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Angela’s story continues: “How did you get on?” David asked an hour after we got home. I looked at him puzzled and then shrugged. “You mean Christmas? It was great, I think Mum and Dad really like you.” I replied. “Yes it was, but you know that wasn’t what I meant.” David said impatiently. “I […]

Angela’s story continues. My other concerns soon evaporated as I was given my first gift, a box of chocolates from an aunt. And an orgy of parcel opening and mutual kissing and hugging ensued. David had brought my father a bottle of scotch, on my suggestion and my mother a book on flower arranging, both […]

Angela’s story continues. Nothing was said the next morning and I earnestly hoped that my parents had not heard me tell David of my conversation with my mother. Everyone was up early of course, for a traditional Christmas breakfast, but I was too excited to eat. The presents were not to be opened until the […]

To tie up two loose ends from recent comments here are a couple of things found on the web. A few weeks back there was a comment questioning whether young women were ever really recipients of corporal punishment at school. Also, someone asked if there were going to be Christmas stories so there is a […]

Angela’s story continues. As Christmas approached, I was nervous as hell. The day before we left for my parents I stood with my bottom turned the bedroom mirror in my best underwear, sans knickers but complete with stockings and suspenders. I fingered the raised ridges on my behind and I got a perverse pleasure from […]

Another old chestnut doing the rounds on some blogs is how and when did you first get interested in spanking or BDSM? The most common answer is ‘for as long as I can remember’. Now does this mean that everyone is naturally interested in spanking but most people just grow out of it or is […]