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Some years ago a women was seen being birched on TV during an advert for a product now presumably forgotten. There was a lot of buzz at the time that CP and spanking had finally gone mainstream. Well if its done humorously or as a metaphor for an edgy brand then it is safe to […]

“Lucy I’m bored.” Amelia pouted. “I know it’s raining and we couldn’t go for our evening walk but being sent to bed so early is too much.” “Heavens yes, at 17 we are almost old enough to come out, it is too tiresome to be sent to bed when its barely eight o’clock.” Lucy agreed. […]

Since the first post way back about the effects of abrasives, mustard packs and others our friend S has been intrigued. You can read a fictionalised account of an early meeting from S’s point of view here. S is mentored by yours truly and an avid reader of this blog. Well she had better be, […]