Angela’s story: New Years Day lost in a Royal forest


Angela’s story continued.

I slept soundly that night. It was almost as though Nan and Alec knowing and approving of David and I lifted a burden from me somehow. I suddenly felt silly and childish when I looked back over my behaviour and attitude in recent weeks. I wondered if it was possible to grow up in a few days. Nah. I was going to get spanked for being a brat eventually.

The next day I examined my doomed bottom. Most of the marks had faded although it was still tender in places. I was definitely healing more quickly these days. Just as well I thought.

My bath brush was laid out on the dressing table near the bathroom door. I picked it up and tested its weight on the palm of my hand. Then looking around to make sure David was gone, I lifted my dressing gown and gave myself a couple of swats as hard as I dared. It definitely stung. It was going to hurt tonight I realised.

“Angela.” David called from somewhere downstairs.

Happy, I scampered off to find my lord and master completely conscious that I was doing it.

“How’s your head?” David asked when I got downstairs.

“Fine.” I swallowed nervously, had I over done it last night? “I didn’t drink that much.”

“I thought not. I was just wondering what you wanted to do today? We could go for a drive in the country.”

I just grinned at him.

“I thought we could find a nice forest somewhere or a river.” David smiled back.

“Do you know where the totem pole is?” I asked suddenly remembering a conversation at the previous night’s party.

“Totem pole?” David seemed confused by the seeming non sequitur.

“Yes apparently there is a forest with a lake that has a great big Red Indian totem pole in it.” I replied suddenly unsure of myself. I realised how unlikely it sounded in England. “I thought if you knew where it was we could go there.”

David looked at me blankly for a minute.

“Yes there is one in Windsor Great Park I think.” He said.

He took a book of the shelf and began flicking the pages. It was an AA book of beauty spots in England and Wales.

“Ah here it is. Virginia Water. The Totem Pole was a gift of the people of Canada to Her Majesty the Queen in 1958. It stands 100 feet high and is typical of Pacific Coast Native American art, it says here.” David nodded. “Virginia Water is a large park that forms part of Windsor Great Park, its not that far.”

“A park?” I said doubtfully.

“Windsor Great Park is a forest. It’s where the medieval kings used to hunt, it used to be the private preserve of kings, but George V opened it up to the public. Virginia Water is a lake in the middle of the forest and as you say has bloody great totem pole next to it.”

“How do you know that?” I asked taken by the romance of the scene he painted.

“Because I have one of the finest minds in the Kingdom. No detail of history or culture can escape my machine-like mind.” He said smugly. “Also it says it here in this guide book.”

I punched him on the shoulder and we both laughed.

The drive out was easy. We had left early and few people had yet stirred to confront their New Year’s Day hangovers.

I didn’t get out beyond the western edge of London that often so just the drive was an adventure. Once we got off the main roads I really got to see another side of England.

I never knew that there was so much farmland that close to London. Each road was bordered by woodland and every so often, we were plunged into deep leafless forests or dark pinewoods.

The car park for Virginia Water had a number and was mostly empty, suggesting that there were several different places to park. On the map it looked like the place was large enough to walk all day but not so large that you could actually get lost. But what did I know?

“It’ll take about an hour to walk around the lake the short way, or more than two if we amble around the long way to take in the gardens and totem pole. It depends how much you want to see.”

“How much does it all cost?” I asked.

David gave me a withering look.

“This is what is commonly known as the countryside. Its not a theme park.”

“What about the totem pole?” I asked.

“It’s a public monument. I think its just there like Nelson’s Column, surrounded by the woods instead of the streets. Let’s go and see.”

We walked arm-in-arm a short way through the woods. There was a man walking his dog and another couple, otherwise it we had the leafless, but by-no-means lifeless forest to ourselves.

A squirrel crossed our path clutching an acorn like we might try and steal it. It studied us for any sign that we might be acorn muggers before scampering off into the undergrowth.

“Aren’t they supposed to hibernate or something?” I asked.

“Natural history isn’t really my area.” David replied.

We walked on with the sound of dead leaves crunching under foot.

“It’s a pity there is no snow.” I said sadly.

