The handbook for sorority spanking


Girls just want to have fun

There has been some more feedback on the posts about sororities.

Carol-Anne from Montana has emailed me to defend sorority rituals and hazing practices.

She writes:

I read with interest your posts on sorority spanking. I am not sure that all your contributors were entirely on the level, shall we say, but they could be for all I know. This is an inevitable consequence of misguided intervention in an all-American custom of sorority hazing. In recent years, there has been a tendency to drive some things underground.

It has been 12 years since I left college, but I still maintain contacts with my sisters and participate in socials as often as I can.

I will not reveal the secrets of our society as such, nor obviously name names, but I can tell you great care is taken when selecting prospective sisters and be assured all our pledges know exactly what they are getting into.

I have included some text, which although taken from the web, is very similar to our old handbook and introductory material for our sorority. Some of it was only available to big sisters as guidance material, but I can assure you that pledges know they are going to be spanked and sometimes spanked bare. As you will see, we are not innocent of the erotic dimensions of such practice that seem to understandably fascinate you. Rather we often embrace them.

I was spanked on my bare bottom as a punishment by my big sister as a pledge and I have spanked many pledges since my freshman days. I can only say that it was not all fun, but much of it was and I am a better person for it.

The original text was badly edited and has been amended. Carol noticed it even if DJ didn’t.

There were two passages included, which have been run together below:

The sorority is popular in colleges and universities among the female students. Students entering the college prefer the sorority in order to benefit from the experience of the senior students. It is essential, therefore to be well prepared in order to qualify during the sorority recruitment process. Joining a sorority can be a rewarding experience and the attitude and personality of girls can change significantly by becoming a member. Often even the parents try to inspire their daughters to join a group where something can be learned and the character developed.

An important aspect of sorority life is the paddle. Greek paddles are offered to the juniors or the new members joining the sorority by the senior members. Although many gifts can be given to a sister, the traditional Greek paddles are still preferred by the sorority.

Greek paddles are available in the market or they can be homemade. They are available in different varieties so if you want to present a beautiful Greek paddle then be prepared to stretch your budget.

Spanking is also related to the paddles and therefore the gift of a paddle serves many purposes.

The Spanking Paddle refers to the wooden piece having a definite shape used for spanking buttocks. Spanking is common in the sorority and it is used for harassment of girls who join the sorority. The spanking paddle is flat faced with narrow neck and a handle for holding it effectively.

Often the punishment given to sisters is in the form of a spanking on the bared buttocks. Physical punishments are common. Whipping is also common but it is quite different from spanking paddle. The spanking does not result in stripes. The main motive is to humiliate the person other than causing injuries and bruises.

Although the spanking does cause pain when it is more firmly applied, especially if there is continuous beating on the buttocks, its primary purpose is not to cause tremendous pain. It must be stressed that the mental aspect is preferred by the sorority members for punishment and physical injuries must be avoided. Therefore the paddling is often done by using more flexible paddles, which are also effective in giving more painful blows.

Generally the physical impact is therefore not greatly increased, only the humiliation, if administered bare-arse. A serious punishment paddle often has holes drilled in it in order to make the surface less smooth and reduce air resistance, which causes the victim to blister much faster (although these holes may be bevelled to reduce the chances of blistering).

Furthermore, a long model (including the handle) increases the leverage and hence the force applied on the punished skin. While a big blade looks frightening, it spreads the force over a larger surface, and so with equal weight it would hit less intensely. A narrow shape can be more cane-like, to concentrate all the force of one or several consecutive blows on a single buttock or parts of it, rather than across the entire behind, to cause more intense pain and worse bruising.

On the other hand, if the damage allowed is limited, inflicting strokes less intensely allows a prolonging of the duration of the paddling ordeal, to this end it is advisable to work over different parts of the bottom; prolongation is also possible by pausing, which has the added effect of causing the victim to suffer further mentally (and ponder the offence being punished) while having to wait for the next painful instalment.

Hazing is common in colleges and universities, but new members join the sorority to get assistance from their seniors and also for enjoying a diverse social life, so it is important not to abuse the trust of the junior and to make sure that all punishments are fair.

The sorority paddle is often kept by an alumnus or used in BDSM role play, especially if it carries Greek-organization markings.


13 Responses to “The handbook for sorority spanking”

  1. 1 Anne W

    I joined a sorority in 1989 and we were given a brochure about anti-hazing and how the paddle tradition was purely symbolic.

    Then at a private rush party we told the truth.

    Nothing was ever put down in writing but we knew we were going to get paddled and how before we took it any further.

    In the end there was not all that much paddling – but we were punished for breaches of the rules. It was very embarrassing at the time, but much later I got into from an erotic point of view.

    I could say more. But I won’t.


  2. 2 Carol-Anne


    Just to say that if you read this post on the first day – I sent some gibberish – thanks DJ for editing it. The work I sent was from a German education website – very badly translated. I would have sent a copy of our original handbook but I only have one printed version so this was the closest in spirit to what we have.

    The point I wanted to make was that – yes sororities spank – but it is consensual so get over it. Many of the horrors are result of driving it underground.

    Love and hugs Carol Anne P, currently Montana

    college (my secret) 🙂

  3. I find this whole subject absolutely amazing. I went to a commuter college and the frats and sors were purely symbolic as far as I ever knew so I have very little knowledge of how a university works.
    What I find amazing is, even though we all know paddling and punishments exist in college, or we would like to imagine they do, writers give vague details of such occurrences, some paint a very reliable picture, but no one will commit absolute evidence. What is it they fear? Who are they protecting?
    An oath is an oath, but it is human nature to give away a secret, yet no one will. Not on this forum or mine. ( Even former Mormons have sold out their secret magic underwear. Could this all be over active imaginations or is the oath really that strong?

