blushes. Then she turned and looked at her own bottom pulling back her briefs to see her own contrasting flesh.

“Oh wow you have really caught it too, we are as brown as nuts.” Louise giggled.

Louise pulled her pants up into a makeshift thong so that her white buttocks spilled into view. Stacey followed suit and they compared tans.

“I wish my bum was as big as yours.” Louise wailed in mock despair.

“It sticks out too much. Yours is more trim and pert.” Stacey giggled, half hoping some boys were watching.

“Mine sticks out as much as yours.” Louise suggested.

“I suppose it does rather.” Stacey agreed. “Side on we must look like two ostriches that have swallowed apples.”

“Just side on? From any angle more like.”

Louise fell about at the image.

Then Stacey suddenly realised, “hey its late we had better get on.”

They gathered up their stuff deciding to change away from the beach where they could do it quickly. As they stepped onto the boardwalk they saw their mother walking towards them. Stacey’s heart was in her mouth as she approached and then walked on by.

“Mum?” Louise said puzzled.

Her mother turned and then gaped.

“The sun was in my eyes and I thought you were two Portuguese girls.” She gasped in horror. “What have you done to yourselves?”

“We were just…” Stacey felt a familiar yet almost forgotten sinking feeling.

“What in god’s name are you wearing, you look like… you…” Then she choked back a sob much to Stacey and Louise’s horrified surprise. “Come with me at once.”

The girls were led unceremoniously back to the car.

“Mum we have to change, we can’t go to a restaurant like this.” Stacey protested.

“Oh so now you care who sees you?” Their mother growled angrily. “There is no way we are going to a restaurant tonight. Or any night I… I don’t know what to say to you.”

“Oh Mother what is the big deal?” Stacey rolled her eyes up. “All the other girls…”

“I told you not to sunbathe, I told you… after grandfather, after all that we went through… I don’t know what to say.” Mother sobbed. “And to find you next-to-naked in public…”

Louise sat in silence. She had never seen her mother in such a state. Stacey decided to fight her corner.

“Oh mother we were hardly naked. All the other girls…”

“Don’t you dare tell me about all the other girls.” Mother shrieked. “I don’t care about all the other girls. All the other girls deserve to have their bare bottoms spanked right there on the beach.”

“Oh mother, don’t be so ridiculous.” Stacy said impatiently.

“Ridiculous. Ridiculous you say.” Mother screamed in anger, the car matching her screech as it came to a sudden halt.

The girls were visibly shaken by this extreme reaction.

“Mother!” Louise gasped.

“Well all this talk about spanking, I am 18.” Stacey offered weakly her voice trailing off as her mother glared at her.

“If you tell me you are 18 one more time I’ll drive us back to the beach for your spanking right out there in front of everyone. Then we will see how grown up you are.”

Louise sat ashen faced as she contemplated offloading the blame onto Stacey. She had already reconciled herself to a spanking from the moment of her mother’s outburst at the beach. She was now terrified that Stacey was going to talk them into something even more humiliating.

“Mother you can’t… now you are being ridiculous. You can’t spank us, I mean I am…” She blushed at her own cowardice and grappled for another word. “Too old to be… well you just can’t.”

“We will see just how ridiculous I am once I get you back to the apartment.” Mother said darkly as she pulled away again.

Where usually their mother would take several attempts when she parked the car, shunting back and forth to ensure that she was correctly aligned to the curb, this time she parked Portuguese style and left the Renault carelessly at an angle across two parking bays before ushering them out and up the street.

“Mother.” Stacey gasped suddenly feeling very self-conscious standing in the street with next to nothing on. “Look we’re sorry but this is…”

“Ridiculous. I know.” Mother finished her sentence.

As they mounted the stairs to the apartment, Constanza the woman who rented them her upstairs apartment, came out.

“Is anything wrong Mrs James?” She asked clearly taken aback by the girl’s attire.

“Only that I have two reckless trollops for daughters.” Mother said in a tone reserved for talking to other middle-aged women with daughters.

“Girls these days, what can you do ay?” Constanza said sympathetically.

“Get upstairs both of you.” Mother barked turning her attention back to her daughters.

Stacey rolled her eyes up as her mother shoved her into the room and ordered to stand still.

“Mother will you calm down. We’re sorry all right.” She rolled her eyes up imaptiently at her mother’s strange behaviour. “There is no need to overreact.”

“Overeacting am I?” Mother snapped.

Louise stood chewing her lip and stared anxiously after her mother as she went into her room.

“Mother sure is mad at us Stace.” She whispered.

As their mother returned holding a hairbrush both girls exchanged glances.

“You can’t spank Louise.” Stacey offered. “It was all my idea.”

“Oh I am quite sure of that.” Mother growled.

Then she took Stacey by the arm and pulled her reluctant daughter over to the sofa by the window.

“Mother what are you doing?” Stacey exclaimed as she was deposited face down across her mother’s lap.

“Mother!” She gasped as her bikini briefs were pulled down over her the brown and white dome of her bottom.

