The Agony of spanking


Read an agony column a while ago that had a question about spanking.

A woman wrote in asking if she was normal as she was having fantasies about her husband spanking her.

She said that when she was a teenager she had gone to a birthday party and the birthday girl had got a birthday spanking in front of everyone. This had been quite rough, but she said she had some odd feelings about it she didn’t understand at the time.

Then later at a party, she had got into a play fight that included water pistols and throwing lots of water. She said she had got a bit carried away and had been pulled to the ground by some boys for a round of smacks on her bottom. She didn’t know if she liked it or not, but then some of the girls had pulled her slacks and knickers down and encouraged the boys to spank her bare in front of everyone while she was still pinned on the floor.

She said that at the time it had been horrible and embarrassing, as well as hurting a lot. But afterwards she had had ‘funny feelings’ about it again and had often thought about it.

The agony aunt then said that these feelings were normal and that wanting a mild spanking from her husband was perfectly natural.

The post was rather like two other snippets previously discovered, one definitely from another agony column, the other may have been.

One was from a young teenage girl, who together with a younger sister, was often looked after by an elder sister for long periods of time. The exact ages of the girls were unclear but the elder girl seemed to be an adult.

She wrote of how when her young sister wouldn’t do as she was told the eldest sister would spank her. This was a proper spanking sometimes administered on the bare bottom apparently with the blessing of the absentee parents. The youngest girl was also sent to the corner, with the threat that her friends would be told she was still spanked if she didn’t stay there.

The middle girl’s beef was that she was not spanked and was envious of her little sister. She said she even had fantasies of being spanked in front of her friends and being sent to the corner where people could see.

The thrust of her question was twofold. First, was she right in the head and were these feelings all right. And second if they were how could she go about asking her sister for a spanking.

The agony aunt went mental on this question and even implied that the would-be spankee should get help. Needless to say she was not as open minded as the first aunt, although her reasons seemed to be about incest as much as anything. Not sure if its really incest in same sex relations, but we are talking spanking here and not sex.

The last snippet was about a girl who was routinely bullied on the way home from school in Glasgow during the 1970s. A gang of boys and girls used to drag her into abandoned buildings and garages regularly on the way from school and do increasingly more extreme things to her. Some are off topic and quite unpleasant but she focused on certain aspects at the time and later on.

After a while, they started bending her over or holding her down and thrashing her with belts on the bottom. She described the first incident of being ‘debagged’ (her word) and bent over a crate for a prolonged strapping.

It seems they thought she was too posh and her mother had spoken out against CP in schools and the home.

Her reaction was to develop a crush on the ‘gang leader’ and admitted that later on she almost let herself be caught for some rough treatment.

Her parents eventually found out some of this and took her out of school and sent her to be privately educated. Ironically, she said the school used CP and she later got the cane herself in the sixth form.

She attributed this to a later interest in BDSM activity. She wanted to know does this prove that BDSM is a negative outcome or a positive response to an experience.

Her and lot of other people probably.

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  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    WTF, don’t they cover this sort of thing in Agony Aunt school. Such a diversity of perspectives!

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