The Gift: the Wood Spinner


This is the first part of The Gift, the last part having been published just before Christmas. The story seems to have capture the imagination of many people and has become the most requested one-of story on this blog.

The Wood Spinner

The forest stretched for league upon league and one day it would be his to command if his father willed it. His heart surged just to look upon it and sometimes he could not believe that the world could contain so many colours. Then the darkness would touch his soul again. Command the forest, bah, he could not even command his own wife. He forced the thought from his mind and seized the happy mood back from a moment before. A skill few had the strength to master, but then he was special, although he had yet to discover that.

Prince Arglwydd was barely a hundred years old, the youngest of his father’s sons, but his brothers had all fallen in the Sword Wars. Each century the Briffiau encroached further into their lands and although they had little magic, they had iron and bows and bred like rabbits. The wise ones said that in a short millennia the Briffiau would overrun the Elven folk and they would have to consider an Exodus or shift into another plane.

Arglwydd turned on his heel and dropped to the forest floor and as fleet as a stag in rut hurtled through the forest back to the village.

His thoughts once again turned to Mair, his wife. The season she turned 50 and became of age, he begged his father to allow them to wed. At first, Lord Coedwig had wisely refused for they were both too young. Even her father had insisted that she still needed to be trained as a wife and should spend many seasons with the warrior maids to learn loyalty and service for she was spoilt and wilful. Then her mother, perhaps blinded by the prospect of a prince for a son-in-law, had said that any man worth his name could tame their daughter. This was a challenge that Lord Coedwig could not ignore and had reluctantly conceded.

Mair, for her part, was happy not to have to become a warrior maid and join the other unmarried women at the proving grounds where she would be whipped and trained night and day.

Her sisters had often retuned with welts like worms adorning their dainty bottoms and had to stand blushing at supper while their father had scolded them and threatened them with a spanking for being such bad little warriors. This fate spared, Mair readily agreed to wed.

And so they were married with full honour. Arglwydd was to learn to his cost that there was more to marrying an Elven woman than beauty and status. First she said, as if it were solely hers to decide, that there would be no children. He did not mind that for they were both young yet and she would change her mind in a few centuries. But her assumption that she would rule in this irked him. Then she said that she would not wear the band on her head to signify that she was married and continue to let her hair roam free. This was a woman’s way of things and he did not care so much, but there was much scandal and again he felt as if he had not been consulted.

Then he had caught her consorting with a warrior maid from the Far Glade. This was all very well for an unmarried woman, but was not meet for a wife of the prince. He was angry at the insult and not a little jealous. If it had been a man then the law was clear he could call for a banishment of either party or challenge the interloper to a fight. But to treat a maiden so was unheard of and he could not fight a woman.

Oh to be sure his sister Tegan had said that she often dallied with her maids and there was no harm in it, but even she was shocked that Mair was so open.

Tegan had walked the earth for a thousand years before Arglwydd had been born and had raised daughters of her own. She was wise and not a little wily in matters of the heart. She decided that her baby brother needed lessons on how to be a man. To this end, she called upon her old friend Owen the Wood Spinner.

“Is there some charm that you might provide to guide them along a little?” She asked him one day.

“Charms are risky things and besides I have seen them together she loves him greatly and will learn in time that sometimes surrender to custom can be more rewarding to than unlimited freedom. Did you not?” Owen smiled as thoughtfully as he stroked his small black beard.

“I bridled at the yoke of the warrior captain for 200 years before I learned moderation and I was near 500 before I married. This marriage should never have been allowed so soon. Surely there are precedents?”

“There are always precedents, but the females of our kind yield best to a sound spanking to steady them and all is well. Do they not?” Owen’s eyes twinkled as he regarded his old friend.

Tegan blushed and thought on her most recent spanking for using her husband’s sword to prune the roses.

“I tease you I know. Of course I can help, come to my little shop and we will see what we might have to aid in the matter.”

