The spanking sixties? Nah!


What is wrong with the 1960s? It does not automatically suggest a rich vein for romantic erotic discipline. Not like some decades, which just evoke a spanking atmosphere.

The 1900s and the 1910s conjure up images of petticoats and corsets, just ripe for stripping or a partially clothed birching. The 1920s with all those naughty flappers and newly discovered short skirts have a decadence all of their own. The 1930s has all those Waltonian family values and discipline, runaways needing a switching to help them hold the line.

The 1940s have uniforms and women proving they can take it. Who has not read those salacious stories of service women taking 30 on the bare in the name of military discipline? You are reading the wrong newspapers.

The 1950s is the decade of the submissive housewife and the rebellious teen.

Then we get to the 1960s. It does not naturally lend itself to spanking its true. Perhaps its because for the first time women were asserting themselves. Try spanking them and you might imagine you would get a kick in the gonads. Otherwise, you might get greeted with:

“A spanking man how cool and tomorrow I’ll try the bondage.”

True erotic submission loses its bite if it is just a smorgasbord of sexual options.

So why aren’t there more stories and articles about spanking in the 1960s? Well if anyone remembers any good spanking stories from that era then they probably weren’t there.

If you aren’t convinced then here is a story about a young woman’s conflict with old-fashioned values.

4 Responses to “The spanking sixties? Nah!”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I guess the seventies and eighties were also not particularly spanktacular.

    But the nineties, the decade before the turn of the century, on the other hand, was known for its worldwide awakening of spanko consciousness, with the advent first of USENET and subsequently the world wide web.

  2. I don’t know… I think there must have been erotic spanking going on in the sixties, amid all the flowers and love. That’s when spanking was reasonably common on TV, and I’m sure it was enjoyed by consenting hippies (and yes, normal folks too). There was free love, so why not free spanking?

    Hugs and peace,

  3. 3 Nikolai

    Oh, I don’t know, for every hippie chick who let it all hang out, their was many a girl who probably had her rebellion cut short by the cane or strap. Sure, she eventually was able to wallow in free love but for all her freedom did she yearn for one who would care enough to hold her accountable. Of course, the real dry spell were all those kids born into the free form families in the late 60s and 70s where discipline was needed more for the parents than the kids.

    I was struck by the photo of the girls protesting the cane in this picture collection. Apparently, it was taken around 1973.

    I can see a group of girls just turned 18 in a private school planning to march in a protest where the marchers are going to go pantless to draw attention to their cause. The headmistress while supportive of women’s rights must protect her schools reputation and be able to fend off the board so she contrives to lay six across each of the rebels where panties won’t hide for various reasons. She does this to discourage the public display but not dampen the girls embrace of women’s rights. Of course, one will go forth with the protest but instead of being seen as a strong independent woman, she must endure endless comments on the state of her bottom and the need for a more thorough application for her immodest display.

  4. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Talkin ’bout hippie chicks, here’s a fine example — Gayle McCormick of “Smith” singing “Baby it’s you”.

    But no spankin’ — at least not that I know of! Not that she wouldn’t look cute squirming over some guy’s lap.

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