Too good to be true – spanking with the board


Have you ever checked out the discussion boards? It is interesting how often they are about spanking in all its forms. The best threads are those about young women who oh so reluctantly have to submit to a punishment they say they are too old for.

Typically someone will write to a board and ask something like: I am a 19 and last night my father spanked me, should I be worried? Or my landlady has said that if I come in late she will spank me and I have been worried and confused about this ever since, am I normal?

Now maybe this happened, but very often, you get the impression that the lady doth protest too much. Or indeed, it may not have happened at all.

The most interesting thing is that for most of us who follow this kind of thing we usually do not care. If the post is interesting and evocative enough then posting to a board is no less valid than writing stories mixed with fact to a blog say.

However there are those people who are obsessed with these stories but can only gain satisfaction if they can be convinced that every word is posted is true. They may want the story to be true but they can’t help flaming the poster saying. I don’t believe this happened. Or worse.

It seems the more interesting and unusual the story is the less they can bring themselves to believe it.

Here is a story that was posted over a period of time (many months) on Voy where the woman in question answered all sorts of questions from her fellow posters. There are million stories like this out there purporting to be true. Is this one, well here it is edited together as a single short story, you decide.

I am a 19-year-old sophomore in college and share a dorm with Whitney, also a sophomore and 20. I am a good girl. I’m not a complete geek, I like to have fun, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t get in a lot of trouble. My roommate Whitney is also a good girl, or apparently had been until this semester.

We get along pretty well, but she spends all of her free time partying, never cleans and seems to neglect any kind of cleaning. Our room stinks and I try to keep it up, but I get no help. I clean her shit all the time and it’s nasty.

Apparently she wasn’t like that last year. I only knew her in passing last year, had a class with her, we talked and met a few times at parties. We were usually the ones avoiding all the freshman vices. So, I was pretty pleased when I found out we would be roommates. Apparently she has completely lost her mind this semester.

Her mom was visiting this weekend and took us out to dinner Friday. The subject of her partying and her grades going down came up a few times and her mom even probed me with questions about her behaviour and what not. It was a nice evening but a tense situation.

Saturday afternoon we were sitting around our dorm when her mom came over. We all shared pleasantries then she pulled a brush out of her purse, laid it on the desk and asked if she could spend some alone time with her daughter. Our dorm is at the end of the hall. At the very end is a common area with a huge window, coffee pot and study table. I sat there trying to read, but my mind kept wondering what was going on in there.

After several minutes I found out when I heard my room mate saying “No mom, no! Please mom, not here!” The walls in the dorm are practically made out of cardboard, so you can’t really keep secrets here. Then I heard SMACK “OW!” SMACK “OW!” SMACK “OW!” Fortunately for Whitney, there was a football game Saturday so it drew little attention. About the only people in the dorm were geeks like me and those nursing hangovers. It is a co-ed dorm but the three first floors are women and the three top floors are for guys and we’re on the second floor, so fortunately again for Whitney only girls were around.

The SMACK “OW!” continued for I swear ten minutes. There was maybe 15 minutes of silence then it started again for about another five or so minutes. There was about a half hour of silence then her mom poked out of the door and said I could come back in. Whitney had obviously been crying and made no secret of rubbing her butt or sitting uncomfortably.

Her mom said we should get ready she was going to take us out to dinner again. Before we did though her mom said “And how has your behaviour been this semester Ella?” I kind of froze and got a lump in my throat and I was able to stammer “Pretty good.” She told me if I ever felt myself slipping to let her know. My throat froze and I could only bounce my head up and down.

Whitney and I haven’t spoken about it. It was a couple of days before she appeared to sit with comfort again. The last couple of days she has been more like the Whitney I knew last year.

I’m just blown away by this. I wonder if anybody has had a similar experience in college?

