In the Corner with DJ Black


A while back, a young lady called S contacted DJ and got to talking about how much she liked his stories and how she wished that such things could happen in reality. Then she admitted that she had been less than entirely good and would welcome some advice.

DJ warned her that things, such as she had read, did happen and he was no stranger to giving a guiding hand and for her to be careful what she wished for.

One thing led to another and now S is regularly mentored when she needs it. This story was a gift from S, which she was inspired to write about an early meeting; you can decide how much of it is true.

A trip to Mr Black’s study – by S
After S graduated from high school in Utrecht, she wanted to study English in London. Her father had money and found an excellent language school for her to attend for one year. The London Language Training Centre (LLTC), which some also called the Ladies Language Training Camp, had very high reputation. A high average grade (meaning B or better) at that school allowed young ladies to skip one term at university to start their studies in the best department with the best teachers.

S had the full support of her parents but since she had just turned 19, their only condition was that she moved in with Aunt Gerda, her mother’s sister. Aunt Gerda had moved from Amsterdam to London eight years before after meeting the love of her live, a man who sadly died two years ago. Now she was the only parent raising her two daughters (by a previous marriage) who were both at around S’s age.

S had known them since their childhood and they often spent time together until they moved to London.

After the summer break, S finally and happily moved to London.
School was great. There were, however, a few customs that S had to get used to to. The English seemed to have a specific liking for corporal punishment and S had never been spanked by her parents before. But she was not a complete stranger to that concept because of her Aunt and her cousins and the times she had spent with them in her childhood.

At school there were clear and strict rules and discipline, which were handled in a very formal manner. S didn’t fully understand why – maybe because it was all strange and new to her – but the matters of discipline and punishment very much raised her curiosity. She was a good student and despite her curiosity, she didn’t want to find out about disciplinary measures first hand, she rather wanted to hear about the accounts of others and pictured those accounts in her mind.
After three weeks in school, her English teacher Mrs Hargrove announced that they were going to have a special guest this term. He was an author and publisher and was going to visit the LLTC every other week to teach writing skills. Obviously, he had to be treated with utmost respect as a guest of the school and had the status of a temporary staff member.

The next day DJ Black met the class for the first time. It took the students a few weeks to figure out that he was actually Mrs Hargrove’s neighbour and that was how she knew him. His latest book The Russell Corner was actually spanking fiction. This did not seem strange to Mrs Hargrove in any way since she very much believed in corporal punishment and announced that writing about sensitive topics needed specific writing skills and Mr Black could teach those and give additional background information as a publisher.

At his first visit, Mr Black started reading from a specific chapter of his book that contained explicit spanking scenes. It started with a strict mother giving her 18-year-old daughter Annie a firm extended hairbrush spanking for coming home late the previous night. The poor girl was soon squirming, wiggling and clenching her ankles over her mother’s lap until she couldn’t cope with the pain any longer and the real sobbing started.

While S started to giggle and chat with her neighbour, making fun of the chastised girl, other girls in her class blushed deeply hearing the detailed account and shrunk in their seats getting smaller and smaller. Looking into the class it became clear to Mr Black that some of the girls knew exactly what he was talking about, very likely because most of them still got spanked at home.

He did not know how very true his assumption was. Many identified themselves with Annie in his story and had had similar experiences themselves. There was one girl sitting in the last row with long curly brunette hair and a pretty face. She had on a low-cut white shirt that gave an ample view at her cleavage and hardly hid her full, firm breasts. She was giggling and kept chatting with her neighbour.

Mrs Hargrove was far too consumed by the story to notice what S was doing back there.

While the story went on, Mr Black could see even from that distance that S had started a subtle shifting in her chair and pressed her thighs together. Her tight, short skirt rode up her long legs when she began to cross her legs left-right and right-left…and again and again. While most other girls blushed and felt rather embarrassed, S obviously had other feelings.

While reading, Mr Black kept throwing glances at S. Her female charms didn’t go unnoticed by him, nor did her complete lack of discipline in class. Her overly, undue interest in his story and her lack of self-control – especially when she clasped her hands between her legs at one point, was outrageous.