The lane to Owen’s place looked at first like any other, but Owen was a wood spinner and nothing was ever as it appeared where he was concerned. By and by it became apparent that the hedge was not a hedge and the trees were but the outer wall to his home.

“It is never the same twice.” Tegan marvelled.

“It is never the same once.” Owen said with a twinkle and suddenly they were within his shop.

“How do customers ever find you?” She giggled.

But she already knew the answer to that; anyone who needed him would find him for Elven folk never bought anything that they did not need.

The shop was full of many things only some of which Tegan recognised. Against one wall there was a rack with various pipes, tubes and funnels, the purpose of which she could not discern. Some kind of ale making apparatus no doubt, she pondered.

There were also bowls and pots scattered pell-mell upon benches and tables in no particular order. As she turned, she spied a rack of paddles and whips of various types. Memories of visiting a similar shop centuries before with her mother came flooding back and she blushed to her ears.

“This one is very popular with mothers of wayward daughters between 20 and 50 who think themselves already mature.” Owen said having caught her blush.

He reached up and took down a long supple-handled paddle that bore a smooth bladed head engraved with delicate runes. He handed it to Tegan and her blush intensified. She was overwhelmed with a desire to bare her bottom and bend over for a prolonged spanking.

“Interesting.” Owen cocked an eyebrow as if reading her thoughts. “You know my creations can only facilitate feelings and situation that all ready exist. Has someone been a bad girl?”

“My daughter Gwen might benefit from this.” Tegan’s blush reached new heights.

“A gift from me.” Owen smirked. “Don’t worry it only works on daughters you will not surrender to your husband, but if your mother is around?”

Tegan swallowed and thought back to her mother’s last visit, she had no need of such things. But it might save some time with Gwen.

To change the subject she pretended to be interested in a small coin on one of the tables. As she picked it up, she wondered why one would sell a coin.

“I wouldn’t.” Owen made to stop her. Too late.

Tegan raised her gown and slipped down her fawn hide leggings to bare her bottom even before she knew what she was doing. Then she turned and placed the coin against the wall and pressed her nose against it.

“What?” She gasped. “I can’t move.”

“No you can’t until I release you.” Owen laughed as he inspected his old friend’s glorious bottom and tried to remember that she was married. “I did try to warn you, any deserving female that touches the coin with her bare hand is compelled to submit until she is released or falls asleep.”

“Please release me then.” Tegan wailed.

“Perhaps I shall.” Owen laughed. “Do you promise not to touch anything else?”

“Anything.” She pleaded.

Nevertheless, he let her stand a while to learn a lesson.

Once he finally allowed her to repair her dress, they continued their tour of the shop.

“What are these?” She stooped low to examine some strange but beautiful objects. They appeared to be carved from some kind of stone and took the form of two conjoined spheres, with one rounded end slightly smaller than the other.

“You may touch.” Owen indicated with his open palm.

She picked up two of the objects that tingled pleasantly in her hands. The spheres were different sizes and she could not guess their purpose. She arched an eyebrow.

“They are love toys for the adventurous.” He shrugged. “They were made by another to manipulate the love slaves of an ancient king. They are potentially dangerous, which is why they were under a glamour. It is interesting that you even noticed them.”

“How do they work?” Tegan licked her lips suddenly very interested.

Owen stared hard at her and considered if she were not too delicate a lady to know of such things.

“The lord and master picks a suitable size and inserts the smaller sphere into the.” Owen coughed. “The slave’s narrower orifice. Then she is insatiable and willing to please her master in any way he may merely only hint at.”

“The smaller ones perhaps, but some of these are so large.” Tegan’s eyes were wide in wonder. “Anyway I thought you said that your things only facilitated situations that already existed.”

“Exactly so.” Owen smiled broadly.

Tegan blushed more hotly than she had yet done so that morning. To cover herself she walked on and let her eyes roam over other objects wondering what other exotic treasurers there were to find.

“There are many objects here that appear to have a punitive use. How does that sit with your claim that they merely?” her voice trailed off as she spied some chains.

