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A few years ago, there was a chance reference to a punishment handed out to a ‘loose woman’ on an educational crime and punishment site. It said that the woman should be ‘stocked kneeling to provide for a birching’. The picture published a few days ago this blog had hitherto been considered a fantasy, but […]

Some of the sorority posts seemed to have stirred up a hornet’s nest here. In a post a few weeks back there was an announcement that we would return to this theme. This prompted a woman claiming to have a sorority background to email directly. She was rather peeved (let us say) at what has […]

This is the first part of The Gift, the last part having been published just before Christmas. The story seems to have capture the imagination of many people and has become the most requested one-of story on this blog. The Wood Spinner The forest stretched for league upon league and one day it would be […]

A short while ago we had a short post on spanking in art. As most of you will have noticed many of the images on the web are the same, which we have all seen before and are constantly recycled. Here are two pictures from two different sites that often have images that are original […]

In the dark days of the Hapsburg Empire the Austrian nobility valued strict discipline for its sons and daughters. The sons were taken care of in military academies but during the 18th century there were few if any formal schools for young women. Some young women were sent off to Prussia where they went to […]

Angela’s story continues. The weeks passed quickly and spring arrived. I had no idea where the term went. Life had been had been an intense round of spankings, caning and studying. You can imagine my surprise when my last exam practice before Easter yielded a first and I escaped a caning altogether “May be we […]