In contrast, S did not think that anybody had noticed her behaviour and felt by the periodic looks from Mr Black, as if he told his story directly to her, which amplified her feelings as if she was the subject of discipline in the book.

When he was finished reading Mrs Hargrove immediately applauded loudly, apparently excited and impressed by the text. Most students sighed and were glad that this embarrassing lesson was over. However there was time left for questions but most of the girls had red faces, they didn’t want to ask at all, only one hand was raised and that was S’s.

First she wanted to know why the girl got the hairbrush and not a spoon or a Pantoffel (a Dutch wooden shoe) that her Aunt had at home. Mr Black explained the cultural differences and differences in pain levels of different implements, which again raised more questions from S while the other girls started rolling eyes and just wanted her to stop… or rather wanted the floor to open and swallow them.

Mrs Hargrove listened intently too, although she knew all the answers. Fifteen minutes and many questions later when S started asking about corner time Mrs Hargrove had to interrupt because class was over.

S couldn’t stop thinking about Mr Black and this lesson for the rest of the day. She was quite surprised when after lunch the Headmaster called for her and she had to pay him a visit. Luckily she was not in trouble but the Headmaster explained that he had a longer talk with Mr Black earlier who asked about S since she showed specific interest in his literature.

Mrs Hargrove and the Headmaster both told him that S was one of the best students this year. Mr Black left his card and offered to supervise and teach her privately if she wanted to improve her writing skills considerably.

The Headmaster advised S that this was a very rare offer; then handing her the address he told her to go and see Mr Black that afternoon after school at his house.

The Headmaster had already taken measures by calling Aunt Gerda to inform her about that offer, asking for consent and telling her that she would be home later that day.

S’s eyes and mouth were wide open and she didn’t know what to think of it.

On the one hand she was thrilled, very excited but also anxious not knowing what to expect. She actually didn’t pay much attention to the literary aspects of his work but more to the content and his stories. She had never heard about some of the punishments before and they attracted her full interest.

She had trouble focussing on the afternoon classes and the wet spot in her white knickers that had appeared earlier today while listening to the stories didn’t go away either.
Three hours later, she was standing in front of Mr Black’s home and knocking on his door.

Mr Black was delighted to see S, she was standing in front of him for the first time, a tall young woman, in her tight black short skirt and her white top she seemed even prettier than she had that morning in school. He offered her a seat and started explaining why he had invited her.

She had been recommended by Mrs Hargrove and the Headmaster as a very good and eager student, he told her, with only the best grades so far in addition to high recommendations from her former school in the Netherlands.

He had asked Mrs Hargrove to see some of S’s earlier work and saw that she had talent. Obviously, she still had deficits regarding her treasure of words being a non-native speaker. But since she had talent and showed potential and since she wanted to work hard on her language skills, especially her writing skills, Mr Black offered to mentor her.

Mrs Hargrove and the Headmaster were in favour of that idea since they knew that he did excellent work. He had mentored a few girls in the past with great success.

S just sat there with an open mouth. She was told all that without being asked about her own opinion. He added that she had mainly one major problem, which was reflected in all her work. He had watched her this morning and it was obvious that she absolutely lacked discipline. He could not understand why Mrs Hargrove didn’t interfere and discipline her for chatting in class, for not paying proper attention and for lack of respect. S wanted to speak up but he silenced her.

“In addition you have an absolute lack of self control and that was obvious this morning as well.”

S’s face was now flushed and red hot, she gulped but didn’t know what he saw or thought. She felt caught.

He nodded.

“This lack of discipline and self-control can be seen in most of your essays and texts and you will have to work on it if you want to improve your writing skills, S. I cannot mentor you if you are not willing to change that.”

S looked at him with big eyes: “What does that mean, Sir?”

“It means that if you want me to be your mentor, we will have to work on your disciplinary issues.” He paused and let it sink “I am known for using corporal punishment to discipline if necessary.”

S gasped “Oh… you…you mean I would get s… sp… spanked Sir?”