“Those can only bind the guilty or the truly surrendered.” Owen answered her spoken and unspoken question.

“This for instance is called the Paddle of Atonement.” He continued, picking up a fiercer looking paddle than the daughter paddle. “Is used to punish errant wives. After one swat, they will beg for a long hard paddling that cannot stop until they are truly repentant. I am told it is a very cleansing experience. My late wife certainly thought so. I once spanked her for a day and a night. Luckily our kind are so resilient. To this day I have no idea what she was atoning for.”

Tegan shuddered at the thought and yet could not tear her eyes from the object of wonder.

“Would such a thing serve my brother perhaps?” Tegan smiled suddenly enlightened to how Owen may come to the aid.

“Perhaps this is not quite the thing.” He suggested. “I am not sure our little Mair is yet in touch with her repentant side. Maybe for round two.”

Deeper into the shop they came to a row of brushes. At one end there were small toothbrushes and larger shaving brushes. Then each brush got bigger as Tegan cast her eye up the row past hairbrushes, clothes brushes and large long handled bath brushes.

“Give this one to your brother for his wife. I think it will serve our purposes quite well.” Owen said handing her a delicate bone white hairbrush that was surprisingly heavy in her hand.

“Is that unicorn hair?” Tegan gasped. “This must be priceless.”

“The only value is in the use.” Owen bowed. “Now young lady this one is for you.”

Owen picked up a large long-handled bath brush.

“You seem to have much to atone for beyond meddling in your brother’s marriage. I am afraid you have no option but to expect a long sound spanking from me.” Owen said patting the palm of his hand with the object.

“Please don’t.” Tegan licked her lips nervously while backing away.

She did not know the exact nature of the glamour of the object but she knew she was helpless before it.

Owen spanked her for a long time until she wept with contrition and was certain that it may be a month before she could sit down again. When he was done the orange glow of late afternoon flooded the room and the shadows had grown long. For further penance, she was handed the coin and stood until twilight with her nose pinned to the wall and her very red bottom on display to Owen and any customer that may chance in.

After she was released and had repaired her dress for the second time that day she made to leave with her brother’s hairbrush and the paddle for use on her daughter. It was a long embarrassing walk as she took slow mincing steps towards the door, thankful that no one else had entered this day, but dreading the long evening walk back home. Then she paused and turned back suddenly curious.

“What was the nature of the glamour on the bath brush?” She asked ruefully from the door as she rubbed her aching bottom.

“There was none on that particular brush. I just thought you needed a good spanking, as did you apparently.” He shrugged.

Tegan’s jaw dropped and her hand went to her heart in horror.

“You tricked me.” She gasped out loud.

“You tricked yourself.” He chuckled. Then she joined him a laughing.

“Owen how much for those spheres?”

He grinned broadly.

“And the Paddle of Atonement?” She blushed as she massaged her rear. “Maybe the coin too?”

“The coin at least is for your daughter?” Owen laughed out loud with hands on his hips.

“Primarily. But I am sure my husband will find other uses.” She pouted ruefully.

She felt as she had all those years before as her mother had led her by the ear and down a public lane with punishment paddle in her hand from shop such as this.

“Perhaps I should throw in the chains as well?” Owen collapsed in hysterics.

“No thank you.” She said tartly and left.

She found the grace to smile as she limped home knowing she could trust Owen to deliver the other things discreetly and collect his payment. She could not help but wonder about some of the other things she had seen.

A few days later, she decided to call on her brother.

The effectiveness of Owen’s goods had been proved to her satisfaction. She was still sore in places she did not know she had from last night’s tryst with her husband. Although she had yet to find the courage to present him with the Paddle of Atonement, she still felt guilty from the affair with the sword and only the great mother knew what suppressed guilt she felt for letting herself be tricked by Owen. But there would be time enough for that.

As it was her young 40-year-old daughter still stood with her nose to the outer wall of the house and her very red pert bare bottom displayed to the world outside the front gate.

