Honour thy father


“Miss Templeton I had an arrangement with your father.” William Sturbridge said.

“I know nothing about any such arrangement. I presume you have something in writing?” Alice Templeton replied, returning a confident stare.

“You know I have no such thing. Your father and I had a verbal agreement.”

“Well there you are then. Why should I be held to an alleged agreement when you have no proof?”

“Miss Templeton you were there that day. You know I am speaking the truth. If you don’t advance me the agreed loan then my factory will close and 300 people will be out of a job. Its only £100,000, you must be worth 100 times that.”

“I vaguely remember that you called at the house a few weeks before my father died, but I can’t possibly be expected to remember the details of all my father’s business arrangements. Really it is too much.”

A small smirk played about Alice Templeton’s lips as she flicked her eyes over her perfectly manicured nails. Then she offered him a smug little pout and said: “was there anything else Mr Sturbridge?”

“No Miss Templeton. I believe that is all.” William said with a growl turned to go.

“Not such the big man now, are we?” Was Alice’s parting shot.

William did not dignify her comment with an answer but walked briskly to the door. Once upon a time Arthur Templeton had worked for his grandfather, but that had been 20 years before. Now the Sturbridge’s were not the force they once were in the town and the Templeton’s stock was rising.

It was a pity that the beautiful Alice Templeton hadn’t inherited any of her father’s sense of honour, along with all that money, William thought as he left.

He got a grim satisfaction from driving rapidly down the country lane back to his office; perhaps today he would crash it. He usually liked to drive, but all he could think about then was that this was probably the last time he would race his jaguar before it was repossessed by the bank.

“Hell the car doesn’t matter.” He said aloud as he thought on 300 jobs and five generations of Sturbridge’s making farm implements in the town that still bore the family name.

In the days that followed, he did all that he could to raise the cash. The only other credible deal he could put together was to sell the factory for the land value. That would save his house and even the car, but the jobs would be gone.

“Bill sometimes a man’s got a do what, well you know.” Baxter his friend and foreman said with a shrug. “You tried, but now you should save yourself.”

William returned a tight smile, saying nothing. There was nothing more he could say.

Then while he was in town to try one more time at the bank, he saw Alice Templeton gliding the down the high street on the way back from her hairdressers. She wore elegant clothes and jewels that probably cost almost as much as he wanted to borrow. As she sashayed over to her Aston Martin, she gave him a sideways look of disdain, like he was something she had trodden in. Part of him wanted to smash that smug face of hers, but just looking at her stirred something else in him that he did not want to think about.

As she drove off, he decided to follow her on a whim. Perhaps he thought he could make her change her mind?

She drove to a small country inn where a man was waiting for her in the garden. William parked up on the far side of the road to watch. The conversation between Alice and her man-friend was short and heated. She actually slapped his face before he left. Then for just a moment, he thought she might cry, but instead she waved arrogantly at the waiter and ordered a drink.

He watched her for a while until she left and so he followed her.

What surprised him was that she drove to a small house in the woods. He had been here before he realised, it was James Templeton’s old house, Alice’s grandfather. He had been a great friend with his own grandfather.

“What is she doing here?” William wondered aloud. “The house hasn’t been lived in for years.”

Curiosity getting the better of him, he left his car and walked up to the open door and called out.

“Miss Templeton?”

There was no answer so he walked in.

He found her sitting on a bed in a room at the top of the stairs.

“Miss Templeton?”

She looked up startled.

“What do you want?” She said imperiously. “Need somewhere to live? I expect you do you dead beat.”

“You really don’t know when to shut up do you?” William said sadly. “I came to see if you would reconsider that loan offer and honour your late father’s wishes. If not for my sake, but for the 300 people who will be out of a job.”

She stood up suddenly and as she did so, she threw something on to the bed. William was puzzled to see that it was an old hairbrush.

“Why should I give them anything or you come to that? What do I get? Everyone leaves me. I never have anything.” She raged.

“I am sorry for your loss and I have obviously caught you at a bad time. But Miss Templeton I really do not have time to wait. Will you please lend me that money? For the sake of my people, I will even beg. Doesn’t that satisfy your pride?”

“That’s right beg.” She sneered. “I would love to see that.”

“Alright.” He breathed. “Please will you honour your father’s loan agreement? Please.”

“No.” She spat and slapped him hard across the mouth.

He jerked back at the shock.

“Men.” She screamed. “You are all the same. Now get out.”

“Miss Templeton I am going to do something that should have been done a long time ago.” William said through his teeth as he took a step forward.

“Get out.” She shouted again punching his chest with both fists.

He sat down on the bed, dragging her across his lap as he went.

“What are you doing?” She gasped, panic edging her voice.

“I am going to give you a bloody good spanking you self-centred brat.” He growled.

With that he swept his arm down and spanked her hard on the seat of her tight pencil skirt.

“You can’t do this.” She wailed as he spanked her again.

She struggled across his lap as a rain of swats landed imparting a healthy sting to her bottom.

“You can’t do this. I’ll have you. I’ll sue. I’ll.” She protested.

“Is that a fact?” He barked. “Then I might as well get my money’s worth.”

He grabbed the hairbrush and began spanking her again. This time she uttered a string of oaths and began choking and spluttering. He took no notice but spanked on until the spluttering broke into hiccoughing sobs.

“You bastard.” She heaved.

But the fight had gone out of her and she lay limp and sobbing over his knee.

At last he stopped and cast the brush aside and pulled her up.

“My grandfather used to spank me with that brush.” She sobbed. “Twelve years ago was the last time. My father never did. I always thought he didn’t love me enough. I thought I hated my father. I never told him that I loved him.”

Then she collapsed into sobbing again.

“Is that why you refused me the loan?” William said.

“Yes.” She whispered.

William nodded.

“Can I get you something? Some water? A telephone to call the police? A cheque book perhaps?” He added the last hopefully.

“In the cupboard under the stairs is something hanging from back of the door. Bring it here.” She said, some of her poise returning.

“Say please.”

“Please.” She smirked.

He went down stairs and found the cupboard. On the back of the door was an old school cane. Puzzled her lifted it from its hook and went back to the bedroom.

She was half-naked kneeling on the floor bending across the bed. He swallowed at her exposed beauty, admiring the taught firm buttocks she presented.

“Sometimes my grandfather used to take sterner measures with me. I always deserved it. I deserve it today don’t you think?” She breathed.

“I am not sure.” He began his answer.

“A thousand pounds a stroke shall we say. Please I need this.” She spoke proudly offering him a defiant glare. Then added with a note of sarcasm. “If not for me then for those 300 poor people.”

That was enough for him. He brought the cane down with a will.

She grunted and gripped the bed hard. Then he struck again. She gasped and thrust out her bottom at him.

The caning went hard and slow. She broke around 12 and at twice that she was positively vocal. He didn’t count, but by the time he reached around 50 her bottom was quite a mess and she was a puddle of submission.

“I think that is enough.” He said firmly.

She didn’t speak but only nodded. Then after a good long cry she said: “I’ll take those on account, but if you want your money you will have to promise me a return match.”

“My pleasure.” He breathed.

They didn’t speak much after that and he left her to dress as he returned the cane to its hook. Then as she limped to her car, grimacing at each step she said: “My grandfather used to make me stand in the corner afterwards.”

“I’ll remember that next time.” He smiled.

“Oh my.” She said ruefully as she handed him his cheque. “I bet you will.”


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