“Yes, you would and most likely more than you think given your recent behaviour, judging from what I have seen today.”

S blushed and gulped but at the same time she felt curious and again felt the sensation between her legs and got nervous and anxious all at the same time.

“You can decide S, I’ll give you a choice. You can stay and get mentored by me for the rest of the year and accept to be punished however and whenever I see fit, OR you can get up and leave and continue school like the other students in your class. There is the door, it is your choice.” He said, pointing to the door and watching her reactions. “Oh, and just for your information – if you decide to stay you will be disciplined right afterwards for your behaviour earlier today in school, which was completely unacceptable.”

S gulped again, she carefully turned around and looked back at the door. She didn’t know what to do. She knew deep down that she probably deserved punishment for her behaviour today. At the same time, she knew that she wanted to improve, to become better than the others in her class and she felt honoured that he saw talent in her. She knew that he would be able to help her improve and that he was a good writer. Much more, she was interested in his stories to hear more about what he had written. That curiosity extended to hearing about disciplinary methods… but she definitely didn’t want to get spanked! She knew that it hurt badly.

She wrung her hands and so many thoughts shot through her mind.

DJ watched the beautiful girl shifting uncomfortably in her chair, this time for other reasons, watching her considering all options. But he knew how she would decide.

“I agree, please mentor me, Sir.” She finally said.

He smiled and nodded.

“Alright. Before we can start we have to discuss your behaviour from this morning, don’t we?”

S looked down coyly, nodding unconsciously. “B..but Sir, … I have never been spanked before” (as an adult she meant but she didn’t say that)

This time DJ’s eyes widened. “Oh, I see, that explains a lot. You should have been and your behaviour would be much better I am sure. I see. We will have a lot of work to do.”
“Please get up.” He rose from his chair behind the desk, went to her and took her armless chair to place it in the middle of the room.

He sat down and looked up at her as she was wringing her hands in front of her.

“Open your skirt, remove it and remove your knickers as well” S’s mouth opened but she didn’t dare to speak, her face was deep red.

Standing directly in front of him, she slowly opened her short black skirt and let it drop, stopped and looked again at Mr Black.

“A spanking is never done on a protected behind and you better get used to it young lady. If you delay further you can expect extra punishment.”

S gulped, he was soo strict with her.

DJ could clearly see the large wet spot in front of S’s white knickers but decided not to say anything about it. He knew that she already had it earlier today and he also knew that he was going to make sure that she would not enjoy what was going to follow. He gave her a very stern look.

She finally bent forward, removed her knickers and stepped out of them biting her lips

“Hands on your head!”

She was completely shaved between her legs and he could see her glistening smooth skin. S had a deep red face with her hands on her head and hoped that he wouldn’t detect her obvious state of arousal.
“Since you are new to this, I will start slowly but will make sure that you remember this punishment. Your behaviour today was completely unacceptable and it is so obvious.” He looked at her again from head to toe, stopping intentionally for a moment with his gaze between her legs. “That you are absolutely lacking self-control and discipline. I will give you a hand spanking first and will add some spice to it to make sure you’ll feel it for a while”

“Off to the corner you go.” He showed her the corner behind his desk and she quickly moved to hide her face and front side.

She had seen that position many times before and knew how to stay there in place, her nose pressed tightly into the corner, feeling extremely embarrassed.
DJ took his time and arranged a few things, preparations for the punishment he intended to give. S was so embarrassed and just wanted to disappear into the ground. She didn’t understand why she was still so wet between her legs in that horrible situation. She hoped the spanking wouldn’t be bad, she wondered how it would be and the longer she had to wait the more nervous she got.

She got more and more anxious and came to a point where she just wanted to shout ‘please spank me and get it over with’ but she stayed in place and waited… and waited… and started to get desperate.

