A bit of stick and carrot


A young women writing to an online advice column asked if it was normal to receive a bare bottom spanking from her parents. She was an American girl in her late teens living at home and although not seemingly resentful of her treatment, was rather concerned that she was getting a raw deal compared with her peers.

The advice back, drawing on dozen’s of opinions, was 71% in favour of her treatment being normal, which she no doubt found reassuring.

However some of the advice given suggested that she was lucky to be on the receiving end of a mere bare-bottomed spanking.

“You should count yourself lucky that being upended in the bathroom and having a hairbrush applied to your bare bottom for 10 minutes is all you get.” Said one helpful respondent.

She and many of the other replies detailed various punishments, up to and including extended corner time, sometimes in full view of others and some quite fanciful.

What was worth noting over and above the norm for those of us with prurient and some times dark tastes, was a reference to punishments reported here previously, namely the use of pepper and mustard packs upon the bare bottom to enhance a spanking.

One in particular was entirely new here on the Voice. Has anyone heard of oatmeal and baking soda punishments?

One respondent explains.

“The oatmeal and baking soda punishment goes along with all the spankings and it really does help to teach a girl never to do it again. You mix oatmeal and baking soda together and add enough water to moisten the ingredients but enough to make a paste and apply that to the bare skin after the spanking. It stings as it dries on the freshly spanked skin and once you put that on the young women’s bottom after a bare bottom spanking she won’t do it again.”

Maybe this is all going mainstream and these old Victorian disciplinary remedies have been sleeping and are not dead. Gloria Vanderbilt certainly knew of them in the 1950s and the use of spices and food items is not only confined to discipline it seems.

In her book, Obsession: An Erotic Tale, the octogenarian Ms Vanderbilt, describes erotic punishments that she may have experienced in the early years of her marriage back in the 1950s. One reviewer quoting from the book said, “Spanking with a Mason-Pearson is a serious matter, not the kind of thing that is rewarded with just the luscious afterglow of warm cocoa butter.” The theme is expanded upon by describing the use of mint, cayenne pepper and a fresh garden carrot that are put uses far beyond the dreams of any chef.

I thought all these things were confined to fiction and at most the Victorian governess’s room. Talking of which, watch this space.

5 Responses to “A bit of stick and carrot”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I take it the use you will describe for the carrot is not the one usually implied in the phrase “carrot and stick”. I wonder how long ago did the advice column in question appear?

    Surely these exotic practices of spanking after-treatments would be rather rare. Or what does your research indicate?

  2. Well i am not sure about what advice i would give her. I don’t know that 10 minutes of a bare bottom brushing wouldnt have been hard to take and iIdon’t think even as a spanko adult I would like that. And as far as the after spanking treatment with the oatmeal and the baking soda, I never heard of that. I wonder if it does work. I would think after 10 minutes with a hairbrush and then that (If it does what it says) I wouldnt want to do anything to get it again. I do like the picture in this post though.

  3. 3 Christian

    First of all, I LOVE your wonderful blog! I hope you keep writing, as I will keep reading!

    Secondly I can attest to the fact that there are a number of spices and things provided by nature that increase the burning effect. Take nettles for example. Oh my goodness!


  4. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Following the link back to that earlier story from S, I am reminded that we haven’t heard from S in quite some time. Perhaps we shall hear from her again soon!

  5. 5 S

    Dear Karl, I am thinking of writing a follow up story of my mentoring experiences – which will be very close to the truth – soon but time didn’t permit me to work on it yet. It is kept in mind and I will work on it as soon as possible.


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