I still haven’t talked to Whitney about her spanking and she doesn’t seem to want to bring it up. I can’t say that I blame her. I haven’t talked to her mom about it either, but I was having a truthful conversation with her and I confessed that I wasn’t doing very well in my math class. I confessed that I probably wasn’t studying enough. I told her that maybe I wasn’t very motivated for it. She asked what I thought might motivate me. I almost told her that maybe I needed a good spanking to motivate me but I just couldn’t get the words out. I just told her I wasn’t sure. She told me I had better get to cracking the books or something like that.

The vision of going over her knees and getting the brush on my bottom haunts me. I read this stuff and the story about the girl who got spanked for skipping class and the girl who’s room mate spanks her and the mom who spanked her 30 something year old daughter with great interest. I kind of wish my own mom would have spanked me more growing up. I feel like I’m becoming some kind of freak. I think I might regret it if I did find a way to get spanked. I’m just like totally becoming obsessed with it. I see how it has completely turned Whitney around. Maybe I need that, but I can’t really think of anything I do that would earn me a spanking.

Last weekend was homecoming. I pretty much stayed out of the craziness. I partied a little, but I mostly just hung out with some sober friends or studied. Whitney, on the other hand wasn’t exactly a good girl. This weekend she spent Halloween at home. I suspect she got a spanking. The reason I say that is when she got back she mostly laid on her bed and I believe she rubbed her butt. She said she had a long drive and was exhausted, I think it was something more.

I was bored and wanted to do something this weekend. I got mixed up with the wrong crowd and although I didn’t drink much, I was with them and we tee peed and did other insane things including some destruction. I didn’t take part in it, but I was with them. Eventually guilt got to me and I called a cab. Around here students can get a cab for just $3.

I confessed to my own mom and she was just like “Well, you shouldn’t have been doing that.” I expected her to really go off and tell me she would be right over to beat my butt, but of course that didn’t happen.

When I confessed to Whitney’s mom last night I clearly got a reprimand. Again I just rambled and babbled to her and brought up the subject of spanking again. She finally said “Young lady, are you suggesting that you think I should give you a spanking?! Is that what you’re getting at?!” The moment of truth impaled me. It felt just like one of those ancient spears going through my gut. One part of me was saying yes but the other part of me was telling me to hang up and forget the whole thing. My mouth was dry, my head was dizzy, my stomach was in knots and I couldn’t get my voice to do more than grunt and squeak.

She told me that if that is what I wanted then I had better be prepared. If she decides to spank me it would not be a play spanking, it would be for real. If she decides to do so and I agree it would be a commitment and there would be no way out. Once it starts no matter how embarrassing it is or how much it hurts I would have to take it and I will have to obey her. She did all of the rambling from that point on. I was hearing her but I was not hearing her. I was so confused at that point. I couldn’t believe what I had just done, I still can’t. I found myself saying, “Yes ma’am.”

I am so shook up I don’t know what to do. A part of me wants to call her and tell her just to forget it but the other part of me knows I deserve it and should experience this at least once mo matter how embarrassing and painful.

I would ask you all for advice, but I think I already know what the answer will be.

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back and give the details. I appreciate all of your concern and encouragement and, no I’m not emotionally scarred or anything like that, it didn’t exactly coincide with my fantasies, but I have no regrets. It’s just that I guess I was kind of playing a role that I never thought would really come true and I was extremely shocked when it did. And with trying to put it all together in my mind and fit all the pieces together it’s also finals time. The memory of being held down and having my bare butt set on fire kind of helped make me ‘hunker down’ as my Grandpa always says.

On Saturday around 10:30, I was reading on my bed and Whitney was messing around. I felt an unexpected slap on my butt and Whitney said, “Come on, let’s go.” Naturally, I said with a bit of surprise, “Go where?” She told me we were going on a road trip. She was acting unusually forward and kind of dominant, very persistent despite my protest. It kind of turned me on in a way. Whitney is definitely the more outgoing of the two of us, but this was a side of her I wasn’t familiar with. In a way her mysterious demanding made me nervous but I liked it. She had some stuff packed and ready for us to go.

