In the Corner with DJ Black: suffering for science


Since the first post way back about the effects of abrasives, mustard packs and others our friend S has been intrigued. You can read a fictionalised account of an early meeting from S’s point of view here.

S is mentored by yours truly and an avid reader of this blog. Well she had better be, sometimes tests are set and the consequences of sloppy examination results can be quite punitive.

Anyway on reading the recent post about the power of oatmeal and soda as a disciplinary device S had her doubts. To this end an exhaustive series of experiments have been conducted to find which is the most feared culinary discipline.

Sandpaper has been omitted from the tests because of the recovery time needed and the intrinsic harshness; S was actually almost disappointed.

Therefore, the substances road-tested were: Tabasco sauce (not the extra hot kind), mustard, alcohol and the oatmeal soda concoction.

Some of the data was gathered from previous usage so as not to unduly distress the subject and for clarity of results. Each substance was applied after a sound spanking of similar duration and effectiveness.

Here are the results.

The oatmeal was the most difficult to make and apply. It may be that there is a particular recipe involved, so results must be viewed with that in mind. The process involved oatmeal mixed with baking soda and then hot water was added making a violent paste. After a thorough application following chastisement, it was left on for over an hour until it dried.

The effects were very mild sting and a fair amount of itching. S rates this 1/10 on the dread scale. Conclusion. Its not worth the mess.

The alcohol was the easiest and cleanest to apply. For our purposes, we used neat vodka. This was also liberally applied after a thorough spanking. As with the oatmeal, some moderate bristle action was used to ensure effects.

The effect was an intense sting that was almost unbearable but only lasted a second leaving a short-term warm glow. The most dramatic effect was that it intensified the colouring of her bottom. The whole affect wore off after an hour or so. S rates this 2/10 on the dread scale. Conclusion ascetically worth it and may be more severe after a more abrasive punishment like the cane or birch.

The mustard was fairly easy to apply but quite messy. It also works quite effectively without any spanking and so can be applied as a warm up attention getter.

The effect cool at first but rapidly becomes intense and hot. Its effect is much the worse thing S has felt. S rates this 7.5/10 on the dread scale. Its main advantage is that the sting is removed by washing it off allowing a great deal of control by the dom.

The Tabasco is also easy to apply and less messy than mustard. Its effects are negligible unless the subject has been spanked, but even a moderate spanking will do.

The effect is instant and intense. It is almost as bad as the mustard. However, washing it off makes it worse for a while and the sting persists for quite some time after it is washed off. Its sting is also worse according to the harshness of correction. S rates this 9/10 on the dread scale. She would have given it a 10 but she thinks that something out there could be worse.

The doms choice: mustard, an all round effective that leaves you in control. The hardcore choice: Tabasco extra hot. Don’t try this at home kids.

So it’s a big hand for S (just where she needs it) who has truly suffered for science. She says “Grmpf” by the way, which may be Dutch for don’t mention it.

10 Responses to “In the Corner with DJ Black: suffering for science”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    If the results in your earlier story are to be believed, there must be something about the oatmeal/baking soda concoction that you’re not getting, whether it’s a further ingredient or a way of preparation and application. Perhaps some reader out there can enlighten us, before this valuable information is lost to humanity!

    Further testing may be necessary… once “S” recovers, of course!

  2. 2 Christian

    Thank you S for your help in determining the worse. I’ll bet that mustard would be bad after spanking, then sandpaper! Yeowch!

  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Sandpaper is something I’ve never really heard of being used. And how would it be used anyway, by glueing it to the surface of something like a ping pong paddle? Sounds cruel and unusual to me. Whereas spanking is usual, and not cruel, of course!

  4. 4 S

    Thank you Sir for the excellent article. There is one little detail I would like to correct if I may. The application of mustard was not that messy as far as I can remember and not messier than the application of Tabasco. Mustard is very easy to apply, as a creamy substance it feels like sun lotion on the skin at first. It cools the hot and sore bottom…. but only for a minute until the effect starts to set in. It is not necessary to apply a thick layer of mustard, it suffices to spread it freely in an amount similar to sun lotion, maybe a little bit more. It can also be washed off easily, luckily.
    Tabasco on the other hand is oily and when washing it off it is harder to get all the oil off.

