Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part ten)


Lizzie Baines begins here.

About a week later, Cindy, Mary and I took a walk back along from the turnpike. There was not much traffic at that time of day, although school was out. But in those days, school children weren’t chauffeured to and from school they either walked or took the bus.

On this particular day the yellow school bus passed in the lane and we had to step aside to let it pass.

“Do you remember our school days Mary?” Cindy asked.

“Do I? And how.”

“We all went to the same high school in those days.” Cindy clarified.

“I remember Mrs Green’s paddle.” Mary said ruefully.

“Oh god yes. Lord help us if we caught it from her.” Cindy grimaced.

“Did she paddle bare?” I asked suddenly curious. There was no paddle in Boston were I grew up. Not for the girls anyway.

Mary and Cindy exchanged a conspiratorial glance.

“Not usually.” Mary said carefully.

“We used to get it on the seat of our skirts. Sometimes eight whacks.” Cindy supplied.

“Not too bad compared to Ma, I would have thought.” I suggested.

“Yeah but when Ma found out we got a paddling at school we had to cut a switch.” Mary pulled a face.

We all giggled at this, none of this surprised me anymore.

“But you said you didn’t usually get it bare.” I mentioned tentatively.

Again, Cindy and Mary exchanged a look.

“Come on fess up.” I grinned.

“Well.” Cindy said slowly looking at Mary. “When I was in my last year and Mary not much younger we kinda did a dumb thing…”

“We painted something on the sidewalk out side school.”

I shrugged, sounded like paddle time but what was so bad, I thought.

“We wrote that Mrs Green was having a romantic liaison with Mr Steiner the principal.” Cindy sniggered.

“Was it true?” I asked.

“Probably. And they were both married.” Mary giggled.

“We got paddled good. I mean good. Mr Steiner was there and we got paddled twice. Once for the paint and once for ‘telling lies.’”

“This was on the bare?” I gaped.

“No, no.” Mary pursed her lips.

“But Ma got to hear about it and well we got the switching of the century. Only this time Mr Steiner and Mrs Green got to see it.” Cindy was blushing, although this had been years before.

“Side by side over the kitchen table.” Mary whispered.

“On the bare.” Cindy said unnecessarily. “And that old goat got to see it all.”

“Oh.” I blushed in sympathy. “So that’s what you meant by ‘not usually’.”

“Eh, no. Not exactly.” Mary looked at Cindy sideways.

“After that Mrs Green sometimes spanked us on the bare with her paddle. More than eight swats as well. She really had it in for us you see.” Cindy confided. “We knew Mr Steiner would back her up and they both knew that if we complained to anyone Ma would get to hear about it.”

“But that’s…” I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked and wanted to feel outrage. But of me was intrigued by the whole situation.

“A kinda cute story hey.” Cindy said hugging me. “Would have been even more fun if it had been anyone else on the receiving end.”

The last comment was to assuage my guilty at being titillated by the story I am sure.

“Only don’t tell anyone.” Mary said with a note of panic.

I looked puzzled but assured I wouldn’t.

“Ma might not see the funny side even after all this time.” Cindy explained.


We walked a little way further before we heard what Mary described as a ‘ruckus.’

“It’s coming from behind those bushed over yonder.” Mary said running in that direction.

We followed her and found the cause of the sound. Four high school girls were rolling on the ground. The youngest, who was being pinned to the floor couldn’t have been more than 16. The other three were a little older.

At first I couldn’t make out what I was seeing. Two of the girls were sitting on the younger girl and were tugging up her panties to expose her bottom in a mean wedgie. Another older girl had their victim by the hair and was feeding her something.

“You gone eat these for us before we give you a switching.” The bully said nastily.

“My god they are worms.” I cried in disgust.

The bullied girl looked up with tears in her eyes.

“Hey stop that.” Cindy yelled.

The three girls looked around suddenly afraid.

