Give the man a coconut for a mother-daughter spanking story


There were no takers for the prize for guessing which story was a DJ Black original in Spanking Library Summer Spanking Competition, although maybe one or two of you voted anyway. As it has been announced today that it won.

The short story A Summer Vacation with Mother came first out of 32 entries. This story will appear here in due course but if you cannot wait, why not visit the library. It is free and there are over 10,000 stories, all it takes is a quick and anonymous registration process.

For registered users follow this link and select All and then all again and choose the story from the list.

3 Responses to “Give the man a coconut for a mother-daughter spanking story”

  1. I gave you three votes (I didn’t use any of my remaining 7). Yours was my favourite story, but I did identify you as the author. The culprit was your use of the mantlepiece as the alter of post punishment contemplation. Excellent job on the story. Gotta love it when Nana gets involved. Keep up the great work, DJ.


    • 2 DJ

      Hi Patron

      many thanks for that.

      You should have identified yourself sooner if you guessed. I wasn’t kidding about a prize.

      Thanks anyway.


  2. 3 O.H.M.

    I havent read the stories yet, but that photo is one of my favorites. So real its as if you were right there in the living room with Midnight Special on the t.v.

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