“This little white bottom of yours is going to be the reddest thing on this coast by the time I am done.” Mother spat angrily. Then to Louise she added. “And don’t think you’re not next young lady.”

“Mother this really is ridiculous you can’t do this.” Stacey protested for the last time.

The hairbrush made a sudden and sharp impact with her defenceless bare bottom with a crack that echoed around the apartment.

“Omigod.” Stacey squealed.

The second, third and fourth spanks quickly followed causing the girl to kick and squirm violently on her mother’s lap. Louise clapped her hand to her mouth as she saw her sister’s red bottom as it collected the kind of tan she hadn’t counted on.

“Stacey James if you ever defy me this way again I will spank your bare bottom on the beach in front of everyone whether you are 18 or 28.” Mother shouted loudly.

After another volley sharp snaps of hardwood on flesh, Stacey began to stutter wet groans through a lemon-suckers pout. Her bottom was by now devoid of all white and the fiery red that stained her formerly snowy skin competed with the russet of her hitherto sun-cherished flanks.

She was in full sob when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Mother called in mid spank.

Constanza walked in holding a strange leaf-shaped leather implement.

“Mrs James I know how hard it is for mothers travelling. You do not always pack the necessary.” Constanza said sympathetically. “Perhaps this pelau?”

This last was said as she made patting motions on her hand with what was obviously now a leather paddle.

“No I don’t think…” Mother began.

“It stings good. But there is no bruise.” Constanza explained.

“Send her away.” Stacey wailed.

Louise wanted to melt into the floor. She has never felt so embarrassed and that was only on Stacey’s behalf.

“You know Constanza I think I will.” Mother said with a nod.

“It is good no. I have used it on my daughters for years. They too think they are too old.”

Louise gaped in horror. She knew that Constaza’s daughters were both in their 20s and one had even left home.

“You put them in the stairwell to cry after yes.” Constanza continued.

“I put them…?” Mother was puzzled.

“Afterwards for sorry time. One in each corner on the stairs outside like I do.” Constanza tried to explain.

“I don’t think…”

“Mother you can’t.” Louise wailed.

“Yes perhaps. Thank you.” Mother said grimly and put down the hairbrush.

Constanza walked over and handed her the paddle. Mother attempted an exploratory splat.

“Yiiiikkkes.” Stacey squealed.

“It is good no?” Constanza smiled.

“It is good yes.” Mother replied and resumed the spanking.

“Mother.” Stacey wailed and renewed her kicking.

Constanza shrugged and looked to the heavens and then left.

Louise hugged herself in despair as Stacey’s spanking continued for some minutes as she continued to wail and sob.

“Mummy please.” Stacey wept after a time.

“I really ought to spank you again straight after I have paid out Louise.” Mother said as the spanking slowed. “If you don’t do as you’re told at once I will. Understand?”

“Yes Mummy.”

“Alright up you get and go to the corner in the hall.”

“Oh please I can’t.” Stacey gaped as she stood clutching at her bottom dressed only in her bikini top.

Mother pointed sternly with the paddle just once and offered a glare.

“This is ridiculous.” Stacey said with a huge frustrated sigh as she stomped off to do as she was told.

“I am sorry Mummy.” Louise said meekly as she chewed a nail.

“I know.” Her mother sighed. “But you have to learn to mind me and not your sister.”

Louise nodded. Then taking small steps walked to her mother and went obediently across her knee.

“Do you think I am being ridiculous?” Mother chuckled.

“No.” Louise squeaked.

The paddle struck her hard across both white cheeks leaving a vivid scarlet stain.

“Oooow!” Louise gasped.

“It will be over soon baby.” Mother cooed as she began the soundest spanking that her youngest daughter had ever had. “Well quite soon anyway.”

Fifteen minutes later the two girls were standing in opposite corners on the stairwell with two red bottoms displayed to any who entered the apartment block. Louise just wept in submission, but Stacey jumped at every sound, convinced that complete starngers were coming up the stairs.

“You did a good job.” Constanza said as she collected the pelau, as she called it.

“Eh… I don’t usually put them in the corner. How long do I…?” Mother coughed.

“Oh that.” Constanza shrugged. “Come to dinner. You can send them to bed afterwards. They never do it again I guarantee.

Half and hour later the girls were left alone and the realisation that their mother had made no idle threat sunk in. Then they both jumped as a door crashed somewhere.

“This is ridiculous.” Stacey said with an angry pout as she stamped her foot.


4 Responses to “An Algarve adventure: this is ridiculous”

  1. A Very well derseved spanking and very realistic if they go out on the beach again dressed like that mum should strap them in public on the beach

  2. 2 opsimath

    Mum was quite right – you should never underestimate the power of the southern sun to turn the skin red – or the power of Mum’s hairbrush to something very similar, if somewhat localised!

    A nice story, as always – thank you.

  3. 3 paul1510

    DJ, I;m not so into public humiliation, but certainly they got what they deserved.
    Nice story, thank you.

  4. 4 Carlos


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