Spanking as therapy


The Libertine, staring Johnny Depp, was seen on British TV recently and in it was a scene where Depp poses as a doctor who offers whipping to his women patients as a bona fide treatment. (See picture above).

In light of genuine experience as a mentor and having recently encountered several other young ladies in need (see Sometimes a girl linked opposite), some research was done.

It seems that flagellation by doctors has been practiced throughout history and as the Libertine depicts, was most prevalent in Restoration England at the end of the 17th century.

Even as recently as the 21st century Russian scientists from the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia, made a sensational report at the international conference devoted to new methods of treatment and rehabilitation in narcology.

This report was widely published:

The report was called “Methods of painful impact to treat addictive behaviour.”

Siberian scientists believe that addiction to alcohol and narcotics, as well as depression, suicidal thoughts and psychosomatic diseases occur when an individual loses his or her interest in life. The absence of the will to live is caused with decreasing production of endorphins – the substance, which is known as the hormone of happiness. If a depressed individual receives a physical punishment, whipping that is, it will stir up endorphin receptors, activate the “production of happiness” and eventually remove depressive feelings.

Russian scientists recommend the following course of the whipping therapy: 30 sessions of 60 strokes on the buttocks in every procedure. A group of drug addicts volunteered to test the new method of treatment: the results can be described as good and excellent.

it is not only in the Russia where this kind of treatment has a following. A brief search revealed no less than seven such medical practitioners in the US alone.

One reported:

Spanking therapy are regular therapy sessions where spanking is used as a tool to reinforce positive behaviour. Spanking therapy is only effective when the one receiving the therapy has expressed a need for it. This need is felt by a small percentage of people, and spanking therapy should not be used by those who have not expressed such a need.

Have the spankee get to the state of undress you have agreed upon (usually bare-bottom, but may be underpants if nudity is an issue), and put her into the position for spanking (over the knee, bent over the bed, etc.). Then calmly explain what she is being spanked for and what needs to be done to avoid it in the future.

Deliver the spanking with no games. Having her counting licks and verbal chants like “please sir may I have another” can offer a distraction and divert attention away from the spanking and reduces its effects. Ideally the spanking should be given in silence, allowing the smacking sound to be the only noise. An audible reinforcement of the discipline. You should only speak to give necessary commands, such as adjusting the spankee’s position if she has moved.

After the spanking, you should hug the spankee and have her thank you for the discipline. Any misdeeds have now been forgiven, and a quick reminder of the week’s goals should be given.

On another online spanking consultancy a client asks her mentor:

“I am wondering if a spanking for most spankee’s has to be brutal to be effective? For me, when it is more towards brutal I loose any meaning of what I did, and what the spanking is to do for me. All I have my attention on is the pain. I do not feel I need to be badly bruised, and so sore I can not even stand without discomfort. I do not need lasting bruises or pain to be effective.”

“For me the most effective spanking is bare bottomed, over the knee with a hand or belt and a stern lecture with pauses to think and respond. Corner time gives me a break from being spanked, and that is all it does for me.”
Her mentors answer:

“You described it well. Spanking is an entire experience. The scolding, admonishment, lecturing, spanking, corner time, more spanking, and aftercare and reassurance. Often, the sense of disappointment alone is enough to motivate someone to behave better next time.”

“On rare occasions someone will request a very harsh punishment devoid of a lot of lecturing, but this is the exception.”

It must remembered that the primary driver for this is on some level erotic and this level of submission can have profound psychological effects so the inexperienced must proceed with caution.

43 Responses to “Spanking as therapy”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Sarah Gregory writes about asking for and receiving therapeutic spankings, for instance at a recent Shadowlane meet. Seems real enough for her. And what reason would she have to lie or mislead us about her therapeutic experiences?

  2. 2 DJ

    I am quite sure.

    I know there is truth in this – but all the same there is an element of quackery from some. Lol.

    But yes you are write as I well know.

    Thanks for joining the debate.