“Hey I know you girls.” Mary barked. “Sue-Ellen, Becky’s little sister and Marcy, you know Amelia.”

The third girl looked up sheepishly at the last remark. It was Amelia.

“Amelia! What are you doing?” Cindy was horrified.

“She’s a little swat.” Amelia said lamely.

“Amelia Baines I can’t believe you would do such a thing. Wait until Ma hears about this.” Mary gasped.

Amelia went white and her jaw dropped in horror.

“What’s your name?” Cindy asked the bullied girl.

“Rose Sanchez.” She said shyly tugging down her skits.

“She’s just a Mex brat.” Marcy sneered.

“I hope your Ma takes the skin off your behind when we tell her about this.” Mary growled.

“She won’t. She never does. I can do what I like.” Marcy spat.

“She can too. Her Ma won’t touch her.” Rose said indignantly.

“My mother will.” Sue-Ellen wailed. “It was all Marcy’s fault, really it was.”

“It’s no more than you deserve.” Mary said without sympathy. “Rose you had best run along.”

“Just a minute let’s not be too hasty.” Cindy said with a light in her eyes.

“Cindy you aren’t having one of your ideas, are you?” Mary said warily. “I remember your last one.”

“Amelia cut some switches.” Cindy said evilly.

“I won’t.” Amelia snapped seeing which way her sister’s mind was going.

“You can cut them for me or for Ma.” Cindy shrugged.

“We can’t switch them. It will leave marks.” Mary said nervously.

“We can spank them though.” I suggested, suddenly very much liking the idea.

“No one is spanking me.” Marcy said unconvincingly.

“What do you say?” Cindy asked the other two. “A spanking from us or worse from your mothers?”

“I tell you I won’t be spanked.” Marcy protested.

“If you won’t take a hand spanking from us, we will tell Mrs Green. I bet she will take her paddle to you.” Mary suggested.

Amelia and Sue-Ellen nodded sullenly and looked at Marcy.

“I won’t be spanked in front of her.” Marcy looked at Rose.

“You will and you will be spanked on your bare bottom.” Cindy said sternly. “Or I’ll take you to Mrs Green myself.”

“Oh.” Marcy stamped her foot knowing she was defeated.

“Who will spank who?” I asked, desperately wanting to spank Amelia.

“Amelia is mine.” Mary said as if reading my thoughts.

“And I rather think I shall handle little miss Marcy here.” Cindy said rubbing her hands together.

Sue-Ellen looked at me like a cornered hamster.

“Ma’am?” She said.

We all took up position with our respective brats over our laps while Rose looked on as if she were waiting for the curtain to go up on her favourite movie.

I had never spanked anyone before and wasn’t sure what to do, but Mary wasted no time flipping Amelia’s skirts and hooking her finger in the tops of her panties. I swallowed and felt a surge of excitement as her underwear was slid down over a respectably full bottom for a girl just turned 18 and not yet quite full grown. It was a pip I thought. Somewhere between Mary’s own opulence and Cindy’s firm generosity. The abundance of puppy fat added a dimension all of its own.

Marcy’s white cotton draws followed at Cindy’s hand. Marcy bucked at this and began to whine. Rose giggled. Then my two sisters-in-law turned to me.

My breathing was audible, I remember, and my palms were moist. Sue-Ellen made no fuss but lay meekly as I stripped her. Then we compared the three bottoms.

Amelia’s bottom was by far the most spankable, but the others had much to commend them. Marcy’s buttocks were tight and neat. They stood up defiantly as if untouchable. Sue-Ellen’s bottom was softer and round. Although it was somewhat flatter by comparison, it still had that epic profile that some behinds tend to lack.

“Alright ladies shall we begin.” Cindy grinned. “The first one to make their brat cry gets a soda on me.”

“I didn’t want to be mean.” Sue-Ellen whispered.

“I hope not, but you know you have this coming?” I said feeling a little sorry for her. I could well believe that Marcy and Amelia led her astray.

