Angela’s story: kindred spirits


Angela’s story continues.

“Hi.” I said shyly emerging from the haven of the bedroom.

Alec was about David’s age, but taller and greyer at the temples. Nan was a striking blonde, much younger than Alec, mid to late 20s at most.

“This is Angela. Angela this is Alec and Nan.” David introduced us ignoring my vivid blush.

“We met briefly.” Nan smirked.

Alec nudged her hard in the ribs and gave her a warning look. David nodded at me reassuringly.

“How did you two meet?” Alec asked helpfully.

“Well that’s a bit complicated.” David looked at me significantly.

“I am a student at college. David offered to help me, it sort started from there.” I said trying to sound matter-of-fact.

“Offered you a bit of a guiding hand did he?” Nan’s mouth twitched a little at the corners. “You seem a little flushed?”

“What do you study?” Alec asked ignoring his wife.

“History.” I looked up to meet Nan’s eyes for the first time. She had kind eyes and gave me a friendly wink. “I specialise in medieval history at the moment, but I hope to study comparative and modern history later on.”

“I am hopeless at anything like that.” Nan rolled her eyes up. “You must be so clever. I am just a secretary you see.”

“How did you all meet?” I asked feeling a little more at ease.

“David and I were at college together. He chose teaching and I ended up in the civil service before going in to business. Nan used to work for me.” Alec supplied.

“Does anyone need a drink?” David asked.

“Not for me I am driving.” Alec replied.

“Oh I’ll have.” Nan began.

“Orange juice.” Alec finished for her.

Nan didn’t say anything but just pouted.

Alec followed David as he went to fix the drinks leaving me with Nan.

“I would have preferred a G&T but I got a bit squiffy over Christmas.” Nan shrugged. “Not allowed to drink until New Year.”

“Not allowed?” I was intrigued.

“You know how it is. You are not the only one on a short leash.” Nan whispered conspiratorially.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I spluttered.

“Oh come on I know corner time when I see it.” Nan laughed. “Its where I would be if I had a gin.”

“You mean Alec spanks you as well?” I gaped. “As well as give you corner time, I mean?”

“As well as you, you mean.” Nan giggled. “Come on, your bottom was redder than two holly berries when I came in.”

I blushed until my ears burned.

“I’m glad David has finally found someone.”

David and Alec returned with the drinks and after 10 minutes we were all talking like old friends. Alec invited us to a New Year’s drinks party and David accepted without reference to me.

After they left, David had stern words for me about my earlier outburst and I admitted that I was still a bit self-conscious about our age difference.

“You don’t want your friends to see what an old cronk you’ve got saddled with.” David teased.

“I am afraid that they will see how much under your thumb I am. Nan would have realised without seeing me in the corner. She is nice by the way.” I didn’t know whether to say any more.

“You really don’t need to worry about Nan and Alec knowing.” David urged.

“I know. So do you don’t you?” I smirked. “About Alec spanking Nan I mean?”

“She told you?” David seemed surprised.

“Yes. She explained about the drink ban.”

“She threw a blue fit when I found out. She is very shy about it, like you. It is not common knowledge they are both very private people.”

“How long have they been together?”

“About five years. Nan must have been your age when the got together. So you see they do understand. She was the original spanked secretary.”

“How long have you known about Alec?”

“We double dated at college. I heard a commotion in his room and found him with a girl over his lap. The girl I was with said she would have some of that if I were man enough. We sort of compared notes after that.”

“I suppose I should get back to the corner.” I groaned.

“Its late, lets postpone until after the New Year.”

“Why so long? Not that I am complaining.”

“Let us just put it down to gentlemanly concern, at least that way if you are worried about everyone knowing it will give your bottom a chance to recover so that it won’t be obvious that you can’t sit. Then I can give you a real workout to start the year.” He said the last part in a jocular way but with an edge to his voice.

“Thanks. I think.” I replied ruefully.

Alec and Nan had a big house in Richmond. A bit up from the river where we sometimes walked, but then as well off as they obviously were, riverside houses usually cost several million.

“This has got to be two million quids worth at least.” David was impressed. “How did you get settled in so fast?”

“We got an agent to deal with it while we were still in the States.” Alec explained. “There are several rooms left to be decorated, but I’ll leave all that to Nan.”

Nan slide up beside me and took my coat.

“Let’s leave the boys to talk property prices while I get you a drink.” She said. “It looked like you and David had some unfinished business the other night, how is your tail end tonight?”

I blushed, but my harsh ‘put down’ glare did not come off and I felt like a little girl lost.

“Fine thank you. How is yours?” Was all I could manage.

“Tender if the truth be told.” She said surreptitiously rubbing her bottom. “Someone thought I was a bit too bitchy the other night at your place.”

“Our confrontation was postponed.” I grimaced chewing my lip.

“What were you in for? It looked like brush work when I barged in.” Nan whispered looking around for eavesdroppers.

“More of the same.” It was very strange talking about this with a virtual stranger.

“Alec’s favourite. He hardly uses anything else.”

“I get the cane.” I blushed. I felt slightly aroused by the confession.

“Of course you would.” Nan grinned.

“What do you mean?”

“The teacher thing.” Nan added hastily.

“Oh yes. It was a bit like that. He was my head of year at school.” I admitted.

“Oh my god.” Nan clapped her hand to her mouth and I suddenly regretted my indiscretion. “That’s one up on the naughty secretary. How marvellous.”

“It wasn’t like that. I was a bad girl and he straightened me out. The rest came later. Much later when I was at college.” I babbled.

“Shush. I know. David has integrity. You must tell me all about it.” She looked around again, there was someone else at the door. “But some other time and I’ll tell you my story.”

We talked again later but by then Nan was a bit tipsy and Alec was obviously cross with her.

“Whoops. Daddy spank.” She slurred into my ear.

The New Year was received with much hullabaloo and kissing and then David said it was time to go.

“You and Nan seemed to get on very well.” He said later as we drove home.

“Yes.” I agreed. “I may have been a bit indiscrete, we talked about things.”

“I see.” David tried to sound severe but he had a faint smile on his lips. “I expect Nan started it.”

“Yes in a way.”

“I got the impression she was in trouble when we left.”

“She’s not the only one is she?” I replied meekly.

“Tomorrow we will settle things.” David said with finality.

To be continued.

2 Responses to “Angela’s story: kindred spirits”

  1. 1 Ashley

    No more? I was looking forward to reading a lot more, so far it’s marvelous. I love it!

    • 2 DJ

      No more? Do you mean the episodes are a bit short recently?

      We are experiencing technical difficulties this end. More soon.


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