The beach bums and the clubhouse rules


The four of them made their way along the beach as they headed towards the day-tripper car park. Three of the girls were smirking and trading significant glances as they gently shoved the fourth girl along.

“Oh come on guys we don’t have to go this far.” She wailed.

“You know that we do Carol.” Jane said offering her best crocodile smile.

“Please Jane I’ll do anything.” Carol was getting frantic now.

“Perhaps you will.”

As they got nearer the crowded end of the beach, Carol became more and more reluctant.

“Please don’t.” Carol said with something close to a sob.

“We could always go to the café end, there are only locals there.” Jane teased stopping and made as if to turn back.

“There will be plenty of boys that end.” Mary observed thoughtfully.

“Pleeease nooo.” Carol wailed.

There was a man with his dog and an old couple nearby now. Carol looked desperately between her friends looking for an ally.

“Can’t we do this at the clubhouse I’ll be good, you can do anything I swear. I really swear.” She swore earnestly.

“You know we can’t.” Mary observed sadly.

“Come on Jane this is close enough.” Candy said quietly.

“There isn’t enough people here I really want to make this as embarrassing as possible.” Jane grinned.

“Isn’t that Jamie Sands and his little gang? What is he doing this end?” Mary said squinting.

“Omigod.” Carol gasped. “Oh please you can’t.”

“Jamie Sands? You mean the obnoxious squirt has had a divorce from the café wall? Wonders will never cease.” Candy said dryly still not sure which of the boys in the distance was him.

“That’s him I’m sure, coming this way.” Mary continued.

“Please you cannot do this. I am begging you I would never ever live this down I’ll have to emigrate.” Carol held her arms outstretched as fending off a calamity, which she was. A small tear dripped down her cheek and she brushed it aside.

“OK maybe this is far enough.” Mary said.

“No I want to go nearer.” Jane insisted.

“This is far enough.” Candy said firmly.

“Fine.” Jane snapped.

Candy who had been holding the smooth tapered driftwood, handed it to Mary who sat on the groyne and dusted the sand from her lap.

“Please you can’t.” Carol sniffed.

“You want to go all the way to the ice cream vendor at the car park?” Candy offered.

Carol swallowed hard and glanced down the beach hardly daring to look. There was a young couple as well as the two old people and the man with the dog. The others beyond were still too far off.

“Off.” Jane ordered pointing at Carol’s feet.

Another tear ran down Carol’s cheek as she stepped quickly out of her shorts leaving her naked below the waist. Her face had flamed about as red as anyone’s could.

Jane frogmarched Carol over to Mary who took her over her lap.

“I say.” Gasped the man with the dog who was very near now.

Candy and Jane eyed Carol’s firm white bottom enviously as it was turned helplessly up for the world’s inspection.

“Oh I see him now.” Jane said her eyes not leaving Carol’s bare bottom.

“Who?” Candy looked up.

“Jamie Sands.”

“Oh yes.” Mary smirked as raised the driftwood paddle.

Candy felt a pang of sympathy as Carol began to cry.

Then she yelled as the first swat landed and all eyes turned to see what was happening.

Candy felt a surge of excitement and something warm in the pit of her stomach, which drove out the pity as the redness flooded the white flesh of Carol’s bottom.

“Sorry Carol.” She breathed. “But rules are rules.”

Mary administered the spanking with gusto as her bottom turned from white to deep pink. Jane devoured the scene with her eyes and shifting a little as her shorts began to stick.

“Please.” Carol wailed.

Mary spanked on as hard as she could, too absorbed with the target to even take a breath.

The young couple exchanged glances as pistol shots rang out, not sure if they should intervene.

Even several minutes into the spanking, no one from the small crowd had made a move. The man with the dog still stood gaping, his attention held by the wailing teenager’s peony behind. The young woman squeezed her man’s arm a little tighter overwhelmed by scene. He licked his lips as he hugged back.

The old couple just seemed amused as if they had seen it before and it had stirred some pleasant memory.

Although Carol’s bottom was dark red now, her humiliation still burned brighter than the pain, as she sobbed into the sand.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please I’ll do anything.” She howled with great croaking sobs.

“Are you really sorry.” Jane teased. “Or shall I take a turn after?”

“Please no, I’m sorry I swear. I swear.” Carol begged.

“Mmm I don’t know, what do you think Candy?”

Candy could not speak as her mouth was dry, although elsewhere she was becoming quite moist.

Mary’s arm was beginning to ache now and she was sweating.

“Please.” Carol sobbed.

“Alright that’s enough.” Candy said at last, feeling a pang of guilt.

“Do you think we should stop now?” Jane teased.

Carol didn’t answer, lost in her tears, finally oblivious to the audience.

Mary stopped spanking and massaged her arm.

The audience, as if suddenly embarrassed, melted away.

Candy took the driftwood paddle and helped Carol up. As she stood, Carol leaned into her friend and they hugged.

Then Mary took a turn at hugging Carol as she sobbed, careless of her nudity.