    Christian, yes mustard was bad after the spanking. I hope I’m not going to feel any of the two – mustard and Tabasco – soon again. Luckily this scientific study was not conducted on a single day and I have to admit that apart from the ‘greater good’ of this study, both these spankings also served as well deserved corrections at that time which will be remembered.

    Karl, I never heard about sandpaper either and do not even know what to think about it. you mention further testing *gulps* Anything that was overlooked in this study?

    I’m not sure if I really know what I am offering now but if 10 readers of this blog are interested to learn about the effects of sandpaper …please voice your interest below and I will volunteer to put my bottom on the line for the sake of science.
    I hope you don’t come up with other suggestions.


  5. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    S, I, for one am not going to ask that you be spanked with any sandpaper coated implement. Nevertheless, I appreciate that your offer is a very generous one. But I am looking forward to reading more of your delectable writing in the not too distant future. And I’m sure I’m not alone with that desire.

    With regard to mustard, what particular type or brand was used in this experiment? With it’s ease of washing off, and method of application being much like suntan lotion, it would seem ideal for beachside applications! No muss, no fuss. Does applying mustard noticeable change the appearance of the bottom?

  6. 6 S

    Karl, I think the idea of sandpaper is to scrub the bottom with it first… from how I understand it… before the spanking I suppose. Maybe mustard or Tabasco are applied afterwards in addition, I don’t know.
    Can someone maybe enlighten me? I hope that the sandpaper is NOT attached to the implement?? *getting wide eyes*
    I am glad there is not much interest from the readers on this scientific experiment. I already learned that we forgot to test toothpaste and that a 2nd part of the study might be in order anyway. *gulps*

    A typical English mustard was used, a hot one, but judging from my experience it is not critical for this experiment to ‘succeed’ which specific mustard is used. I am sure effects vary depending on the ingredients of it.
    On one occassion I got a very quick warm up followed by two dozen with the bristles of the bathbrush…. to get a bit deeper into the skin I suppose. Not much was visible except some redness of course. Afterwards mustard was applied and the effects were very strong. That was extremely surprising to me. I had real trouble standing still in the corner and was soon asking for permission to remove it (which wasn’t immediately granted…). It does not take a lot to make it work, to make it a memorable experience.
    Mustard colours the skin a bit yellowish. If applied on a red bottom it reduces the redness a bit which is probably good at outdoor applications as you suggest. Yes, I am sure it could be used in such a scenario and would not really be noticeable by outsider.
    I suppose it could also be applied under clothing if cautions are taken not to get knickers dirty.


  7. 7 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Thanks for the further details on the mustard and so forth, S.

    Sanding a girl’s bottom with sandpaper sounds to me no less cruel and unusual than using it to resurface implements such as a paddle or hairbrush. I would certainly never do it!

  8. 8 Petruchio

    Tobassco’s active ingredient is capsaicin, which is what gives it its “heat”. To remove/negate capsaicin quickliy you need to use a dairy product (e.g. yoghurt) and NOT water, as water will give the effect seen here: an immediately albeit temporary increase in sensation. That’s why you will sometimes see plain yoghurt on the table of good Indian restaurants, and why sour cream seems to cut the heat in Tacos, etc., where other things aren’t so effective.

  9. 9 Mr. Goodswitch

    For application on bare bottom, the finest grit sandpaper is used. The purpose is to remove the upmost layer of the skin, which consists of dead cells and comes off as a white powder. The application of sandpaper itself should not be painful by any means. However, with the outer skin layer peeled off and the nerves excited by the treatment, light stingy implements like birch twigs quite improve their performance. The same must be true about mustard and other such agents.

  10. 10 Ali

    I tend to use a medium-fine sandpaper as an abrasive – essentially a little like the use of the bristles, actually. Just fold some up in your hand and rub it hard on your subs bottom (try it at that hardness on your arm first – you want it to graze a little, not skin them!) until it stings/ burns on its own.

    This opens up tiny cuts, like a very light graze and a lot like the impact with the bristles of a bath brush, but a bit more intense, so that when something like capsaicin cream or something else spicy is applied, the burn is much more intense.

    Capsaicin is heat activated, so the heat from the blood under the skin and also the friction makes the pain more intense.

    Sometimes if a spanking can’t be done – in public etc – a little piece of sandpaper and some capsaicin cream can work a miracle – only takes a minute to apply and then your bottom can sit a very sore bottom back down in their seat and only you (and anyone who can see their face!) will know about it.

    To remove it, dairy with high fat content tends to work well for me.

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