As she stood there, her mentor got some tea and sat in his comfortable chair to watch. He sipped at his tea, this was the first time he had the opportunity to marvel at her body. She had an absolutely stunning figure, long beautiful legs, a spankable full bottom, ample breasts… DJ’s mind drifted and he wondered how many sessions it would take until she had to undress completely for punishment for the first time. Time would tell.
After eight minutes, which seemed like an eternity to S, Mr Black summoned her out of the corner. He went to the armless chair in the middle of the room, sat down and told S to come and get over his knee.

She slowly and carefully placed herself. He put his hand on her back and she finally gave in and put her weight fully on his lap. She had goose bumps on her bottom and he felt how nervous she was.

“Keep your hands to the floor or grab the legs of the chair – if your reach back to protect your bottom we will start over.”

S gulped.

“No kicking of your legs or you will be sorry for it!” He said. “And definitely NO rubbing of your bottom at any point unless I give you permission to.”

S sighed, bit her lip and clenched her cheeks, anxiously waiting for the inevitable.

Having made the rules clear, Mr Black shifted her in position with her bottom being highest and comfortable to spank. Her bottom looked quite fantastic in that position and he smiled to himself imagining how it would look when red all over.

He raised his hand and spanked hard on her left cheek and immediately on the right. S gripped the legs of the chair but it actually didn’t hurt much at first.

As he continued slowly alternating cheeks it started to sting and then a series of spanks followed a bit quicker on her hinds, on her sit spot. Now this burned a bit and S just wanted his hand to move on but he kept spanking there for a while.

It started getting uncomfortably hot and she squirmed a bit, trying to shift her bottom sideways but she realised that his other hand held her hips very firmly in place. She didn’t have any leeway. She suddenly felt like she didn’t have any control, fully realising her situation, panicking a little… first trying to get away by squirming and wiggling her bottom – to no avail because the spanks kept landing and her bottom felt quite hot and stung considerably.

It didn’t feel like in the stories, not at all like in her fantasies, and she completely lost control of the situation. She crossed and uncrossed her ankles as Mr Black focused on the sides of her buttocks and on the lower parts of her cheeks where it stung most. She didn’t feel aroused at all anymore. This really hurt and the spanks kept landing and he didn’t make any attempt to stop.

“Sir, please…” She started whining, started to feel sorry – but in reality she was mainly worried where this was going.

She didn’t imagine a spanking to feel like that and it wasn’t as pleasurable as when she heard about it in detail this morning.

“Sir, I’m sorry….” She tried to squirm, moved her legs, dug her toes into the ground.

DJ felt that he was slowly getting through and kept going at a quicker pace, covering her whole bottom with hard spanks of his flat hand. It hurt his hand but he made sure to get the point across and since it was her first time he didn’t want to start with a harder implement.

S started whimpering, the spanking didn’t stop at all and it hurt so much, stung badly and her bottom felt on fire.

“I’m so sorry Sir, I will be better….”

But he didn’t stop and the spanks landed on her most sensitive sit spots again and again… a few minutes later she finally gave up the fight and started sobbing. He knew he had got through and with a tight grip on her hip gave her a final series of very hard smacks all over her bottom.

She sobbed with tears flowing freely.

That was definitely not the fantasy she had in her mind when thinking about spankings. Her bottom was sooo sore, hot and glowing all over and felt a bit swollen. He admired his handwork … there was a nice red heat all over her admirable behind. He held her firmly in position.

“Your punishment is nearly over young lady… you have been doing well for your first spanking. This was a simple hand spanking and be sure that you will get more next time if you get in trouble again.”

Hearing that S just sobbed more and nodded, “I’ll be good Sir, I promise, I will do better,” as she cried and sobbed.

He didn’t say anything because he knew that she would end up over his lap sooner or later again. He also knew that he was easy on her this time and if the offence warrants he will definitely spank longer past the point when tears start flowing.

He reached back and picked up a bath brush that he prepared earlier.

Without any warning, he quickly gave her six hard swats on her bottom with the bristles side of the brush. By the time she realised it was happening, it was already over and the bristles didn’t add much to her existing pain. She squirmed.

“Stay in position” he said as he reached back, put the bath brush down and picked up a bottle of Tabasco.