“Mother you can’t leave me like this.” Gwen cried frantically. “Anyone might come by.”

“Then anyone can see.” Tegan chuckled cruelly. “When I get back our new paddle will pay another visit to that bottom of yours, just think on that until I return, maybe next time you won’t be so rude when you explain to me that you are too old for a spanking for defiance.”

“Please mother how long will you be?” Gwen was in quite a panic. “Can’t you spank me again now?”

“I can spank you whenever you like, but that wall is still going to become a very familiar place to you.” Tegan waved farewell to Gwen’s back and left her daughter to stew.

She found Arglwydd practicing his sword drill beneath an elm tree in the Near Glade. It was not meet to disturb a man at such things so she sat quietly beneath a rowan tree to watch for a while.

The Near Glade was old and had been in use by her people since her great grandfather’s time back when the folk still talked of the great ice and Albion was a peninsular of the great land to the east. The first time she had sat here, the rowan had yet to sprout and the elm was but a sapling. Therefore it was no hardship to kneel for a few hours as her brother danced with his sword. Her people were nothing if they were not patient.

“What brings you here Tegan?” Arglwydd said at last.

“I have come to see our future war leader in training my prince.” She replied without the least trace of mockery.

“I remember when you used to say that when my sword was a stick and my opponent the old holly bush. At least you did not say my little prince.” He smiled at her.

“You are a good swordsman and you wield the blade with confidence our lands will be in good hands when our father goes beyond.” She touched the diadem on her marital headband as a sign that she spoke a solemn truth.

“But?” He smiled for he knew his elder sister well.

“It is a pity that you do not handle your woman with the same sure confidence.” Her voice had an edge now and she sounded as stern as she dared with a prince of her people.

He shrugged and stared down at his sword point looking like the small boy she knew of old.

“Mair risks bringing dishonour on this family and hers.” Tegan continued. “She should have spent a season or two with the warrior maids before your marriage was allowed.”

“She is my family.” Arglwydd said with surprising firmness and wisdom. “She just needs time to adjust, she is young.”

“She needs a good long hard spanking and some time in the corner.” Tegan replied.

“That too.” He returned a lopsided grin. “But how to do it? She can be such a shrew sometimes and my life would not be worth living.”

Tegan said nothing and inclined her head as if conceding a point to the prince.

“Will you do one thing for me if I ask it?” Tegan pressed home after a long silence.

Arglwydd drove the point of his sword into the soil and stepped back as if he was about to receive bad news.

“Very well if I can do so with honour.” He sighed.

“Take this and say to Mair she is to use it to dress her hair as married woman should before putting on her headband. Say that if she does not you will use it for its other purpose.” With that, Tegan handed her brother the hairbrush.

Arglwydd took the brush and was about to laugh and denounce Tegan’s scheme when a strange feeling came over him. Holding the brush he felt as confident as if he were holding his sword.

“Very well I will think on it.” Arglwydd said.

Tegan could already see the look in his eye and turned to leave him with is sword and the new gift.

Tegan decided to take the long way home, perhaps to pause and cut some old fashioned apple switches. It would do Gwen little harm to await further correction. Now that Tegan had seen what indulging young girls had done to Mair, she was determined that the old ways were best and her mother’s harsh hand had been a blessing. She even brushed a small tear from her eye as she thought of how she had disrespected her mother’s methods and failed her daughter. Then she remembered the Paddle of Atonement and her buttocks involuntarily clenched. She would eat standing for weeks, she signed, her and Gwen both.

Arglwydd bathed at the stream and thought on his wife. Then he heard singing. It took him a short stroll to find Mair bathing further down stream at the pool. She was naked.

Her beauty left him breathless like he had been struck in the stomach and he even forgot to be angry that she bathed too openly for a married woman. Her long hair was like the silver mane of a unicorn as trailed down her smooth straight back and snaked its way to the small split sphere of her perfect bottom.

“Get dressed woman.” He said after a glorious age. “We have business to attend to at home.”

