Sunday spankings


This snippet was dredged up from somewhere, lets assume it is a real life memoir, perhaps it is?

When I was a boy my mother married a clergyman, this was the 1950s and a very much more innocent time. The vicar already had two daughters, both much older than I.

I was about 11 and the girls would have been around 15 or 16 and 17 or so. My new step dad was fanatical about discipline and ‘doing the right thing’. I was always getting into scrapes and I soon found that I would be punished.

My punishment consisted of scrubbing out the coal shed until the white concrete could be seen; this was grim work and often took two days.

Now the thing was he thought this was an inappropriate punishment for his daughters. Not withstanding that on at least one occasion, he made my mother clean out the coal shed after she tried to cover for me. I will always remember the look of adoration on her face for him when she was forced to suffer ‘a child’s punishment’.

His daughters were always punished after church on Sunday. At first, I thought that they got it easy, but I soon learned otherwise. As I got older, I took a much keener interest in my stepsister’s punishment.

He kept a stick behind a picture frame and a clothes brush in the hall. After church, he either spanked them over his knee or made them bend over a chair in his study for a sustained caning.

I remember when I was about 12 I peeked through the study window from the garden to watch the oldest bending over for stiff bill. She was well and truly crying when it was over, but that did not stop her giving her father a little hug afterwards. That was the first time I saw a grown up girl’s bare bottom.

I got on quite well with the girls and they used to give me sweets and comics. But I think they both knew I spied on their punishments. One day the youngest pulled my hair semi-affectionately shortly after I had witnessed her get a good spanking saying: “Did you get a good eyeful?”

I was a bit embarrassed but it didn’t stop me.

On one occasion, I was caught pilfering from the village shop. I thought I was in for a good hiding, but my step dad said that spanking was for women as they were built for it.

I was made to clean out the coalhouse and do chores for the shopkeeper for a month.

My stepsister’s spankings and canings went on well after I had gone to college. The both became nurses and I got to see them punished in their uniforms a couple of times. The oldest didn’t leave home until she was 28.

I came home from college one day, having stayed at a friend’s I arrived on a Sunday. As I reached the vicarage where we lived, I heard the sound of a sound beating at the back. So of course thinking one of the girls was in for it I ambled around. By now I barely bothered to sneak when they were getting it as they knew I would peek anyway.

To my surprise I realised that it was my mother on the receiving end. Quite a shock and the revelation, although maybe not such a surprise, ended my career as a peeping tom.

By then it was the swinging 60s and I had my own totty to spank.

12 Responses to “Sunday spankings”

  1. Great snippet. Those are the kinds of things that shape us for the future. Thanks.

  2. I have always considered the spankings of females most appropriate for naughty females. Especially in family’s where the master of house spanked the females, when naughty on their bare bottoms, be they mother’s, grandmother’s, mother-in-laws, daughter.s etc. Yes a good bare bottom spanking does wonders for naughty females, plus the humiliation when the whole family is watching said spanking.

  3. 3 Charlie

    Spankings, etc. after church – is that another interpretation of “laying on of the hands”?

  4. 4 Alison

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and one day when I got home early I was shocked to see mum being spanked in the front room. She was bending over like a naughty schoolgirl being slippered on the seat of her bloomers. It was obvious I had seen what was going on but nothing was said and it was much later that I learned that wives were spanked.

    • 5 DJ

      Hi Alison

      How old were you then?

      And how did you feel about what you saw?


      • 6 Alison

        Hi DJ
        I was about 12 and was quite shocked and what I had seen was almost unbelievable. It had happened though and I had to accept what I’d seen. After that there was no secrecy when mum was spanked and I got used to seeing her taken into the front room and hearing the thwacks of the slipper.

        • 7 DJ

          Hi Alison

          Did that fuel a life long interest or are you just passing through?

          Presumably you were spanked into adult also, so not stranger to all this?


  5. 8 Alison

    It certainly made me aware that adults could ‘benefit’ from corporal punishment and I like to think of it as just that, a punishment. I was spanked as an adult until I left home at 24 but I could hardly complain as my mother was treated the same way. I am still single and have never had any inclination to be spanked again so will never know how I would have felt being a spanked wife.

    • 9 DJ

      Hi Alison

      Yet you have some interest or you would not be looking at blogs like this.

      Feel free to communicate with me direct if this is too personal for a public forum. My email is a link at the foor of the About page.


  6. I once saw a mother, and a mother-in-law spanked on their bare bottoms by their son. And I found it to be one of the most sexual erotic experience of my life. Both females were wearing garter-belt and stockings, which made the scene even more erotic. Both spankings were canings. The mother received ‘six of the best’, the mother-in-law received twelve strokes. What a beautiful exciting day that was.

    • 11 DJ

      That’s an unusual arrangement Six.

      Perhaps you can expand on the story.


  7. A friend of mine’s father, and father-in-law had passed away, whereupon he became head of the household. One day his mother, and mother-in-law, went out partying, and both of them drove home while intoxicated. My friend who I was with that day, ordered his mother to bend over a wooden stool, which had been placed in the center of the room, took up her dress, pulled down her knickers, and caned her bare bottom six good hard strokes with a cane. Then he did likewise to his mother-in-law, but increased the amount of strokes to 12, since he told her, that as an older woman, she should have been the wiser. Yes they did wear garter-belt and stockings, which brought on for me an added sexual excitement. For me it was one of my most beautiful experiences of spanking pleasure.

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