    • 3 Kricket

      Wondering if you’re still around DJ… I have read through most of the comments, and can’t figure out if you’re in Portland or not. I’m a 22 year old female. In need of a disciplinarian. Been scouring the internet trying to find someone in or close to Portland Oregon. I can be contacted at

      • 4 DJ

        No Kricket – I am based in London. sorry. 😐

        Angela was looking for someone in Portland Oregon. I am sure you’ll get lucky – but be careful.

        Try sometimes a girl for a safe community start. 😉

  3. 5 pevey66

    dose spanking therapy work? how do you find a pro therapist to do it?

    • 6 DJ

      Hi Pevey

      I have no idea if it works.

      I do know a few young ladies who find it very therapeutic – but I would proceed with caution if I were you.


  4. 8 norman locke

    Is spanking therapy real? Where can I find spanking therapits? I see articles about it but no where to get it..plase advise…

  5. 9 norman locke

    Iam interested in whether spanking therapy exists and where…Who can I apply to for spanking therapy>

    • 10 DJ

      I only handle young ladies sorry.

      I have no contacts for you.

      Search online.


    • Check the Internet under Google. I am a male spankologist that has been in business for over 35 years in Los Angeles, California. Google DoctorDonthebspsnkologist,if you are going to be in the area or are.

  6. I’m a smart, clean professional guy that is seeking to improve my working and private life by achieving some goals I have set and work my way out of some bad habits – financial, study, housework etc – I have got into. To do this I am seeking a lady who is willing to offer accountability in these areas and administer punishment for any failures to improve. In the past, this has involved fortnightly meetings where I could report on successes and failures followed by any punishment agreed on. This is not sexual or kinky in any way and you won’t be burdened with all my ‘issues’ (we all have them). I aren’t looking for a councilor or a dominatrix. Just someone who is willing to help me. Looks/body type/age etc are completely not important, in fact ideally I would prefer an older lady to reassure both parties of it’s completely platonic. This is a legitimate form of psychological therapy (Google it). I’ve found this really works for me in the past and am desperate to get myself sorted out. Please help me be a better man. A suitable fiscal acknowledgment of my gratitude would be given to suitable candidates.

    • hello inversion table on February 5th 2011,, do you still need someone to work on, that needs to set goals? are you in the Portland, Oregon area?

  7. 14 Frenchie

    let’s put it this way. the best part of this is you final lines. “some”, not all, addicts will ask for and received a treament which involves non only production of endorphins, but submission and erotic situation. and a regular ritual.

    but not all, so the ones who will get the cure are the ones who wishes to be cured.
    the problem is, of course, the others… those who will never ever consider this or any kind of treatment

    and moreover, being corporal treatment or placebo, whatever you can imagine would work because the first ones want to be taken care of.

    in other words, they will get a RELATIONSHIP and attention. and rituals (ie organisation)

    and if you search a little with much of the “patients”, and even with what you call “a fewe youg ladies”, the therapeutic aspects is well overrated
    production of endorphins in not a cause but an effect, that is rediculous to call it the hormone of happiness. It’s a reaction to a stressful situation that produce a natural relieving sensation. endorphins does not cause happiness, it relieves pain !!!

    that’s totally different. it’s like knocking your head on the wall for the sole purpose that when you stop, you fell happy because the pain stops.

    unfortunately, like any kind of treatment, pills or whatever legal medication being, some people won’t react because either they are particularly resistant to pain and stress, or they are not sub and ready to submit.

    the naughty girls often are very willing that someone gives them regular schedule and directions. guess why ? I let you think about it.
    (the fact that you refer yourself as a mentor will help a great deal 😉 )

    so stop thinking about therapeutics. and stop thinking about “sick” people. that’s so easy and driving away the shame of this erotic and submissive situation.

    search in history and you will find that corporal punishments (in public and with moral-hygienistic justification) are often used in times when people where facing drastic changes in the civilization, new issues, crisis and uncertain future.

    most of these people are lost in the current trend of life, lonely -even if they are socialite-, and in search for attention and recognition.

    and to a great extent, dominants are about the same.

    it’s the game. so please, don’t serve us the therapeutic eulogy of spanking.

    just admit it’s good for the blood circulation and a sane relationship for kinky people !

    all the best ! (and excuse my English as it is not my native language)

  8. I just had a friend ask me the other day was this thing called spanking therapy real or was it just something the perverts made up for their pleasure. The truth is it is a real therapy. There are only a few centers that allow the practice due to the controversy that surrounds it. The main states that allow it are New York and California. This is not a therapy for people who want to be spanked for sexual reasons. To give you a better idea of what it is for, I will tell you about it and give you an example. I have been studying it for years because my son had the need for it but there were no centers where we live. If there is not a center around you, you have to seek help from an individual, which can be very hard to do and can be unsafe. It is recommended you find someone you know instead of just looking on social networks.