With her eyes still fixed on Carol’s deep red bottom, Jane surreptitiously wiped the front of her thighs and untucked her shirt to hide a wet patch on the front her shorts. Then she balled up carol’s shorts in her fist like a trophy and began to walk back towards the clubhouse smirking.

Carol hobbled after her supported by Mary, her face and bottom competing for fiery redness. With each step she sobbed a little as she was gingerly led back. She didn’t dare look up in case she met someone’s eyes.

“Please tell me there was no one we knew.” She whispered.

“No one who won’t be gone tomorrow.” Mary answered softly.

“But Jamie Sands.” Carol sobbed.

“He wasn’t there silly.” Mary hushed.

“God it hurts and I am soo embarrassed.” Carol said wetly her face hidden by her hair and her chin glued to her chest.

“I know but you deserved it.” Mary said hugging her friend.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Carol sniffed. “Can I have shorts back now?”

“You know you can’t.” Mary chided.

“Please.” She wheedled looking forlornly at Jane who still had her shorts, as she got ever further ahead.

“Please someone will see.”

“Do you want another spanking when we get to the hut?”

“No.” Carol pouted.

Candy followed at some distance behind skipping a little with the paddle clasped behind her back. She tilted her head a little admiring the view. Carol’s pert little bottom looked like it was red to stay and once the swelling took hold she would not sit for days.

The beach hut that served as their clubhouse was set back into the dunes and stood halfway between the visitors’ car park and the beach café used by the locals. As a consequence, there were rarely many people about. Out of season, the girls often risked nude bathing here.

The previous spring when some bikers from out of town had been larking about on their patch, they had thrown Mary naked into the sea after her spanking and left her there. She had huddled shivering in the waves for 20 minutes before she had to make a run for the hut in full view of the men.

“You bastards let me in.” She had yelled as she hammered on the locked door.

She had had to agree to a second spanking before they would let her. She knew the threat to make her walk home naked was no idle one.

This time they were not so cruel and Carol was allowed to take her place with her nose in the corner of the hut.

“How long?” She sniffed.

“Until you feel like going home.” Jane suggested admiring the cornered bottom as if it were a painting.

“Then I think I’ll go now.”

“Are you sure?” Candy interjected. “Remember the rules. You might want to wait until dark.”

“Oh you wouldn’t that’s hours I’ve learnt my lesson.” Carol wailed.

“She would look so cute crossing the beach road in just a cotton top.” Jane smirked. “I say send her home now.”

“Please I’ll be good.” Carol pleaded.

“Don’t be mean Jane.” Candy said sternly. “Besides she looks cute enough where she is.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Carol dropped a curtsey in her corner. Then added with a sigh. “Oh well it won’t be the first time.”

After a while, the girls move outside and opened a bottle of lemonade. They occasionally included Carol in the chat but her contribution was rather muffled.

It was almost sunset when Mary released her friend with a hug.

“You can stay at my place tonight, mum is away.” Carol said shyly.

“Sure.” Mary smiled. “Do you want to risk it?

“But can’t I?”

Mary shook her head.

Candy and Jane watched them go as Carol tugged her shirt down in the front to try and cover herself.

“Here.” Candy called tossing her the shorts. “Promise you won’t put them on again today.”

Carol nodded as she clutched them to her thighs.

“I’ll see that she doesn’t.” Mary laughed, then to Carol. “You know you will be mooning tourist all the way home?”

“As long as no one else sees me.” She blushed. “I can’t believe that you spanked me in front of everyone. I thought I’d die.”

“I’ll trade you a spanking at home for your shorts.” Mary said archly.

“With just your hand?”

“No way I want more tears.”

“I’ll decide when we get to the road.” Carol pouted.

“You know if Candy and Jane find we broke our promise it’ll be bad?”

“Maybe I should just walk home like this.”

“I’ll risk it if you will?”

“You’re nuts.”

Mary snatched Carol’s shorts and ran giggling towards the road.

“You had better decide quickly I have your keys and I may lock you out.”

Back at the hut, Candy started to make tea.

“Did we over do it today?” She asked.

“No way. She definitely had that coming.”

“But there might have been someone we knew, it’s a small town.”

“Rules are rules.” Jane said smugly.

“No pity?”

“No way.” Jane grinned.

“Who was on provisions this week?” Candy asked casually.

“Eh? Oh me I think. Why?”

“No milk. No tea. No Coffee. Three stale biscuits and you forgot to put the lid back on.” Candy said with an edge to her voice. “The money seems to be here though, out in plain view, all £23.30 of the club funds. Remind me again who is treasurer?”

“No harm done. I’ll run down to the shop now.” Jane shifted uneasily in her seat.

“Five violations and a gross violation of clubhouse rules.”

“I can explain.” Jane swallowed.

“What did we do to Mary last year for leaving just five pounds in the hut overnight. And let me see who was on provisions when we ran out of milk last time?”

“We had milk. It was only a bit smelly.” Jane whispered.

“Rules are rules no pity.” Candy shrugged.

Jane winced.