“There’s enough winter’s mist to keep it romantic for you surely?” David peered into the silver gloom about us.

We finally broke out into the open at the lakeside. There were dozens of groups and couples dotted around the lake, but none of them very near. The lake by English standards was large. The trees on the far side were in the middle distance and still bore traces of golden brown from the autumn. But length ways the lake seemed to bend away out of sight so that neither end was in view.

We followed the yellow sandy path around the lake and every few minutes a bird would dive down beside us looking for a winter’s meal beneath the water.

In places the lake was narrow and the trees came right to the edge so that their branches dipped into the water, but the other side was still far off. Eventually we came to an ancient brick-made bridge where we could cross.

“The totem pole is this way.” David pointed.

“How do you?” I started to ask before I saw the discreet sign.

David grinned.

We walked on for a while until the lake fell away and the trees broadened out to expose a gentle hillside, at the top of the rise, taller than most of the surrounding oak trees, stood the totem pole.

“Its bigger than any I’ve seen in a movie.” I gasped in wonder.

“Yes but they are always yay tall.” David held out his hands a couple of inches apart and smirked. Then added more seriously. “It looks like buckskin warriors will come over the rise any moment.”

Somewhere a bird broke into song as the winter sun chose that moment to breach the mist. I hugged into David; this was a perfect way to start the year.

Not all the trees were leafless. There were great red woods and monkey-puzzle trees. As we continued it was obvious that this was no wild wood, but a landscaped garden, but on an epic scale. It was so beautiful that I forgot to be hungry even as we went on walking well past lunch.

“I suppose we had better start back to the lake.” David said at last.

“Do you know the way?” I wondered.

“Back that way until we come to the lake again so we can follow it round.” David shrugged.

We found the lake easily enough and after a while, David suggested we veer off to cut the corner to the car.

“I need to go.” I wailed.


“There’s no toilet.”

“Go behind a bush.” David laughed.

“I’ve got snug leggings on and anyway my coat is too long.” I began to clutch my thighs together.

“The car is only just there, 200 yards at most.”

“Well take my coat at least and I’ll catch you up.”

I stripped off my long winter coat and dashed into the undergrowth while David walked on with my coat. It was no good; I couldn’t squat in my leggings without getting them wet. There was no one about so I decided to step out of them.

I was trying to balance between a fallen tree trunk and some nettles when I heard some one coming so I went deeper into the bushes.

“Here boy.” Called a male voice. “It’s only a squirrel, leave it alone.”

A red setter came bounding towards me. What if the man followed?

“Shoo.” I hissed desperately at the dog.

The dog snuffled up to me nearly forcing me over.

“Go away.” I wailed.

The dog ignored me, barking playfully. I waved at it frantically, desperate to repair my dress before the man came for his pet. As I grabbed for my leggings and knickers the dog decided I wanted to play and seized them in its jaws. I made a grab for them but he broke free and ran back to its master with half my clothing in his mouth. I lunged after him naked from the waist down but only succeeded in falling over.

“Where did you get those boy?” I heard the man ask.

What did he expect a dumb animal to tell him? ‘Oh I bought them from a squirrel.’

“Give them here boy, we’ll leave the on the rail at the car park, someone may come back to claim them.” The man informed his canine companion unhelpfully.

Should I call out? Then they were gone. At least I had my shoes.

What was I to do? I was half naked in a strange wood. Perhaps David would see the leggings and guess what had happened? I sat on the cold fallen log to put my shoes back on, looking around desperate that no one saw me. The log was cold and slimy against my naked bottom. How did this happen?

I started back towards where David had headed. There weren’t that many people about so perhaps I could make the car without being seen?

After 10 minutes I realised that David hadn’t gone that way and changed direction. I heard a car and ran so that branches whipped my legs. There was no way I was going to run on the path. I came out by the lake again.

Two children came by so I crouched down and hid. Once they had passed I tugged at my woollen jumper desperately trying to form it into a skirt. By covering my front, my bottom only became more exposed.

I tried to follow the path along the lakeside, but staying among the trees. If I could find the place where we broke out of the wood from the car, it was only a short walk back.