  9. Hi Teeter,
    I will now tell you what spanking therapy is. It is a controversial therapy where the patient literally feels he or she needs to be physically punished in order to cope with life. They do things that they feel is wrong and they automatically feel like spanking is the only way to help them be ridded of the guilt they feel. It is common in teens and young adults, especially those with forms of autism. Basically they go to the therapist once a week. They tell the therapist what things they have done that week that they feel are spankable offenses. Some people also take extra spanking for motivational goals such as diets and getting jobs. After the verbal discussion, the therapist or the patient either decides how many spankings should be given. The patient then gets into position, usually bent over a desk or chair, and gets to the state of undress, usually bare bottom. The therapist then administers the spanking with whatever implement was decided on as the implement of use, usually a wooden paddle, sometimes holed. After the spanking, the spankee stays bent over with his or her clothes down while the therapist explains how he can correct his behavior. The patient then pulls up his or her clothes and goes on about their business until the next week when they see the therapist again. If the behavior does not improve, the therapist may give harsher spankings either by removing more clothing than was originally agreed upon if not already bare bottomed or by changing the implement to be used. Sometimes the therapist will decide that more spankings need to be given in the session or tell the spankee to come in more often. The theory is that if the spankee does not want to support a sore bottom all the time he or she will act better. Some patients agree to allow extra licks for any falling out of position. Some therapists have a rule that if the patient moves out of position or rubs his or her bottom during the discussion after the spanking the spanking starts over with another discussion at the end. This can leave the spankee with a very sore bottom, but it teaches him or her to obey orders given. These are usually all the extra rules placed. A very harsh rule for male spankees only is that if they get an erection from the spanking they are given 15 extra licks. I will later post on a few examples I’ve read about and would love to hear your story if you go through this therapy or have thoughts you may need it.

    • I am all for corporal punishment a paddle for counseling. I think that 5 swats per buttock should help the person not re affend. Just think what are jails would look like too? It would be empty. I think that if you do something minor wrong, instead of doing jail time, you get paddled by the judge. What do you think?

    • 19 Heidi

      Well said ! I’m just starting therapy with psychotherapist. Today we just talked and next 3 sessions are going to try spanking to see if I like and do well. I’m nervous but anxious. Is everyone the first time or every time you go to your person ?

  10. 23 Frank

    I would like to mention that I have done Spanking Therapy for many years to a great success and it does work for some.

    Many with feelings of guilt ,accountability and etc have benefited from using this method. Women have told me that they even feel a release of pressure after a session which in itself helps one continue on. It doesn’t matter what causes such action but relief from pressure so one can think clearly and feel better about themselves is worth the effort for me.

    The use of spanking therapy for accountability , procrastination and other issues can benefit by knowing that not following guidelines that a sore bottom will be the result. This in itself becomes a detourant as well as motivation to stay on track.

    Discussion with the therapist is always necessary with open channels of feelings and emotions. Listening is very important to really get to the source of the problems and wanting to improve the individual’s life are all part of the process. Spanking is used as a tool to achieve many goals. Never harsh a spanking should ever be given. This takes away all propose as one then focuses just upon the “beating” and not the reason for the spanking. One then never wants a return or wants to continue the program which is set up between the two parties.

    One asked where to find a Spanking Therapist. I may suggest to look at Spanking Therapy at invision zone.
    I’ve also noticed that there is a professional listing if one looks at “I need a spanking” site. I understand that the ones on this list have been checked out.

    Always be ware. Get to know the individual. I suggest keeping a phone back up safety person with whom you need to check in with as well as for them to know where you are.

    • 24 Frank

      The site for “I need a spanking” is called “Spanking Needs”.