I finally gave in, feeling like I didn’t have much choice. I was getting the feeling that this was it. I started to feel sick and nervous as her car moved through town and onto the highway. It was a beautiful cold morning and I am sure Whitney was trying to make me feel as easy as she could yet not dropping her shield or mystery. She actually let me smoke in her car. I sensed we were heading towards her house and I was feeling really sick. We stopped a couple of times because I felt like I was going to poop my pants. I get like that when I get nervous. Whitney was very reassuring but never dropped her shield. She pointed out things of interest, like her grade school, her favourite mall, the famous pizza hang out and we pulled into what I assumed was her drive.

Her mom looked very happy and gave us both big hugs and we sat down for coffee and snacks, but I couldn’t eat anything. Strange, but I could still feel Whitney’s handprint on my butt even though it wasn’t that hard of a slap. I was surprised that her mom suggested I go out on the back porch for a smoke while she talked to Whitney. I probably smoked half a pack waiting, about to puke or poop my pants while they talked. Nobody said anything, but I was sure my doom awaited. I wasn’t having any more fantasies or curiosity anymore, only apprehension.

Whitney asked me to come in and we sat in the living room and talked about nothing really. I was feeling very uneasy and finally Whitney’s mom said “OK sweetheart, come with me.” Whitney gave me kind of a smile and patted my thigh. Whitney’s mom was very sweet and gentle as she led me through the hall and up the stairs to her bedroom. That brush that I saw in our dorm and had been in countless fantasies was on the bed. It suddenly didn’t look as appealing. It looked like a monster. I felt like I had had too much to drink. Everything was kind of blurry, my body was shaking, my brain was going in a thousand directions.

Very calmly, Whitney’s mom sat on the bed, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them all the way down. Then my panties. I wanted to grab her to stop her but it was like I couldn’t move. She calmly lectured me about everything I had ever told her and some things I could swear I never mentioned. I think Whitney ratted me out. “This is your last chance to back out sweetheart, because once you go over my knees you will be punished until I decide you’re done.” My brain was saying, “Run, run!! Stop this whole thing now!!” but I couldn’t move. As scared and nervous as I was I admit my mons was burning and I was feeling a very strange horniness.

Whitney’s mom gently led me over her lap and rubbed and patted my butt. She had been very gentle up to this point then I felt a sharp slap on my butt. It stung a lot more than I had expected. On the one hand I felt like I was going to spew into the headboard, but I couldn’t control the orgasm I felt coming as her hand stung my bottom a couple more times. Suddenly that calm, gentle lady made a complete 360. “So, you have the nerve to ask me to give you a spanking!!” Her hand started to feel like a train slamming into my butt. “You think you’re too good to deserve a spanking!! You never do anything naughty enough to deserve such a punishment! You have been a very naughty little girl and that superior attitude of yours is going to change!! Do you understand me?!” As if I had no control of my speech, I heard myself say “Yes Ma’am.” as real tears started to cloud my eyes. “You are going to regret asking me for a spanking!! What nerve!!” As her hand was burning into my butt she listed all the naughty things I had done. I think I hated her at that moment but realized everything she said was true and I deserved this a lot more than girls who I always think deserve a good spanking. I felt like my body and life was out of my control. I knew I was on the brink of orgasm and was trying to hold back, but I just exploded as her hand felt like a branding iron all over my butt and legs. I felt incredible shame and at the same time release and I just went limp and tears exploded from my eyes.

I’m sure Whitney’s mom knew as she slowed the pace of the slaps but not the force. It really, really, really started to sting and burn at this time. I tried to avoid or lessen the oncoming slaps but she always found her target and had a grip on my back that made me practically immobile.