“How dare you spy on me.” She gasped startled by his sudden words.

“I dare nothing. I am your husband. How dare you bathe so brazenly before the world? Are we artisans without private bathing rooms? Get dressed I say and come away.” There was something in his manner that would accept no argument from her.

She scurried to a heap of clothes and hurried to slip on her over-dress. Her leggings had fallen in the pool earlier and she had hung them up to dry. She would usually have revelled in going barelegged through the lanes but this time she felt self-conscious with her husband staring at her.

Instead she fumbled with her hair, although it was as perfect as if she had just been dressed by her maid.

“Here.” Arglwydd said handing her the hairbrush.

She took it and became transfixed.

“It is lovely, wherever did you get it?” She softened to him for the first time in weeks.

“It was a gift from Tegan.” Arglwydd said softly.

Mair wanted to hurl it into the pool at this news. She wanted nothing to do with Lady Tegan who was worse than her mother-in-law for criticism. Instead she traced the runes that patterned the surface of the wood with her fingers.

“Its beautiful.” She murmured. “But why are there runes twisted into the wood grain?”

Arglwydd shrugged, it was magic then, what was Tegan up to?

“This is not Owen the Wood Spinners work is it?” She suddenly gasped in horror and found herself handing the brush back to Arglwydd.

“I don’t know why?”

“My aunt, she told me.” Mair did not finish the sentence and swallowed hard. “Oh great mother we are cooked.”

“What if it is Owen’s work? He only deals in white magic and truth spells.” Arglwydd was puzzled, not having heard the women’s tales about Owen.

“And you think that makes it better? At least if he used coercion magic I would be able to retain some dignity. Please I know I have been a bad wife but don’t do it.” Mair protested in desperation.

“Now you are making me angry. Don’t do what?”

“Don’t you see this is not really you? Oh great mother, except it is I suppose.”

“I really have had enough with your comedies.” Arglwydd growled. “Come here.”

Arglwydd took his wife by the arm and strode towards a fallen tree trunk. Once there he sat down and upended his wife across his knee. With her leggings still hanging in the tree, her bottom was quickly bared.

“Oh mother not here.” Mair wailed, but to no effect.

The splat of the first spank echoed around the forest and many old experienced ears paused in their work. They knew the sound of wood on royal flesh when they heard it.

The echoing rhythm of Mair’s spanking was accompanied by the sweet shrill of her wails. The music of correction was heard up and down the vale. Even Tegan paused midway through Gwen’s second switching to listen. For a moment she ignored her daughter’s bare bottom, which burned red like the setting sun as she lay weeping and folded in half over the headrest of the high-backed chair. How she wished it were Mair’s bottom that was offered with apple switch-raised welts tightly spaced on her flesh. Perhaps she would ask Arglwydd if his wife needed further guidance. Oh well she thought as she took up the third switch from the large waiting pile by the door, back to work, I have so much to do.

Arglwydd did not care that the whole valley knew his wife was being spanked. He just set to it with all the vigour the task demanded.

“Please Arglwydd I will be good.” Mair wailed.

“Yes I know you will my sweet.” Arglwydd chuckled as he settled in for the long chore ahead of him. “When we are done here you can walk home with that pretty bottom of yours displayed just how you like it with your hair correctly dressed. Then we will attend to you further, after a the respectable amount of corner time of course.”

This story continues here.

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  1. 1 Elly


    Any chance of the intervening parts to the story?


  2. 2 DJ

    Hi Elly

    They were never written. I suppose if enough people still like this direction I could think about more installments.

    Glad you liked it thanks.


  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss


    Did you make this up?

    It’s a great story — in the fantasy /faery tale tradition.

  4. 4 DJ

    Actually I got the story from an old man in strange shop selling hairbrushes. But I could not find it again! 🙂

    In fact yes this is a DJ Black original.

    Cheers. 🙂


  5. 5 Different Types Of Wood

    thanks for this intresting post, just wanted to say thanks


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