100,000 spanks and rising


A quick galnce back, Miss Markham and how she might have looked (top right) and a spanked flapper just bellow.

It has been a great four months since this blog was launched. After 100,000 visitors and over 300,000 words (that is six novels worth) we are coming to the end of our first year.

So far we have one award: The 2009 Spanking Writers Awards Most Fascinating Historical Blog Entry – for the history of the Markham Project. We have also been nominated (the voting is still open) for Best Blog of 2009 by the Spanking Spot.

The Russell Corner has also been selling, so visit the bookshop if you want a copy or check out an excerpt here. A big thanks goes to Dr David Roman for providing a forward and the information on the Markham Project.

Also thanks to Karl Friedrich Gauss, who was an early fan and helped promote this site when there were less than 100 people reading it. Where are you Karl?

A special mention for all those who have been appreciative of Lizzie Baines (which will return) and Angela’s Story, which is ongoing.

A Voice in the Corner will be back after the Christmas break.

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