After half an hour I was very cold and with only my embarrassment to keep me warm I was no nearer to finding the car. When I heard voices coming towards me I panicked and ran back into the woods. This was England, how lost could I get? If I kept going, I would come to the road. I could follow that to the car.

This plan was more successful and after another 40 minutes, I found the car park. But I was on the wrong side. It took me another 10 minutes to work my way around; at times, I had to crawl to keep out of sight.

There was the car. No leggings, no David. I started to cry. After a while I saw that there was no one about so I made a break for the car. It was locked. All I had to do was wait. Then a car turned in to the car park. I ran in blind panic and tumbled literally arse over tit into a shrub.

I might have stayed curled up under a bush all day and night until I died of exposure. Then I heard a far off shout. I listened.

“Angela!” I heard far off.

“I’m here.” I screamed back.

This went on for a while and I had to keep stopping to look about to make sure that the wrong rescue party didn’t find me.

“Angela.” David yelled behind me. “What are you doing? Where the hell have you been?”

I jumped up and clutched at myself as a reflex.

“Where are your clothes?” David’s anger was driven aside by his surprise.

“They were stolen by a dog and I got lost.” I cried all in a rush.

Once I got into the car, we both saw the funny side.

“I suppose finding a pub for lunch is out of the question now.” David laughed looking down at my naked legs beside him.

“My bottom is freezing.” I said rubbing my thighs.

“We will soon sort that out once I get you home.” David said sternly. “Remember, we have some unfinished business later.”

I remembered.

I never did find out what happened to my leggings. David did have a look round before we drove off, but the dog owner must have left by a different exit or else some took a fancy to them.

After dinner that night, I took my place in the corner. Neither of us was in any hurry, but for very different reasons.

“I really ought to give you something extra for getting lost and losing your clothes.” David said when he finally turned his attention to me.

“I wrote everything in my book, I promise. I feel silly enough, I know I deserve it.” I said meekly. “Before we begin can I thank you for a lovely day? It didn’t end so well, but I am glad we went. Can we go again?”

“You can thank me later, right now your going over my knee.”

Once I was in place David stroked my bottom and appreciatively so as to let my nerves get the best of me. I whimpered softly not sure whether to be afraid or excited.

“I wonder if anyone else saw this today while you were playing naturist?”

I blushed at the reminder, I realised that someone must have seen something. Then I was blushing in earnest. The sharp impact of the bath brush took my breath away.

It took a moment for the pain to sink in and then I reacted.

“Owie, owie, owie!” I yelped.

But David gave me no respite as he added to my discomfort. The brush rose and fell a dozen times, the echo of the thwack louder even than my howling.

“Do you deserve this?” David shouted above the cacophony of my wailing and the crack of the brush. “Do you?”

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry.”

“Was I kind to let you wait?”

“No. I mean yes.”

“Who’s a naughty girl?”

“I am.” I sobbed.

“Should I stop now?”

“Oh god yes.”


“I mean no I’m bad.”

“Are you sure?”

I just wailed as the brush blazed a pattern on my tail.

“Should I stop?”


“Please stop? Or please more?”

David was being cruel. I didn’t want to play. I just wanted to cry.

“Should I stop?”

“No.” I sobbed. Yes I thought. No?

It didn’t matter the spanking continued for some time until I was sure that the bath brush was my least favourite implement.

I was finally told to go back to the corner. Although I couldn’t help but do a naughty dance with my arms flapping in lieu of rubbing first, but David soon put a stop to that. I was sent to the corner where I bobbed up and down for a time until the sting in my bottom abated to a common or garden unbearable instead of ‘I will do absolutely anything if you let me rub’ kind.

David kept me there in misery for a good while.

“Can I say thank you now?” I whispered half an hour later, once my tears had abated.

“I am quite enjoying the view of the purple-tailed Angela bird last seen on show in Windsor Forest.” David returned.

“I’ll be good and stay with nosey in the corner for as long as you say, but I want to say thank you for showing me the totem pole.” I said in my little girl voice, which sometimes works.

“If you come and kneel down here I have another pole to show you.” David said thickly.

I turned and he did. So, I had a closer look. I would have said thank you, but soon that was a little difficult. But then actions speak louder the words.

To be continued.

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