Nuns, novices and the scourge


A few months back this post was found on one of the boards. It had been hoped that more might have been forthcoming about this, but it had evidentially been posted in 2001 and that particular board is now gone.


“I had always been fascinated by corporal punishment, so when at the age of 16 I had to attend a convent school for a year I had an opportunity to see it first hand.


The school had a very strict atmosphere and any talking in class got you whacked across the hand with a ruler. I was never called to see the chief penguin, as we called her, but many girls came out of her office in tears and rubbing their bottoms. She had a stick, which she sometimes walked the corridors with. Legend had it that it was sometimes applied to the bare bottom, but no one ever owned up to that.


What really fuelled my imagination was that one day during a class a girl came in clearly distressed an apologised for being late saying that she had been to see the chief.


The teacher, a young nun not that much older than us, told her not to make a fuss as novice’s in training got much worse. No one dared ask her more, but I wasn’t the only one that was left wondering if the collective open mouths and blushing was anything to go by.”


What makes this more interesting was that a couple of years ago there was a woman on TV being interviewed about her time as an nun. She spoke about flagellation and the scourge and that she was supposed to use it regularly to atone for her sins.


The interviewer asked if that was why she had left. She said it wasn’t. In fact, she said it was one of the best parts, because sometimes girls like her teamed up with a friend and took turns scourging one another.


The reason she said she left was that she and her friend were separated, perhaps because they were having too much fun and they decided that they wanted to be together more than the wanted to be in a house of god.


When pressed about corporal punishment, she said that it had been used on novices and other students and it had not been so ‘uplifting’.


It was a very short interview in a programme about the church and it attitudes to homosexuality.

3 Responses to “Nuns, novices and the scourge”

  1. The spanking scene is perfect except for one item that I would have added. The nun should also have had her habit raised waist high, and her knickers down, with a local priest walloping her bare bottom good. Don’t you agree?

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Religion is just so much about guilt that it’s a natural fit for spanking. That and the predilection for ritual among the religious orders, not to mention their rigid hierarchies of authority. Just about all the ingredients necessary…

    I’ll bet there’s a lot that’s gone on behind closed cloister doors that the world has yet to learn about. Perhaps you’re part of the “new dispensation”, Damien.

  3. Karl, you are so right. I am sure there are many priests, in the past, present or future, that would have loved to have naughty female parishoners confess to them, so that they could spank them be it with a hand, paddle, birchrod, cane, or whip on their bare bottoms. Yes even naughty nuns I am sure would have received equal treatment on their bare bottoms.

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