Putting on a punitive cabaret in Berlin


Another snippet, from something called the Memoirs of Berlin set in the 1960s (do we have a theme for the week), which may have been originally translated and published in Privilege magazine. Again maybe true, probably not, you decide.

Today I am happily married and very much part of a modern German family, but when I was growing up things were very different. My father, whom I never knew, never came home from the war and so my mother and I lived in an apartment house that seemed to attract many such widow families.

We lived on the top floor and on the floor below us lived a girl called Katrin and her mother. When we were little we used to play together but she got rather more aloof once we were in our teens. I think I had a small attraction for her as she was very pretty, but the more attention I paid the more superior she was.

Then when she was about 16 or 17 and I was a year or so older, there was a huge bit of trouble around her. I never found out what it was, something to do with a man, but she was hardly allowed out after that.

My mother would not say, but she told me Katrin had been whipped. I did not know what she meant exactly at the time, I thought maybe a spanking or some such. The idea was a good one for me so I listened and watched for such things.

Sure enough in the weeks that followed, we could her Katrin getting a good thrashing below and very much yelling and some crying. Then one day I came home and the door to Katrin mother’s apartment was wide open so I looked inside.

Katrin was standing inside wearing just a shirt and socks with her hands clasped behind her as she bent forward with her face to the wall. I could see many angry marks on the bare skin of her backside and it was very exciting for me to see her partly naked. She was crying and did not see me but her mother did.

I thought she would send me away but she just said something like:

“This is how we treat naughty sluts. Go on look at her.”

Katrin started to protest in great distress but did not move and her mother just said to her:

“Do not think to object now if a man can see you naked.”

This was not the only time I saw such a thing. One day when I passed the hallway door was open and Katrin was bent over something, my memory says a washing machine, but that is a little strange now I think about it. Anyway, she was bent over dressed as before and her mother was thrashing her bare behind with a martinet, which was leaving violent rills on her and made shout a lot. I knew about the martinet because we had one at home, although my mother had never used it. My mother said it was her mother’s and it had been used on her as a girl until she married and then had been made to take it for her own children. Anyway that is how I recognised it.

The whipping went on for some time and again her mother saw me but did not send me away. I realised then that she was trying to shame her daughter, this time and the time before.

There were many other such incidents, often with just Katrin standing in the hallway as before with the door left open, but sometimes I saw her whipped. I never knew if she kept doing things or her mother was just very strict with her.

I tried to ask Katrin about it and to be a bit sympathetic, which was a bit hypocritical I know now, but she used to snub me worse than before.

One time after a big row Katrin’s mother chased her down the stairs and gave her a spanking right down by the main door so more people saw it rather than just mother and I. That time Katrin pleaded that she would go to her room, but her mother spanked her all the way up stairs and stopped to give her more until she was half undressed.

I went on several errands up and down stairs that day to see the whipping Katrin got afterwards in the usual way and to see her standing through the doorway.

Years later when I was visiting my mother I saw Katrin who was visiting hers. She stopped for a chat and laughed about ‘the old days’. She admitted that she had been bad to me, but that her mother had helped her mend her ways. We did not say anything about what I had seen but we both knew what she was talking about. I saw her several times after that and we sometimes talked.

Her mother later died so I never saw Katrin again.

2 Responses to “Putting on a punitive cabaret in Berlin”

  1. I vote for believable with some embellishment. Two things in particular cause me to believe this. One is the wrap up. The other is her faulty memory about a washing machine. My memory works much the same way. If fiction the author would have simply said “She was bent over the sofa.”

  2. An appropriate German song, goes like this. “Those were the days my friend, I thought they never end'”. Yes, many a naughty cabaret lady was spanked on her naked bare bottom by the owner of the cabaret, for misbehaving with customers, and rightly so.

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