Regret was really starting to set in as the spanking just went on and on without stop. My whole backside felt like it was on fire. I could swear I was bleeding. I was bawling like a 2 year old. I could swear it went on for hours. I thought it would never end. Finally she let me up and gave me the biggest, tightest hug and rubbed my burning bottom. Oh, that felt good. She led me waddling to face the wall and left the room. I just bawled and tried to rub the fire out of my backside and piece together what had just happened. I felt bumps all over my backside. Once I stopped crying and was just gasping for air I heard her footsteps and straightened up. Whitney’s mom grabbed my wrist and jerked me back over her knees. I felt the cold back of the hairbrush on my burning butt cheeks. “Oh, we’re not finished young lady. That was only a warm up.” I felt all of the air in my body go out. Oh I can not explain how that brush stung. No matter how hard I tried to get away, she held me down and beat my behind with the brush. I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn’t even really cry it hurt so bad.

I don’t know how many swats or how long it went on but it felt like hundreds. At this point I truly regretted ever wondering what a spanking was like. I’m sure I was screaming every time the brush smacked my bottom. When it was over, Whitney’s mom held me and coddled me like a little girl until I could pull myself together. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and my family, but I’ve never felt that kind of love or forgiveness.

I wasn’t allowed the chance to freshen up, so I was led to the dining room with a white face, puffy red eyes and nose. Whitney just kind of sat leisurely at the table kind of glaring at me. I suddenly remembered Whitney and felt absolutely embarrassed. I had almost forgotten about her. She watched me try to discretely settle my tormented bottom onto the hard wood chair, like she knew exactly how it felt. We drank coffee and talked but no one said a word about what had just happened. I found sitting to be very uncomfortable and my ass just burned for like over an hour.

The rest of Saturday and most of Sunday was a lot of fun with Whitney and her mom. I felt really embarrassed to be with both of them after what I had been through, my butt was so tender and a constant reminder to be a very good girl. Every once in a while I felt like my butt was getting tazed. I had actual welts on my butt and it was an assortment of colours.

Sunday we had a huge lunch, went shopping for Whitney and I for food and stuff to take back to our dorm She is such a nice lady and really loves her daughter, I could tell. We had an early dinner and were ready to leave about 5:00. Whitney’s mom said she wanted to see me before we left. We made that long, horrible walk up the stairs.

Her mom treated me just like her daughter stroking my hair and rubbing my face and told me I was a good girl and she was glad I was Whitney’s roommate. She asked me to keep Whitney out of trouble and to let her know if Whitney is naughty. She said she would also be keeping tabs on me and if I was naughty she would punish me. I almost melted with horror and dread. She told me to pull my pants and panties down, which I did with immense apprehension and she showed me the rod. It was thin and flexible and I had seen what those things do to girls in videos. They usually get six, I was told I would be getting 15. If the professionals in videos only get six, how could I get through 15?!

I obediently bent over the back of the chair and grabbed the seat for dear life. It was a lot worse than I even imagined. It felt like a knife slashed across my ass. That was only the first. I put up quite a fuss, especially the ones that snapped my privates and legs. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the whole 15, but it was excruciating.

Whitney’s mom held me for like ever. My emotions were all in a big ball. Getting my pants up was not an easy task.

Even though I had a big pillow to sit on, the ride home was torture.

I had welts on my ass for like three days and could still feel them over a week later, especially on my legs. I went back to school feeling a great sense of duty and despite being spanked like a little girl, felt much more grown up. I don’t regret having done it at all and I am sure to behave because I don’t want to have to go through that again, but at the same time, I do. I have the feeling it wont be the last time.

Whitney and I have never really talked about it. She actually seems more mature since, or maybe I just thought I was so much more mature and getting my butt spanked like a little girl made me realize I’m really not all that grown up. She also seems to be more dominant towards me, but then again I might just feel more vulnerable.

I can’t wait to get home and see my family, but I’ve unfortunately got one more final on Monday. Whitney has already gone home for break, so I’m kind of lonely. After this experience, I’m not really sure how I’m going to feel or act around my family. I’m sure not going to tell them. I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with being treated like a good little girl with no consequences. There’s yelling and stuff, but no real consequences. I always thought I was special that way and I was too good for everybody, but I don’t really feel like that now. I think my spoiled little sister could probably use a good ass beating, but I doubt very strongly that that’s going to happen.

