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This is Spanking Bloggers Network day, enjoy. The Spanking Bloggers Network is a collection of spanking bloggers who have chosen to gather together to promote individual blogs. The main differences from other such portals is that promotes contacts between other members of the Network. It is also a not-for-profit set-up, so each of the members […]

The bus was late, typical. The buses never ran on time when it was raining. It was particularly irksome to Emma because she wanted to get home and finish her book. It crossed her mind to read at the bus stop but the shelter was inadequate and the old woman who was also waiting kept […]

This snippet was dredged up from somewhere, lets assume it is a real life memoir, perhaps it is? When I was a boy my mother married a clergyman, this was the 1950s and a very much more innocent time. The vicar already had two daughters, both much older than I. I was about 11 and […]

Angela’s story continues. When I later told David about my encounter with Nan and Alex he had no sympathy for her. “I would not advise ever trying anything like that yourself.” He said sternly. But I didn’t mind I still had fond memories of Nan’s predicament. We were not to see Nan and Alex for […]

Spring has sprung and the sound of willow and leather can be heard against flesh. A few slaves are led on leashes through the throng interspersed with gothic knights and the occasional transvestite, although the majority of people are in street clothes and are much more intent on their beer, sandwiches and the merchandise. But […]

It has been exactly seven months since the launch of this site and we have had 200,000 visitors. So many thanks for all your support and interest. To date it has won one award and has been nominated for another, so it must be getting something right. There has been some recent discussion about there […]

This weeks story schedule has been set back a bit as most of them are incomplete or still in note form. It is evidentially quite hard work and being under the weather is a real barrier. However, quickly now for all conscious thought is slipping away, whilst doing the hypochondriac thing of searching for remedies […]

Some DJ Black stories are now available for free on the Spanking Library (registration required). There are almost 7,000 stories indexed here, including some by the late Alex Birch and Benson. Most DJ Black stories will appear here first but, there will be some original stories in time. The library also includes serials drawn together […]