US college women run afoul of Caribbean flogging laws


Whilst doing some research into something else this was discovered. It came from a news round-up dated several years ago claiming to be about an event that took place on York Island in the Caribbean in May or April 2005. It all seems a bit unlikely, but as it was not read until after it was downloaded, the original source couldn’t be found again. If anyone knows more or can say that this is a hoax then please do. No A Voice in the Corner April fool this time.

The story as found, believe it or probably not:

Nine young bikini-clad college students on the island for spring break festivities will likely be eating their meals standing up for the next several days. They received corporal punishment authorized by a law passed last year that prescribes its use for youthful offenders accused of underage alcohol possession and other offences. This group of 18 and 19 year old young women were arrested when police were called to investigate a noisy gathering on Walker Beach the night of May 13.

The girls had all been drinking, and numerous opened and opened containers of alcohol were found at the scene. The young ladies all became very profane and abusive when taken into custody,” said a police official.

They were held in custody overnight and brought before Justice Marilyn Sanford the next day, still clad in the scanty bikinis they were wearing when arrested.

Judge Sanford sentenced them all to heavy fines and lengthy jail sentences, then suspended all those penalties with the stipulation that they receive corporal punishment, to be carried out immediately.

“This is the usual procedure in most cases like that”, said a court spokesperson.

Judge Sanford lectured the young ladies sternly, pointing out that it seemed like college students from the US thought they could come to the Caribbean resort and do as they pleased, that the laws did not apply to them.

She stated that her sentence was customary for resident youth charged with that offence and that it would be unfair to make an exception for visitors.

This is the first instance where the “Spanking Law” as it is generally known was applied to non-resident youth. In fact, records indicate that it has become rare in cases involving local youth, as apparently the deterrent factor has produced has produced a very sharp decline in such cases among local youth.

Unlike the better-known use of caning in Singapore, corporal punishment here is not regarded as brutal, and does not cause serious or permanent damage.

It is administered to the buttocks with a wooden paddle,” like they used to use in schools or in the home by parents. Its a spanking, not a flogging.” explained a penal official.

The young women were taken to the Women’s Correctional Facility to receive their paddling carried out by female staff.

“The policy is that no clothing is normally removed for the paddling. In this case, however, the girls had very little on to start with. All their bikinis were very skimpy, partially baring their bottoms, and a couple girls were wearing thong bikinis that exposed their entire butts,” said Facility Director Polly Fawcett.

The standard number of strokes for the alcohol offence is 50; however, Judge Sanford ordered 50 additional strokes for each because of their disorderly behaviour, especially their “foul language and cursing” directed at the arresting officers and at the detention centre staff where they were held overnight.

“They thought they’d get off paying a fine, using their parents money, no doubt,” said one police officer.

The paddlings are carried out with only a court representative and correctional staff present. However, the sounds of the paddles could be heard
along with the “Yelling, screaming, and crying of the girls” said a jail worker who was in an adjoining area.

However, it was apparent they had been severely punished when they emerged from the punishment chamber. All were crying loudly, and the physical evidence showed the results of the paddle. All of them displayed dark red swollen areas of skin below their bikini bottoms and the two clad in thongs carried two red mounds with numerous visible blisters when seen closely.
They presumably returned to their guest facility, likely seeking some cream or salve for their badly scorched posteriors.

One person witnessing their departure remarked “I hope they have a mantelpiece where they are staying, they’re going to have to eat off one for awhile.

One thing is likely. These young ladies have surely learned a lesson, and it will undoubtedly discourage other spring break visitors from lawbreaking.

Several of the young women who ran afoul of the York Island “Spanking Law” later told of their experience and all agree that it was extremely painful and something they wouldn’t want to undergo again.

“Its barbaric” said Jessica, 18, a University of Florida student who was paddled with two of her friends from there.

“I had never felt such pain or underwent such humiliation. Everyone’s spring break was, like, totally ruined. We couldn’t sit down for the next four days, and it was still painful to sit the following week when we went back to school. I didn’t even go to class the first couple days back. I didn’t want to be seen with the pillow I had to sit on, in the classroom.”

Lynette, 19, who was one of three paddled totally without protection due to the thong bikinis they were wearing spoke of even more discomfort.

The Wake Forest University student said she was unable to sit during the entire remainder of spring break week, “and despite the embarrassment, I had to carry a pillow around campus to sit for the next couple of weeks. It was degrading, humiliating, what they did.”

Lisa, a 19-year-old University of Maryland student who also received her paddling in a thong, reported a similar experience, “and my roommate wasn’t much better off. Her bikini wasn’t a thong, but it didn’t have a lot of rear coverage either.”

