The spanking tent


This is as fictionalised account inspired by apparently real events. With a stress on the apparently, but it is supposed to have happened in California, so who knows? Anyway, most of the events in this story did not happen, as far as anyone knows and are entirely fictitious. But you can believe it all if you like, its up to you, no pressure.

He had been to New York and much of the eastern seaboard before, so this year he had decided to go to the west. Where exactly is probably best left unsaid given the facts of this particular story.

So there he was an Englishman in a bar somewhere on the West Coast. They didn’t seem to have any beer, chilled or otherwise, so he had opted for something they had called a Bud, which was largely devoid of any flavour and bore no resemblance to anything normally found in the three main alcohol groups. Nevertheless, it was wet and did at least contain small amounts of alcohol.

It was then that the three guys had walked in. two of them were around his age, being in their late 30s and looked more or less like your standard red blooded American guy. The third stood at least a head taller than anyone else in the bar and was a good 10 years younger. He was adorned in various beads and necklaces wore no shirt, although his long blond hair covered most of his upper torso.

They made a beeline for him and within two minutes, he had been rechristened the Limey and learned that they were called Gus, Ray and the Dude. It was the Dude who was most taken with the Limey’s English credentials.

“Hey man you’ve just totally got to come to the beach tomorrow bro.” He said with a broad white smile so that all the words ran together in one great uber-word.

“Well I suppose I could, any reason in particular?”

“Oh yeah sure.” Ray grinned slapping his forehead as if he just discovered gravity or something equally momentous. “Those beach chicks will really go for a Limey.”

“Oh yeah totally man.” The Dude nodded already being way ahead of the others.

Gus just beamed as if picturing some as yet to unfold scene.

“I assume by beach chicks you don’t mean some kind of sea birds.” The Limey chuckled. “OK I am in. What exactly goes on at this beach?”

“The Dude here has a spanking tent.” Gus explained.


The Limey got to the beach around mid morning and found the Dude, Ray and Gus sitting outside a medium sized marquee-like tent. Hanging from the side of the canvas was sign that ran: The Spanking Tent – strictly chicks only.

“Hey it’s the Limey dude.” The Dude said offering him another of those Bud things.

“I like your tent.” The Limey said taking the red can. “Seen any action yet?”

His manner suggested that this was all some joke and that maybe he was to be the butt of it.

“No man we’re just hanging, the chicks don’t get curious until later when they have mellowed.” The Dude said.

Despite Dude’s pessimism after half-an-hour two young beach beauties strolled up and began giggling at the sign.

“Are you guys for real?” A cute blonde in a string bikini asked.

“Totally man.” The Dude nodded. “You have here the finest team of spank artists this side of LA.”

“Or the other side.” Ray added.

“So what’s the deal exactly?” The brunette challenged. “Are you guys scamming for some dough?”

“No way.” The Dude said.

“So why would we let you spank us? That’s what you want right?” She persisted.

“Well you are here aren’t you?” Ray smiled and opened the flap of the tent invited the girls to enter.

“Will it hurt?” The blond asked nervously.

“Only a lot.” Gus smirked.

“Lets give it a go.” The brunette giggled and slipped into the tent.

Everyone followed and the brunette was soon upended across Ray’s lap with her almost bare comely bottom pointing at the canvas.

She giggled at the first swat, although it was quite firm and stayed smiling throughout the first half of her spanking.

“That’s so cool.” The blonde giggled. “Brittany your butt is so red.”

Brittany pulled a face of mock horror and waggled her bottom to invite more spanking.

“If you can make her cry uncle I’ll take double.” The blonde challenged.

Brittany’s mouth formed a shocked O but she did not protest as the spanking picked up apace. The Limey was surprised at how vigorous the chastisement became, it certainly was no longer a play spanking.

After a while Brittany began to gasp and her wriggling became more animated. The crisp spanks could be heard way up the beach and little yelps began to escape the girl’s mouth.

“OK OK enough.” She wailed at last.

“What was that?” Ray chuckled spanking the by now very red bottom harder.

“Uncle, uncle.” Brittany yelled.

The spanking stopped at once and Brittany was left dancing and rubbing he bottom.

“Owie. You weren’t kidding you guys know how to spank.” She grimaced then smiled. “Your turn girl.”

“Well OK.” The blonde grinned as she took nervous steps forward. Then with bravado, she said. “You are such a wimp Brittany.”

The blonde’s spanking was a more formal affair as Gus did the honours. It was evident quite quickly that she had not realised what she was getting herself into. But she crossed her ankles and clung to Gus’s legs stoically as she took her spanking. The spanking was much longer and the Limey thought, harder than Brittany’s session. The blonde’s bottom certainly looked much the worse for wear.

“You spank way harder than my mom.” She complained. “You must be done by now.”

“Not quite halfway yet I would say.” Gus replied.

“That’s right man.” The Dude beamed.

“I had way more than that.” Brittany laughed, knowing it wasn’t true.

“Oh phooey.” Brittany said through gritted teeth as the spanking really began to get through to her.

She was close to tears before Gus had finished, having been spanked almost three times as long as her friend. As she knelt breathing heavily on the ground clutching her bottom the Dude reminded her that she said she would take double, as if she hadn’t already.

Brittany gaped at this and hid her grin behind her hand. The blonde pouted sullenly and looked ready to refuse.

“Ok give me a minute.”

Her audience all exchanged glances in disbelief as she stood and turned to The Limey and said, “are you going to spank me now?”