“Do you want to wait until tomorrow or shall we do it now?”

“Now please.” Jane sighed.

“Shorts off.” Candy said brightly brandishing the driftwood paddle.

“Can’t you just use a plimsoll?”


Candy settled into the one easy chair as Jane stepped out of her shorts.

“How do you want me?”

“Across my lap.”

Once Jane was stretched out over her friend’s knee, Candy patted her bare bottom.

“We will deal with the five standard violations first.”

“Remind me what is the penalty?”

“A sound spanking for each.” Jane said sullenly, feeling both silly and vulnerable being over Candy’s knee. “How will you know when one starts and another ends?”

“I’ll manage. How will you?”

Candy spanked in one easy motion with a flick of the wrist. Jane gasped at the sting.

A bright red mark seared Jane’s right cheek, quickly joined by another.


“Don’t cry yet this could take a while.”


“I think so.”

“I’m not Carol.” Jane said defiantly. “Oww.”

Candy set a fast spanking pace, no force but all flick. The tempo was at least two swats a second and Jane was soon wriggling and gasping fro breath.

“Please. Listen. I.” She groaned.

Candy spanked on. And on. After only a minute or two her bottom was a strawberry stain.

“Ok now.” Jane gasped. “That’s enough. Ow.”

Candy wondered how far the sound would carry outside. Probably not far. She remembered when they were a bit younger overhearing Jane being spanked by her dad. It could be heard for miles. She had cried then. She had looked so cute standing in the hall with her pyjama bottoms around her ankles. Candy had stayed for tea and muffled by the wall Jane had begged her not to tell anyone.

“Why shouldn’t everyone know that you’re not too old for a spanking?” Her mother had said.

“But I am. Way too old. You should ground me.”

“Oh you’re grounded my girl, for a month. No TV. No going out and if I ever find cigarettes under your bed again your father will spank you every day for a week.”

That had not been so long ago. Now they were grown ups, well almost and she was still getting spanked.

Jane’s bottom was a deep shade of red now and she was breathing hard and struggling over Candy’s lap.

“Please I’m done.” Jane said with moisture in her voice.

That wasn’t the only place, Candy noted and spanked harder to compensate.

“Please I mean it, no more. Please.” Jane’s voice rose a pitch and the last was a squeal.

“Nearly done with first spanking.”

“Oh my god.” Jane’s first sob broke.

“Alright now I need a break. Into the corner.”

Jane stood stiffly and breathing hard she limped to the corner.

“Oh so cute.” Candy made a baby face.

Jane was kept in place for 20 minutes until candy was ready to begin again.

“Alright can’t we talk about this?”

“No.” candy said firmly as the spanking resumed.

Jane began to cry.

“This is killing.”

With ever longer stints in the corner the spanking took some time.

Finally, Jane was sobbing hard with her nose to the wood, her big bottom getting bigger and wishing the pain would end.

“Now we have the major violation to consider.”

“Please Candy.” Jane wailed.

“Rules are rules.” Candy said calmly. “What’s the penalty?”

“A spanking with prolonged humiliation. Oh god.” Jane sniffed.

“Precisely.” Candy smiled at Jane’s back. “So when you’re ready we will head down to the Café.”

“You can’t.” Jane gasped in blind panic.

“There is nowhere else now with people.”

“But Jamie Sands and his gang I’ll never live it down.”

“That’s what Carol said.” Candy said calmly.

“Please I’ll do anything.” Jane sobbed.

“Come on lets go the boys want a show.”

“Spank me ‘til dawn, use a whip, anything.” Jane was begging as she was led to the door.

“That looks sore.” Candy observed. “You won’t like more.”

“Please Candy. I am begging you.”

The night air was cold on her bare legs, although the coolness felt nice on her bare bottom. Jane knelt and hugged Candy’s knees.

“I know I deserve it. I really do. But please I will take any punishment, do anything.” Jane was frantic.

“I am a bit sticky if you know what I mean.” Candy whispered. “Do you remember last summer?”

“Yes.” Jane breathed.

“If you give me a thorough cat washing with your tongue. I mean thorough. Then I’ll let you off with a beach spanking tomorrow.”


“Thorough mind. A long one and from behind.” Candy said kissing Jane’s forehead.

“You won’t tell?” Jane hugged hard into Candy’s knees.

“Not if you let me hand spank you for fun.”

“Meanie.” Jane smiled. “Thanks.”

“For spanking you?”

“For not giving me a miserable summer even if I deserve it.”

“For the provisions.”

“For Carol.”

“You realise that?”

“Yes I’ll say sorry tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to, you know, what I said.”

“I know but a deal is a deal.”

“I have thought about last summer a lot.” Candy breathed.

“So have I.”

“Jane.” Candy said as she slipped her knickers down.


“Its Tuesday.”


“Half day closing at the café. Its not open.”

“I’ve turned rug muncher for nothing.” Jane groaned.

“Yep.” Candy giggled.


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  1. 1 Sylvie

    Girls just wanna have fun 😉

    Thanks! Another fantastic story,


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