All the young women agreed that if they had known what would happen to them, they would have not violated the law. All also said they would never return to the island.

“I’ll go some place else, Cancun maybe, where they don’t spank.” Lynette said.

20 Responses to “US college women run afoul of Caribbean flogging laws”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Fantastic tale in more ways than one. Srsly, any holiday country that tried such a gambit would likely see a striking decrease in future tourism as a result. Not that I wouldn’t believe such a thing possible in some of the more strict Islamic-rule countries of the world!

  2. 2 Rollin

    For a more expanded version of this fantasy see a story I wrote years ago called Island Justice. You can find it on usenet or on the spankinglibrary site.

  3. 3 DJ

    Hi Rollin

    Is this your story?

    Smiles: I just strolled upon it assumed it was a fake but tought peeps might enjov.

    What name in the spanking Library? Will amend the link accordingly. Thanks for the feed back. 🙂


    I will search- story telling is our game so happy to credit.

    What a happy result! I love to know how these things get started!


  4. 4 Colin

    Perhaps we could ask Nu-West to make a film of it?
    It was a great story made better by the thought that it might be true.

  5. 5 Rollin

    Not my story–I thought you wrote it. Hey, maybe it’s true (but I doubt it). My story was patterned after two movies I saw “Brokedown Palace” and “Return to Paradise”. I’m currently intrigued with the theme of characters accepting punishment to shield someone else or as part of a more noble cause. I have about 10 stories in production right now but I want to find the right outlet for release. Not sure Spankinglibrary is it.

  6. 6 js666

    Great story, but … can anyone find “York Island” on the map?

  7. 7 DJ

    If you want to believe it could be true I did find some other real world references to a York Isalnd in the Carribean, I checked! Lol.

    I am still not convinced the story is true though, if only becasue I am sure it would have made the news at the time. But I have heard that some islands in the Carribean still use CP for youth offenders. But hey maybe that isn’t true either. Lol

    You pay your money and take your choice.

    Thanks one and all for the suggestions.


  8. 8 Robert

    Great story. I also wonder bout it’s authenticity. I think it would have been a major news story. It would have been nice to have a little more detail on how the paddlings were carried out. Were the girl’s put face down on a punishment table or perhaps made to stand against the wall. As the story go’s I’m sure there was a lot of crying as those wooden paddles cracked across those tender 18 and 19 year old bottoms. Wish I had been there.

  9. 9 Robert

    So, those of us who thought this story might be fake were right. I just searched York Island in the Caribbian “spanking law” and this story came up. The author claims it is a spoof based upon a similiar story he saw in a now defunct spanking magazine. So, I guess no 18 or 19 year old girl’s were paddled for underage drinking in the Caribbian after all. Still great story though.

    • 10 DJ

      Hi Robert

      >So, those of us who thought this story might be fake were right.

      That would almost everyone. Lol

      Thanks for that Robert. Nice to have the info.


  10. 11 Robert

    For anyone here that likes the women’s reformatory setting I have a story posted on under literature. Near the bottom titled “25 Swats Fully Unclothed”
    It tells what happens to a nineteen – year old female resident when alcohol isfound in her room. Hope you enjoy.

  11. Great story! Am considering illustrating it at:

  12. 13 Robert

    Hello Poser Artist. You have a very nice webste. Great artwork. Perhaps you cold illustrate my story “25 Swats Fully Unclothed”

  13. If one breaks the rules of an international country that you are visiting, you must obey their laws, This applies to anyone visiting the West Indies, or the Middle Eastern countries. So the government of these countries, had every right to corporal discipline these naughty ladies. I only regret that I was’nt their wielding the implements of pain upon these naughty law breacking damsels. For I sure would have loved to use a birchrod, cane, or whip on their tender bare bottoms.

  14. 15 George

    If they were raised by strict parents, they would never get such a lesson!

  15. 16 Redskinluver

    So someone actually thought this might be a real newstory!
    I wrote this back then when I was just getting my feet wet so to speak, writing spanking stories for different sites with various nics.
    This story was inspired by the wonderful Yahoo group BaredAffair, a spoof F/F spanking magazine(one now sadly inactive), and was written as fiction and never once purported to be r/l. Its now over at the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction.

  16. 17 George

    Hope all parents were eady to do the same, every time is needed.

  17. 18 George

    Hope all parents were ready to do the same, every time is needed.

  18. very nice story.. also I read quite similar stories from plus they have one very interesting book with these kind of stories

  19. Oh if only this were true, but on Googling it seems that the Carribean actually has ver lax underage drinking laws.

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