That was Ella’s story republished from Voy. Is it true? Do you care?

6 Responses to “Too good to be true – spanking with the board”

  1. Complete fantasy. The basic premise could be true, but so many of these go wrong when the writer over-elaborates, tries to work too much in, as he did [the story was by a girl – your use of he was your cynicism I suppose – Ed ;)] here.

    But who cares, it was rollicking entertaining read


  2. I am the moderator of that forum ( and I am honored that you referenced us. I feel that it certainly is the best forum on the web.
    I have no reason to believe that this story is not true. I could not care less fact or fiction anyway. It is very well written and I and the forum visitors had their needs met by this poster and the reader can decide it’s validity or choose not to care. We have a pest on the forum (who is immediately deleted) who makes claims of falsity and multiple names. My response is that our visitors are intelligent and if they wish to believe or not believe a post, that is up to them. We don’t need truth police to guide us in our thinking.

    I’m not talking about “A Voice In The Corner”. This is a fantastic web site which came to my attention as a reference by a poster on my forum.
    One thing you didn’t make clear in your article is that this story evolves over a period of a few months. I have no reason to doubt the validity for that and other reasons. Racidavist pointed out ‘over-elaboration’ as an indication of this being fantasy. I believe in this case it is the exact opposite. It is the elaboration, rambling dialogue and innocence of the poster over a period of months that make this believable.

    Absolutely many of the stories on my forum and others are either pure fantasy or derived from reality mixed with fantasy, and there are a LOT that I hope to god are fantasy (those involving children and other purely demonic ‘accounts’). A few of the forums on Voy are really sickening, mostly advocating abuse of children in the good old christian tradition. “Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking” ( is more on the fun and open side dealing more with adults. This story is one that I have no reason to doubt.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. 3 opsimath

    I can only assume that whoever wrote this got what they wanted from it; the same could, undoubtedly, be said of those who read it. The truth is less important in this genre than a well-written story and I am quite certain that much more is written about than ever occurs.

    I think the only thing that really matters is what Shelley called ‘the willing suspension of disbelief’. If you can accomplish this and enjoy the tale, why not take it as it is, enjoy it and leave the question of its veracity for another time, or even never?

  4. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss


    The material in this post certainly makes for a gripping story. Having looked at some of the original postings on the voy forum, I can see you’ve pieced this together out of what must have been a long string of forum posts.

    Is it true? Hard to say. But the fact that it was presented as true on the forum does give it a certain extra something that it wouldn’t have had if it were presented as fiction.

    While we’re on the subject of forum material, there’s stuff I’ve collected or seen on forums that maybe has an even higher likelihood of being true and is really strong material. However, I’d feel uncomfortable repackaging it and republishing it on a blog without the author’s permission — not that I’d have ways to contact the author(s) of the material I’m thinking of. But I’m interested in how you deal with that question, since a lot of your great posts and stories seem to be derived from this very sort of “forum mining”.

    Did you ever read the (now defunct) Ladies Spanking Forum, for instance. The series of posts there by a young lady who called herself “Gretchen” would have been enough to fill a small book.

    But I’m guessing different people are clued in to different things even in a realm so narrow as the spanking internet. I’d never looked at the voy forums before. And that whole Lowewood thing just passed me right by.

    Generally though, glad to see your blog is flourishing and attracting the audience it deserves.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. 5 DJ

    Hi Karl

    Your back!

    I was wondering where you had got to.

    I have read the LSF (at least one thing I published here is from it).

    On Forum mining – I give credit where I can – a lot of stuff is sent to me now so it is rarely a problem.

    Other stuff is from a sort of archive I keep of random stuff (like from the old LSF) which would otherwise be lost if I did not give it new life.


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