    Peace and love

  4. 4 Heather

    I don’t know why most people don’t talk – but you have to understand that membership of a sorority is very intense and people tend to be very young when they join them (well obviously) so the whole secrecy and keeping the code is very well ingrained.

    I might contribute further at some point – I will think about it. For now I will say what I can.

    When I joined a sorority we went to a big general meeting which talked about the pros and cons of joining a sorority in general terms and mentioned anti-hazing policies, all the things that you would expect.

    When I went to the private meetings I began to hear things. I wanted to join a sorority and I ended up joining the one that were open about hazing and paddling rather than one of the ones that were evasive when asked.

    I got paddled as a pledge – we all did. There were kidding around paddlings and hazing paddlings and punishment paddlings.

    The hazing stopped after my initiation and the kidding around was sporadic. But in my sorority punishment spankings with a paddle were part of sorority life.

    For instance, I got paddled as a big sis for being too rough with my little sis. Bullying was not tolerated. It hurt, I cried.

    Why am I still reluctant? Years ago I let some things slip about the sorority (not much more than I am now). I don’t know how, but word got back to the sisterhood. I was hauled up on a disciplinary. I was given a choice a $25 fine and a bare bender in the bum room (ie in public) or $50 fine and a private paddling from my big sis in front of two witnesses. I chose the latter. It was an experience.

    I am not exactly scared to say more – I left 15 years ago and there is almost no chance that anyone could identify me (Heather not being my real name) but if I did give specific details it might be enough (because of the unique nature of the specifics to each sorority and sometimes years) to give them a clue.

    A friend of mine was in a Frat and it has been useful to his career – if he were to be indiscreet it could have consequences. Do not underestimate the influence of these things.

    That said I would love to hear more from others – let someone else eat standing up for a month or two.


  5. 5 Jenny

    Hi Heather

    I read recently of a sorority handing out 200 swats each to four girls in a week.

    They will no doubt claim that this is an exception.

    I too got put on a disciplinary after my pledge year. Two lots of 30. I deserved them. Enough said.

    I would never give anything away about my sorority. No offense but you deserved everything you got. I hope is was a lot.

    The difference between us saying something now years after is that no one can identify our sororities or harm our sisters. You blabbed in college and everyone knew what sorority you were in.

    I once gave a ride to my little sis and her real younger sister. During the ride the sister asked me a lot of questions about our sor that she should not know. I could tell from my little’s face that she knew she had crossed the line.

    I should have reported her. Instead I gave her several sessions with my paddle in my room. I mean busted her ass can’t sit down for a week workouts more than once.

    Even then I felt guilty about not reporting her and went to see my big from my pledge class. She was supportive of me protecting my little – but as we agreed I got a good workout for my complicity.

    I think Carol-Anne is also out of line – sharing – but that is up to her. At least she didn’t id the sor.

    Jenny (Hellabub)

  6. 6 Heather


    Well thank you kindly mam for your support.

    Seriously I agree and I learnt my lesson and yes I got one hell of a session.

    I would say more but more but you might say I should get spanked for it. 😉

    Heather x

  7. 7 Carol-Anne

    Hi Jenny

    My you are a fiesty one. I would have loved to have tamed you.

    And don’t you Hellabub me young lady! Actually I don’t know what that means but I can guess.

    It is good to hear from a fellow sister.

    I felt strongly I should speak in defense of sororities. Thigs are going to get said anyway.

    I’ll take any licks I’ve got coming. Will you? 🙂


  8. 8 Jenny

    Hi Carol-Anne

    I can and I have.

    I am quite tame enough thank you. My husband handles that these days.

    I do sometimes still miss an ever reddening pair of buns beneath my paddle.

    It would have been relly neat if you had known what Hellabub meant – but I am not suprised you don’t.

    I do know what PDASH means though, we had that one as well! 🙂


  9. 9 Soozze

    Hi Guys

    I am sorry I missed this thread back in January. But I am new to this blog. Great blog by the way.

    I was in a sorority in the late 1980s and into the 1990s.

    I actually got turned down by my first sorority and later on changed colleges. I am pretty sure they didn’t spank at the sorority that turned me down. But they sure did at the second college.

    I saw some girls getting hazed in the middle of the sports ground early one Sunday morning. They were being made to run around with very little on. I stayed to watch and to my amazement I saw a couple of girls paddled.

    When I asked about it they said that it was nothing to what went on behind closed doors. I don’t know why, but I joined on the strength of this.

    I too am not supposed to talk about it but suffice to say: PADASH


  10. 10 Alanna


    I too am late to this party. PADASH? Do you mean PDASH? Yeah we had that one.

    We had to line up in what the seniors called the bum room if we were caught coming back late. Which was every Saturday night as curfew was 9.30 and we always wanted to party. Actually the system kinda worked against encouraging you to be early, since once you were late you certainly didn’t want to be only a little late.

    The reason. Well once you were caught coming back late you had to stand and face the back wall of this bum room and stay there until everyone missing had come home. or until midnight, whatever came first. So if you came in at 10, then you might have to wait until midnight before the monitors would deal with you.

    I never found out what happened to the past midnight party girls – I really didn’t want to know.

    Anyway once the gang was all here – we had to bend and bare it for a dose of the paddle. And boy did it hurt.

    Other than that and hell night – the only regular spankings I got were from my biggie. She had ways and means! And some of her means were real mean.

    Looking back it was sometimes fun. But 30 years for me.

    A xxx PDASH forever!

  11. 11 Bill

    OK I’ll bite!

    What does PDASH mean?


    • 12 DJ

      I have it on good authority that it means:

      Panties Down And Spank Hard

      Thanks from she who will remain anonymous for that.


  1. 1 Spanking seniors | Atyourservices

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