“My turn next, man.” The Dude said taking her by the arm and sitting on the stool and tipping her crimson behind over it.

The Dude spanked her as if she still had a virgin bottom and she yelled a lot more, but did not once complain or refuse to take it.

“Can I say uncle yet?” She choked back a sob.

“Anytime.” The Dude hooted.

“Uncle I’ll be good.” She lisped trying to keep the initiative.

After a few moments of dancing, both girls were back to giggling and comparing bottoms.

“You guys are nuts.” The blonde said as she Brittany walked away laughing.

“She thinks we’re nuts.” Ray laughed and they all joined in.


Later on that afternoon two older women stopped by.

“What’s this all about?” Said a young 30-something redhead with a matching modest bikini.

“Welcome to the spanking tent, where young ladies are taught the error of their ways.” Gus winked.

“What if they are good girls like us?” Said the redhead’s friend a tall willowy woman of the same age.

“Their ain’t no such animal.” Ray laughed.

“Perhaps not.” The redhead laughed. “Who is your friend?”

“This is the Limey.” Ray said.

“How do you do ladies.” The Limey said with a nod to a mock Prince Charles accent and a slight bow.

“Oh my god you’re English.” The redhead fluttered girlishly. “Are you the one who does all the spanking?”

“My English friend handles all the hard cases.” Gus interjected. “Strictly uses the cane only.”

The tall dark—haired woman looked sideways at her redheaded friend with a smile dancing on her lips as if she knew a secret.

“Samantha here has been a very naughty girl.” She said.

“I have not.” Samantha blushed.

“I think you have.” The Limey took his cue from the friend.

“Well maybe.” She said chewing her nail. “My house is nearby.”

“No way dude.” The Dude said. “All spanking related activities have to be done in the spanking tent.”

“What do I have to do?” Samantha smiled.

Ray handed the Limey a cane and nudged him. Samantha’s friend winked at him encouragingly.

“If you will bend over the back of this chair with your hands flat on the seat.” The Limey said in his best take-charge manner.

“Ooh Roger Moore, I love it.” Samantha squeaked as she draped herself confidently bottom up over the back of the chair as she had been told.

At this her friend stepped forward and whisked down her bikini bottoms and pulled them off.

“Karen.” Samantha squealed.

“Might as well go the whole hog and this way you will have to stay in place or give us all a show.” Karen grinned.

The Limey addressed himself to the lovely Samantha’s bottom. She was quite athletic and her buttocks were firm and well defined even as she bent.

“You have waited a long time to get caned by an Englishman haven’t you?” The Limey said.

“I have always thought it would be OTK with his hand.” Samantha countered. “But I am not getting younger so I’m game.”

“You know I am going to have to do this properly don’t you?”

“I guess.”

“We’ll try six of the best first.”

The others stayed silent as the first stroke left a thin white line across Samantha’s firm bottom. She on the other hand squeaked.

The Limey waited as the white line became pink and then deep red and began to swell a little at the edges into tramlines. Then he laid on another stroke.

Samantha jumped at this and squeaked again.

The third was worse for her and she had to dip her knees and suppress a little dance of pain. There were now three sharp lines standing proud on her bottom.

“OK. This is worse than I thought.” Samantha said as she blew out hard as if cooling some soup.

She stayed silent for the fourth stroke but began banging on the seat of the chair with her hand before letting out a long delayed wail.

The Limey waited for a while before laying the last two across her behind in quick succession and it was all Samantha could do to stay in place. The others broke into clapping and cheering as the Limey took a bow.

Samantha stayed in place, conscious of her nudity, blazing hot and red at both ends.

“I suppose you have had enough.” The Limey said with an edge of disappointment.

“I’ll take six more on one condition.” Samantha offered. “That you come back to my beach house afterwards and put some cream on my sore bottom.”

“I accept.”

The second set of six was as tight as the first and although a good sport, Samantha was weeping a little at the end.

“Well gentlemen I will have to leave you for now.” The Limey said with a smile. “I hope you don’t have too many hard cases.”

“Just one Dude and I can handle her.” The Dude said crooking his finger at Karen.

“Oh come on.” Karen squirmed and backed away.

“Don’t forget to take her bottoms down.” Samantha said as she was pulling hers back on.

As the Limey and Samantha walked away they could hear Karen yelping as she got her spanking.

“Come back later dudes we can party on down to some sounds.” The Dude called out after them. Then he addressed himself to a whole different rhythm.

“Much later.” Samantha whispered. “I still haven’t been over the knee of my dashing Englishman yet.”

“Is that before or after the first aid?” The Limey asked.

“Oh after definitely.” Samantha winced.


5 Responses to “The spanking tent”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    This sounds like it really could have happened. Only in America!

  2. Don’t know if it really could have happened or if it would have lasted for long LOl. But i would love to find a beach that does have a spanking tent.

  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Cookie’s comment shows that there’s a market for this “service”. How long before such “providers” are a regular feature of holiday beaches worldwide?

  4. 4 Sylvie

    Cookie, I fully agree. Same for me.
    Would be interesting to go there with a friend so that I had to watch something too 😉


  5. 5 DJ

    I saw a documentary about a guy who set up a tent so he could photograph girls bottoms. Lots of women did it – even married women.

    Then of course there are spanking booths at festivals like the burning man.

    I heard third hand about an English guy on holiday had come across some guy had set up a spanking tent on a beach in California.

    It inspired me to write this story.

    Thanks for all the feedback DJ

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