150,000 spankings


This blog used to report every time it hit another 10,000 visits, but that was discontinued because it started happen so often that there would be posts about nothing else and no one is probably that interested anyway.

But here is a quick round-up nevertheless.

Most popular have been Markham, sororities, flappers, Alice, Angela and still Lizzie Baines, although we now have almost three times the regular traffic we had when the last instalment was published.

Surprise entries have been two dotes – birching in Kent and (maybe because it caught Chross’s eye) the account of yours truly’s adventures in Yorkshire.

Unsurprisingly relatively few people seem that interested in DJ ramblings and observations. What’s your poison scores low the with the least readers per word.

Coming up we have more Angela (big post coming), which will appear less often from now on but with hopefully bigger instalments, Lizzie Baines (honest), some nuns, more sorority stuff and maybe some vampires.

Thanks for all the feedback, especially to me directly, keep it coming. To the handful of people giving grief, genuinely sorry if any offence has been given, but manners and a sense of proportion would not go amiss in some cases.

A word to all Russell Corner fans, thanks for the feedback and no hate mail so far. There are no immediate plans for a sequel, but another full length novel is in the pipeline.

8 Responses to “150,000 spankings”

  1. 1 Peter

    To begin with… I would make my compliments of your wonderful website!

    I remember that you told there would be a sequell of the wonderful story “The Gift’. Is there any chance you would post this one of these days?

  2. 2 DJ

    Many thanks.

    Yes there is a prequell to the Gift. It is actually in need of a bit of work but that is also (hopefully) coming up this month.

    The Gift was the last chapter of a portmanteau work, but the only other chapter ever written was the first.

    Thanks again for the much appreciated feedback, especially as otherwise it appears to be knocking seasons.


  3. Congratulations on the milestone! I agree, a Chrossing will do wonders for a post’s popularity. One can only hope that those who drop in on Chross day will like what they see and return on their own.


    • 4 DJ

      Indeed. Actually I get about a permanent hike of 5 to 10 percent every time Chross references this blog and in the early days the now sadly missing Karl G helped build a lot of traffic off the back of Chross talent scouts.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      By the way how is your Sharon Green research going? Did you find any Santee stuff?


  4. I get a little lift too, each time, that lasts several days before it drops back. But numbers are slowly creeping up permanently. Karl is gone? I didn’t know! He pointed Chross in my direction a number of times. I’m sorry he’s gone.

    Yes, I did find a Santee novel, and I have three yummy excerpts waiting their turn in the queue. I wanted to break up the sci-fi string by posting material that’s quite different.

    Someone told me Sharon Green is a man. Any truth in that?


    • 6 DJ

      Well Karl’s weekly round-up hasn’t been updated for months now and he has stopped posting here. So he is at least on a long sabitical.

      Sharon Green a man – I never heard that – seriously doubt it just based on her writing. She used to dedicate her books with the legend:

      ‘For my husband and sons true men all!’

      Pretty devious and coniving if she really is a man!

      It is interesting how these things get started – where did you hear that?

      best DJ

      • Ah, well, someone caught me reading it, and told me he knew it was an S&M book, then went on to say that Sharon was a man. I wasn’t going to pursue the author’s sex, just acted innocent about the S&M as if I hadn’t read that far yet.

        I’m inclined to agree with you. It does seem like a woman’s perspective.

  5. 8 DJ

    I would be interested to find out that the Santee series was openly S&M?

    Her other books prior to her Romantic Spanking days were pulp sci-fi with a very much down-played subDom thing going on that varied from book to book.

    Are the Santee books openly S&M?



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