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About a month or so ago you may have noticed a new link appear on the right with the legend: British Spanking Magazines. Back in March this year a this new blog was launched to republish many of the great stories and pictures from old spanking mags, such as Blushes, Roue, Janus, Februs, Swish and […]

It had been a long time since they had had a family holiday together. Not since before the divorce. Even now, Emma had not wanted to come. She had just turned 18 and had wanted at stay home with her friends. If the truth were to be told Helen would rather had stayed home with […]

Been trying to track down the back-story and details of a late 1920s or early 1930s play that was later made into a movie. The problem is that not knowing the name of the play, the search throws a tantalising array of possibilities on the obvious keywords. This suggests that the London stage in the […]

Daddy had offered to buy her the new car but it wasn’t the same somehow. It was much more fun to steal it. Besides what was a junior grade clerk doing with a jaguar in the first place. He should have bought a Mondeo. He must have been saving for years to upgrade to a […]