A birthday spanking: A Voice in the Corner’s is one-year-old today


Still in the corner

On the sixth of August 2009, A Journey Begins with the First Step post launched this blog. Six people looked in during that first week and only 565 during the whole of that month. To put that into context we now get an average of 2,500 visitors a day. In all we have had nearly 600,000 visitors reading 223 posts and 595 comments.

There have been almost half a million words published, including 102 original stories. Two of these will shortly be published as books in their own right and in the new year another novel will join the well-received The Russell Corner, which was published last October.

We have also won two awards, one for the historical posts, which have become a popular feature of this blog and one for fiction.

But that’s only the dull statistics; only others can judge how successful it has been.

There will now be a short interlude as DJ Black takes a few days leave. Lizzie Baines will continue here soon together with lots more.

6 Responses to “A birthday spanking: A Voice in the Corner’s is one-year-old today”

  1. Congrats on the anniversary and success. You and your blog deserve it.
    So,,,, are you buying the drinks for the celebration? 🙂

    P.S. When will we see a photo of you? 🙂

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Congratulations, Damien. “A Voice in the Corner” has long been one of my favourite spanking story blogs on the ‘net. Perhaps you could say a bit about your how you came to the decision to start blogging and whether it has worked out the way you would have hoped so far.

    • 3 DJ

      Drinks are at the pub.

      My pic is on the About page Lol – my face tends to break the screen Lol

      How did start the blog – long story maybe one day

      I will post soon


  3. 4 opsimath

    Very well done, DJ – this is an achievement to be proud of and I sincerely hope there will be many happy returns.

    Of all the spanking blogs out there on the ‘net, AVITR is one of my favourites; I appreciate the literary style and the variety of stories that can be found here, together with some quite delightful images.

    Thank you for all your hard work – I too think it would be interesting to hear how you came to write such a fascinating blog.

    Again, congratulations on a job very well done!

  4. 5 esoterick1

    Hiya DBJ … Congratulations on the first anniversary … lots of kudos for your hard work … kepp on blogging bro … great addition to the community … Cheers from RH

  5. Congratulations ‘Voice in the Corner’, on your birthday. Six of the best to you, and many more to come.

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