Opening Pandora’s box: that first spanking trigger


Back in December there was a post that asked: That first foray into spanking, when did you know?

This was a brief collection of reminiscences from various sources about when people first knew they were a spanko. However, although quite a lot of material was collected for that article, it was mostly lost after a computer crash. Then the other day another chance find online of material in the same vein lead to the notes being rediscovered.

So here they are in no particular order.

My older stepsister was always taken out back to be spanked by her father. My mother didn’t hold with it so I always got off Scot free. As far as I know he always used a short flat piece of wood which was firmly applied at length to the seat of her jeans or skirt.

This happened to her form the time we all lived together, when she was 14 until long after I left home at 21. When she would have been 23. Although by then, it was a very rare event for her.

One day when I was about 17, I decided to find out what exactly happened in the shed out back when she was spanked. I had asked her over the years and as we shared a room, I had even seen her bare bottom when it was still red. But I could never get her to talk about it.

So I decided that I would hide out and watch next time she was for it. When the chance came, I hid in an old wardrobe in the shed. Sure enough in came my stepfather and my stepsister and as I thought, he bent her over the tool bench. Then with a slat of wood as a paddle her stood behind her and spanked her about as hard as he could on her seat. She grunted at each impact and after quite a while started to cry. He stopped a bit after that and she ran out of the shed to our room for a good cry a she always did.

Then to my horror, my stepfather said I could come out.

I had never been so embarrassed in my life.

He said something like: “So you want to know what a spanking is like do you?”

I must have muttered something like “I didn’t mean any harm.”

“Let’s see if we can help you.” I think he said.

The next thing I am in my stepsister’s position and the wooded slat is blasting against my bottom. I was a lot less stoic than she was and I was soon shouting my head off. Of course, mum came running and an almighty row ensued.

I ran to my room to join my stepsister in a good cry and nothing was ever said about it after. But once I was alone I could not help looking at my red bottom in the mirror and ever since I have been interested in spanking.

This brief clip from Stephanie was found ages ago on a board.

I knew my friend Louise was spanked as a child and even when we were 16, I knew that it still happened. Then one day I was around her house and we slipped off to her room for a crafty fag as we often did. Only this time we were caught.

I had to watch while Louise’s dad pulled her dress up and yanked down her knickers and began to spank her right in front of me. Then once she was crying he dumped her on the floor and stormed out taking my cigarettes.

Louise mum knew they were mine and said she didn’t want me to come round anymore and that she would tell my mum in case she didn’t know I smoked. Even Louise told me to get lost, which was unfair, but I think she was embarrassed because I watched her getting spanked.

I started to cry and beg, mostly about not seeing Louise again, although I really didn’t want my dad to know I smoked. He would have grounded me for a year.

Then Louise’s mum said: “Oh you silly girl.”

She grabbed me pulled down my jeans and knickers and gave a spanking like Louise had had.

Afterwards, even though it hurt and I was so embarrassed, it was nice to be in Louise’s room with her to cry and compare our red bottoms.

Later we had tea and her mum was really nice. I promised never to smoke again and she decided not to tell my parents. I kept my promise, but Louise mum spanked us both sometimes until we finished college.

I always got a strange warm feeling after a spanking, but I did not connect it to sex until years afterwards.

Tom’s spanking odyssey began in the 1950s.

I was dating Cary, a freshman girl from our college and she used to live in a college house that was run by a housemother. I knew that sometimes Cary was sometimes spanked, but at the time, this was not unusual and I didn’t think much about it.

Then one day we were late back from a date because of car trouble and the housemother was waiting for us. I tried to explain, but although the woman seemed OK about it, I knew Cary was in trouble so I just left.

When I got to the car, I found Cary’s purse and ran back with it. I couldn’t find anyone so I just ran it up to Cary’s room. When I got there, her door was open and I heard a commotion going on inside so I went to the door and saw Cary over the housemother’s knee getting a spanking. They were both turned away from me and I had a good view of Cary’s bare bottom, man was it red. I should have left but I couldn’t help it. I stayed until the spanking was almost finished and then slipped away with the purse to return it the next day.

Cary never mentioned it afterwards and I could think of no way to bring the subject up, but the whole scene played on my mind.

Then weeks later I saw a picture in a magazine of a young girl over an old woman’s lap getting a spanking. I got quite aroused by it and bought the magazine. Ever since I have sought out stories and pictures on this subject and once I found a girl who would take a spanking I married her.

2 Responses to “Opening Pandora’s box: that first spanking trigger”

  1. 1 Da Prof

    I always feared real spankings from my mother, who used a plastic Fuller hairbrush with a curled back that had two ridges on it and felt like fire after the very first swat.

    I well remember spank play with other kids.

    The primal scene was I got the practice teacher to put me over her lap and give me a pretend spanking.

    Had I had any doubts before then, after that day I knew I was hard-wired as a spanko for life.

    [This post has been edited for content]

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