More sorority spankings


The sorority spanking posts got the biggest response ever on this blog. Here are a few a samples of comments made and a little bit more info that has been uncovered.

This blog has been criticised lately for touching on dangerous ground, this subject more than others. Two women started to tell and then retracted, apparently afraid of the consequences.

Was this a dramatic game on their part or is the whole sorority thing more sinister than we thought?

An American journalist called James Alan Park said a few years ago that when he wrote in his column that he was going to write about his fraternity days he received hate mail and some of his brothers from 20 years before called on him for a chat. He decided not to publish to avoid upsetting people, he said, but was heavier pressure brought to bear?

After a brief exchange on Voy, inquiries quickly descended into flames.

This brief email was sent by way of an explanation by a third party.

“Hi DJ,

Sorry your innocent and polite inquiries got you in so much hot water. Personally, I thought it was the beginning of an interesting strand.

I was in a sorority and it was very much fun for me. Yes there was paddling, but how far it went was rather down to the spontaneity and attitude of the participants.

One evening a group of us got drunk and a really quite harsh paddle session turned quasi-sexual and a lot of bare bottoms and faces got very red. Afterwards some of the girls were reluctant to talk about it. Although my crush and I thought it was neat and did it again several times, hence my interests here.

However, my cousin heard, again always the rumour mill, at her college that a girl who got hazed by bare bottom paddling told her boyfriend about it. She wasn’t that bothered by all accounts, but he told some friends and later his girl got ‘kidnapped’ and was later found handcuffed naked to her bed with a very well-paddled rear end. She swore that it was a prank, but never talked about it again.”

Stevie says:

At my sorority we used to do the paddle pillow thing.

But the only time the paddle got used was at the paddle party.

On hell night, after various stunts we had to go to a party, which was fun, but like you say in your article we had to get as many people as we could to sign the paddle and every time they did they got to use it on our behinds. It got pretty rough.

The pledge with the most signatures got a prize. The one who got the least was promised a paddling in front of everyone.

The loser only got one swat and that was not as hard as some the swats I got to avoid the paddling.

The Blaxter wrote:

I had a big sis and I had to give her a paddle with our names on it. I was told to make sure it was useable. So there was no doubt after the Rush that paddling was part of the deal.

I was real nervous about it, but everyone said it would be alright.

We had all these dumb rules. You couldn’t say certain words at certain times and you had to have your room tidy at all times. I do mean all times. So if you put your coat on the bed while you were taking off your scarf just before putting them away and then there was an inspection, then you were for it!

At the end of the week all your crimes were totalled up by Big Sis and you got the paddle. And yes we really did get it bare!

I say this because this was always denied and I was told to say it never happened.

One girl I pledged with complained to the pledge mistress, the girl in charge. She got paddled on the seat of her night shorts until she was crying and parroted the sorority line. Then she got more in private on the bare!

No one complained after that.

So it did happen! I loved it (eventually) and became a spanko! Others may not have done.

This from Bex

I had a big sis and I got the paddle too.

But did anyone ever have housekeeping?

We had housekeeping. That is once a week, or sometimes more often, we had to go and see the pledge mistress or her proxy to confess our ’sins’.

She had her own list, so if we didn’t own up then it was worse for us.

We always got the paddle, usually on the panties. Sometimes not.

It hurt and we cried. There were usually four of us. The worse thing was that everyone knew why you were there, like the comment in the post.

I was never paddled bare during housekeeping or during hell night. But I did get it bare a couple of times from big sis. But only in private.

I always paddled both my little sisters bare butt – it was too much fun. I also once gave a bare bottom paddling to another sister to settle something privately. Neither of us were pledges at the time.

Jane Wilcox opened a rich vein with this and as promised has contacted me with more details.

My Aunt had some tales. She was a legacy in the 1970s. At her sorority they did not like legacies for some reason and she said they were very hard on her.

Bare bottom paddling was standard, but not anywhere there were witnesses. The comment in the post about someone overhearing a ‘housekeeping’ would never happen.

At her sorority they were into a controlled amount of public nudity and humiliation. Some of my aunt’s stories would make your hair stand on end.

A legacy is the daughter or niece of someone who has previously enrolled in a sorority. They are sometimes resented because they are almost obliged to take them and it sometimes appears that they get it easy as a result. However, the reverse is usually the truth.

At my aunt’s sorority they had a whole range of activities. Most of them were of no interest to outsiders, but a few obviously are. All are closely guarded secrets. Although it is amazing that this is so, given how many people must know about it.

One of the most embarrassing things that happened to her and some other freshman girls was diaper day.

The gym or another large room relatively secure room on campus was hired for the day and before classes started the pledges were assembled and stripped naked in this hall.

They were held in a diaper position and the hair from their lower parts was removed by using tweezers until their tormentors got bored or they were completely bald there. I think this was largely token as they were shaved after. It hurts apparently and the girls were all crying.

Part of the reason for this was that the girls of this sorority were traditionally unshaven below and this, it was argued, made sure that they never relapsed. My aunt said if they did the process could be later repeated even on senior girls who were not pledges.

I asked my aunt if this ever really happened and she just replied.

“Oh yes.” She was blushing so I did not pursue it.

After they were quite bald, they were powdered like babies and a diaper was put on them. This was their underwear for the day. Apparently, even though they wore skirts to class over their diapers it was obvious that this had been done to them.

They were not allowed to remove the diaper for any reason and so were strongly advised not to eat or drink all day.

The worse thing about this was that one end of the gym was roped off and open to anyone in the sorority to come and watch. Even some of the faculty who had some association with the sorority attended. Imagine later being taught by a professor who had witnessed this. Only women were allowed and never any men or frat boys like in all those bad movies.

Later they were inspected and any ‘accidents’ were punished. This meant an over the knee bare bottom spanking in front of everyone like a kid and then being sent to the corner while the others played little kiddy games as a ‘reward’ for being good.

To carry on with this theme the new pledges had to wear pacifiers around their necks on a piece of string while they were on campus and when not in class they had to put them in their mouths. After all babies did not need to speak. Crazy. This was during the first week I think.

My aunt did have a big sister who looked after her and showed her the ropes. She was mostly her friend but my aunt also had to do chores around the sorority house and run errands. If she failed in any task, then big sis put her over her knee and gave her a spanking. This was often bare and was sometimes followed by corner time where other pledges and sisters could see.

Jane Wilcox wrote a lot more on this and so we might return to this in another post.


4 Responses to “More sorority spankings”

  1. 1 Demi

    We had diaper day at our sor

    not as public – but the tweezers made our eyes water and like Jane’s aunt our sorority was smoothie as well.

    we also had pacifiers and paddling as well – but not harsh.

    Thanks for sharing.

    D x

  2. 2 Jenny

    We had pacifiers but no diapers.

    We also had to shave you know where.

    The worse thing (well it was fun but embarrasing) was the strip soccer!

    We had to play soccer and then if we let in a goal we had to take off and item of clothing. Both teamswere near naked by the end. The losers got swats. That would be us then. Blushes!

    Has anyone else played it? Whenever I tell – people think I am mad.

    We had the paddle for other things – but not bad. Shame.


  3. 3 Ben

    Hi Jenny (and all)

    Thats my kind of soccer 🙂

    My ex-girlfriend used to have to play hockey in a thong and bikini top at her sorority.

    She also got the paddle.

    But she wouldn’t even tell me a lot of stuff.

    Great blog by the way!


  4. 4 Richard Herndon

    Never got past high school but my aunt was a house mother i can imagine her discipline method on a brat ass rich girl poor girl

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