    • 27 Angelina

      Frank do you live in Oregon? If you do, could you get a female counselor to do the spanking therapy? Thanks.

      • 28 Frank

        Sorry Angelina

        Unfortunately, I live in Columbus, Ohio

        Good luck and I hope your find what you are needing.


    • 29 Spanker43232

      In working as a Spanking Therapist, I have also found that even though not a goal that Self-Confidence has been developed through the process. Some women have called me a life coach or life changer. Because of the mentoring and spankings ,one becomes more tolerant.

  11. 30 experienced

    Most of the so-called modern treatments have rather specious origins. Among them are surgery and pharmacology. Spanking is among the oldest therapies known to mankind. It was used to treat infertility was well as marital difficulties. It fell out of favor in recent years precisely because it is far more effective:

    * with women than it is with men and

    * when the patent is disrobed and practioner is male.

    Although aficionados may be inclined to debate the subtitles of technique, the rudimentary skills are within the domain of common understanding. That is why, until quite recently, the practice was universal. One of my favorite stories this regard comes from marriage counseling.

    A young wife went to a traditional counselor in search of help for a gambling addiction that was running her marriage. At the end of the initial consultation, the counselor asked the woman to bring her husband to the next counseling session. She obliged.

    With both husband and wife present, the counselor said that he would be more than happy to treat the wife for his usual and customary fee for service. However, professional support and therapy would put an additional strain on the couple’s already stressed finances. Consequently, the counselor suggested that the husband could probably save his pocketbook and his marriage by taking his wife home and giving her what she really needed – a stern fatherly lecture followed immediately by a bare-bottom paddling! Then, he told the wife that, if she had any sense, she’d fully cooperate with her husband.

    Although initially shocked, the couple followed the counselor’s advice, cured the wife’s compulsive gambling after a few sessions, and saved their marriage. In fact, the paddling worked so well that the wife continued to submit to her husband when the thought it necessary.

    The prime perquisite for spanking is that, as the case of the husband and wife described above, is that the man be motivated by what is best for the woman. Failure to abide by this simple rule is probably the leading cause of disparaging accusations made about spanking therapy.

  12. 31 Spanker43232

    I have read that in ancient times that spanking was used to help women get pregnant.

    My wife and I tried for 6 years to have a child. We tried fertility drugs, mapped her time periods and enlisted 2 different doctors. We found that both of us are fine to generate a pregnancy.

    We tried all kinds of tricks besides meds and charts. After reading about spanking from the ancient times we tried it. I good red bottomed spanking.

    Would you know.. my wife conceived and when we found out..we mathematically went back and wouldn’t you know it. It was the same time of the spanking…


    Also, my wife was on fertility pills after our first child and we kept on spanking…wouldn’t you know it…..she conceived again while on the pill. So, we had 2 under the age of 2.

  13. 32 DJ

    Angela – welcome

    I have no idea about Portland – there is a guy in Moscow 😉
    But I doubt if that helps.

    • 33 Rev. Fischer

      Hello, all. You are welcome to read about our take on therapeutic spanking at Spanking for Wellness where we offer transformational positive spanking therapy for health, healing and happiness. We are located in NYC and DC. Enjoy!

      Rev. Fischer

  14. 34 cindy

    Perhaps one day therapeutic bare-bottomed spankings will be covered under medical insurance 🙂


  15. 35 H

    It would be very helpful to know what handle of Dr. Practices do this in the US. Thanks so much

    • 36 DJ

      I am sure it would – if you find out let us know.

      Perhaps Rev Fischer can help.

  16. 37 Michael

    Ive read it all and am all for this and I need it…. Big Problem, I cant seem to find anyone in my area who would be interested giving a Therapeutic Spanking. Iam 1 hour north of SF Calif. Santa Rosa. I would love to hear from all who are close or others who my have suggestions?

  17. I’m looking for someone to give me a spanking session. For my bad attitude need a woman or man to give me a spanking. If any one interested please let me know.

  18. 41 John

    Looking for a spanking therapist in Ireland but I can’t seem to find one. Can anyone help?

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet
  2. 2 Therapy Spanking | The Submission of Elle

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