“I know.” Sue-Ellen sucked in her lower lip and fixed her eyes at spot on the ground.

Cindy struck first. It was a hard slap and at once it left a handprint on Marcy’s bottom.

“You can’t do this.” Marcy wailed.

“Watch me.” Cindy replied spanking her again.

Mary took a different approach. Once she began, she just walloped away. There must have been 100 spanks delivered in the first minute.

“You have had this coming for so long.” She enthused.

Amelia responded by screwing her face up and letting out a continuous wail like a newborn.

Then I turned my attention to Sue-Ellen. I brought my hand down hard. It hurt. My hand that is. It felt like I was striking a hard stone. Or two of them to be more precise. Sue-Ellen responded with a sniff. So I spanked her again. After a dozen swats she started to cry, although I could hardly think I was hurting her much.

“Loosen your wrist and flick your arm.” Cindy suggested.

I did as she suggested and the spanking became much easier.

Before long both Amelia and Sue-Ellen were crying hard, although their bottoms were only a modest pink. However Marcy seemed determined not to break.

“You hellish bitch.” She yelled angrily.

“Oh you baby.” Cindy laughed as she spanked on.

After 10 minutes, Mary was exhausted and wagged her tired arm while Amelia just lay across her lap crying softly. My hand was also quite sore and poor Sue-Ellen was crying hard, so I too had stopped.

Only Marcy continued to be defiant by calling out curse words and swearing vengeance.

“Rose do you know how to cut a switch?” Cindy asked the audience of one.

Rose blushed and nodded.

“I have to sometimes. You know.”

“I know.” Cindy agreed. “Go get me one.”

Rose didn’t take long. It seemed that she hadn’t troubled to choose one without buds on.

“What are you doing?” Marcy was shouting and struggled to rise, but Cindy held her fast. “We can’t switch the other two, it’s true. But since you remain unrepentant I think we will an exception for you.”

“Look alright. I’m sorry. OK.” Marcy said frantically.

“No it’s not OK.” Cindy mocked Marcy’s impatient tone.

Cindy flicked the switch across the girl’s bottom as it had been laid across hers so many times.

“Yeow. You can’t do this. I am sorry.” Marcy pleaded.

“Such a change in attitude.” Cindy mocked again.

The swish-thwack of the switch quickly drew lines across Marcy’s bottom and in no time she was howling.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She sobbed.

“Now kiss the end of the switch and say Marcy’s been a bad girl.” Cindy said.

“Yes I’m sorry.” Marcy begged.

Cindy held the switch-tip just out Marcy’s reach so she really had to crane her head to get her lips to touch it.

“I want a proper kiss.” Cindy said.

I didn’t know anyone could stretch their lips like that.

“That’s good.” Cindy chuckled and then immediately swiped the switch across Marcy’s raw bottom.

“Yaaah!” She wailed. “You said…”

“I said kiss it. I didn’t say I would stop.” Cindy replied switching in earnest.

Marcy’s switching lasted a good while longer before we let the girls go. Amelia scurried off as fast as she could. Marcy stood making cow eyes at Cindy and I could see she had made a true conquest.

“No one ain’t done that to me before.” She sniffed.

“I catch you bullying again and I will do it again.” Cindy snapped. “Now get.”

With one last rub of her bottom, Marcy scurried after Amelia.

“Thank you Ma’am. I guess I had that coming.” Sue-Ellen said shyly. Then she too ran off.

“Looks like the soda’s are on me.” Cindy laughed.


One Response to “Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part ten)”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Another great installment in what I guess is shaping up to be a novel. I wonder what Barbara Coloroso would think about this form of anti-bullying intervention. Certainly there’s no problem with bystander stand-offishness in this tale.

    And you’re hinting that Cindy has started to “tame” Marcy with this switching — like in “the Little Prince”. Something tells me that this is a relationship that will deepen as the story progresses.

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