A conversation on a train


“Do you think I was right to spank her?”

“I don’t know. I am not sure if it sends the right message.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well OK she was bullying her sister, but haven’t you just shown her that being bigger is the only justification by spanking her?”

“I agree totally.” Said the third woman.

“Agree with what? I was just saying maybe.”

“I don’t mean that. I was right to spank her for bullying, but I was wondering if she wasn’t too old. Anyway I am not bigger than her.”

“How old is she?” Asked the third woman.


“Nineteen. Oh I didn’t realise.”

Then there was a long silence.

“She lets you spank her?”

“Well yes. She said sorry afterwards and said I was right to spank her. I was just thinking about it afterwards. I am not sure it was such a good idea now.”

“I don’t get this.” Said the third woman. “If she doesn’t mind and she isn’t a child, then I suppose its up to you both. Anyway this is my stop.”

“What exactly did she say?” Said the second woman once the third woman was gone.

“What do you mean?”

“Well it is a bit odd. She was OK about all this?”

“It was all a bit spur of the moment to be honest. I was so cross. But afterwards she said I did the right thing and it was good for her. But she asked me not to tell her father.”

“Will you?”

“I don’t know.” The woman shrugged.

“What happened? I mean how did you?” The second woman wasn’t sure how to ask. “Did you spank her over her clothes?”

“At first, then her skirts got pulled up.”

“So it was on her knickers?”

“I pulled them down. She sort of lifted herself up halfway through. I don’t know, she sort of helped.” The first woman blushed. “God her bum was red.”

“Did she cry?”

“Afterwards a bit.”

Neither woman spoke for a minute.

“It sounds like it was fun.”

“It was rather.”

Both woman started giggling.

They got off at the next stop.


One Response to “A conversation on a train”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Fact or fiction? I know it sounds totally like it could have happened.

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