“I will give you something to think about and to write about young lady…. something that I am sure would have raised your curiosity had it been in one of my stories but now you’re going to feel it first hand” and with that he started applying Tabasco on her bottom, spreading it carefully and covering her whole backside with a thin film of the spicy fluid.

S didn’t understand what he meant but suddenly felt some much stronger heat and sting rising from her bottom. It somehow felt…. she needed a while to realise… it was not from the spanking and it felt MUCH hotter…. she started squirming “SIR!!!” and her bottom started burning all over….

“SIR!!!” He held her tightly in place.

“Keep your hands in front of you young lady!” He picked up the brush and spanked her with the back of the bath brush on her thighs twice as she tried to reach back to grab her bottom. “OUUCHHHHH”

“Yes, this happens when Tabasco is applied to a sore bottom… I prepared your bottom a bit with the bristles of the brush before spreading it carefully.”

S had real trouble holding still and she could hardly hear what he said, the heat and pain just started increasing to incredible levels.

“From now on I will set writing tasks for you and you will bring in your texts, reports or essays once a week to my office. Same time, same place, every week. I will grade them and we will talk about your shortcomings.” He said. “Your first task will be to write a report about the spanking you got today. I think I gave you something to write about. Is this clearly understood?”

Without thinking about it and being in agony she quickly responded
“YES Sir!!!!” and hoped that he would stop the burning pain in her bum.

“Very good. So be it. Get up young lady, get into the corner and stay there until I will dismiss you.”… “Hands on your head!!”

He got another cup of tea, sat into his comfortable chair and started reading.


This story was published with permission © The Story of S

13 Responses to “In the Corner with DJ Black”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I do believe we see here an example of life imitating art.

    Damien, it seems you’ve conjured this girl into your life with the stuff you’ve posted here over the past few months. Congratulations. I hope you both enjoy the relationship!

  2. 2 DJ

    Thanks Karl

    It purely platonic of course!

    I enjoy her trust and I hope she my guiding hand.


  3. 3 S

    I do, Sir.

    And yes, it is purely about mentoring Karl. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  4. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I hadn’t meant to imply that the two of you were having a romantic relationship as well. I’m sure a spanking relationship is plenty intense.

  5. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    BTW, nicely written story, S. Will it be continued?

  6. 6 DJ

    Hi Karl

    no offence taken just wanted to make it clear.

    There may be a work of fiction from S soon and maybe I will write aboout S under discipline from my perspective one day.


  7. 7 S

    Thanks Karl 🙂 Happy to hear that you liked it, I did my best. It was my first story ever.
    I am working on one called “Living with Aunt Gerda” but it will still take a while to finish.

    Since nobody asked about Tabasco, I wanted to issue a warning to all who consider using it as described in the story….
    DON’T !!!! LOL
    Seriously, it stings and burns badly… and it gets even worse after you’ve gotten permission to wash it off!


  8. 8 Philip

    Hi DJ and S

    Thank you for this blog and for your story, S.

    Very well written indeed. How much is fact and how much fiction …… well I have no doubt that it is fact based and how much is fiction doesn’t matter at all really.

    I found this site from Lottie’s blog site, which you know S I think.

    So I will now read up on other blog postings.

    Thanks again.

  9. 9 S

    Thanks for your comment Philip 🙂
    I am happy that you enjoyed it!

    And yes *blushes* I know that blog.


  10. 10 Kingziba

    What a wonderful story. English literature, spanking and Utrecht (My favorite city aside my hometown) albeit only shortly referenced. Hope you had nice time 😉


  11. 11 scarlet

    S, you are very brave. Much braver than I am. I am just getting to know DJ, but I think he is very strict.

  12. 12 S

    Hi scarlet, oh really? I don’t know if I’m so brave but thanks for the compliments 🙂
    Yes, he really is strict but isn’t that what you’re looking for?
    If you want to get in contact, you can use my proxy email and I’ll get back to you.
    Good luck and enjoy!!

    • 13 scarlet

      Hi S, I think I’ll just read the stories for now, but thank you for your offer. That was very sweet of you!

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