Angela’s story: spanking interuptus


Angela’s story continues

When I awoke the next morning my hands flew to my bottom, this was definitely not funny. I took pigeon steps to the bathroom as David looked on with something like concern on his face. He confided to me much later that he regretted sentencing me to such harsh spankings on successive days, but realised he couldn’t back down. Of course he was right but that was no comfort to me at the time.

As usual the stiffness wore off as the day went on and after our disastrous evening meal the night before we decided to go out for lunch.

“Should I write my culinary failure down in the book?” I asked, pulling a face.

“What do you think?” David offered me a paternal smile. “That is a genuine question and not rhetorical.”

“I suppose I should.” I replied reluctantly.

“It is up to you, there is not always a right answer, that is the whole point.” David explained.

“If I write it down you’re not going to spank me again too soon are you?” I wailed.

“Now you know that is not how it works. There are no deals.” David scolded.

I thought about it for a while and then while he went to the gents I wrote down: ‘reckless cooking experiment’ and ‘trying to bargain my way out of just punishment’. I put the book away with a sense of satisfied resignation.

Our pub lunch was as good as usual and I was becoming an expert at finding the areas of the pub where I could stand to eat without drawing attention while David sat next to me on a barstool.

We went for a walk along the river after lunch so it was dark by the time we got home and my thoughts turned to my evening stint in the corner.

“I wonder how the Hammers got on?” David said turning on the football results.

“West Ham.” I parodied in my best old man cockney accent whilst waving an imaginary scarf over my head.

“Do you want to start corner time now?” David warned.

The Hammers had won two goals to one so David was in a good mood and offered to cook dinner as usual, although that may have been self-preservation on his part.

“Will you teach me to cook?” I asked sheepishly remembering the previous night.

“Sure. There is nothing to it. The secret to cooking is ingredients.” He spoke enthusiastically.

“I thought it was timing?” I teased.

He turned to look at me with eyebrows raised in warning. I returned a coy smile.

“Ingredients and timing.” He amended. “And a good stove helps.”

Later David talked me through the chicken casserole he made, using phrases like ‘reducing the stock’ and ‘braising’. I had no idea what he was saying but it tasted great.

“What do you want to do for New Year?” David asked over dinner.

“Can’t we stay in alone?” I pleaded.

“Don’t be an old stick in the mud.” He laughed. “I’ll call some friends. What about you? Someone must be having a party.”

“Your friends and my friends?” I gaped.

“Why what’s the matter?” He asked.

“But would that work?” I suddenly felt a rising panic like I was about to sit an exam.

“Calm down.” David said soothingly. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I just.” I began to gabble.

“Angela.” David scowled. “You are being silly.”

I burst into tears and ran from the table leaving David sitting mystified by my behaviour. He didn’t follow me and when I returned to take my place in the corner naked from the waist down, he made no comment.

I had stood there for a while and for once it seemed like the best place to be given my outburst and David still hadn’t spoken or made any sign that he knew I was there. Then I heard the ominous sound of something being put down on the table. I knew it was the dreaded bath brush. Despite my aching behind and the very real fear in my stomach, I felt a strange excitement. If only. I didn’t finish the thought. I just dissolved into an ill-defined longing.

Time passed and I must have completely zoned out, because the next thing I knew there was a knock at the door. I started and suddenly became alert to every sound. I desperately wanted to look round but my discipline held and my nose stayed firmly in the corner.

There were voices in the hall, David’s and a strange male voice.

“Its great to see you both.” I could tell David’s usual poise was under challenge for once. “Can you wait here a moment I just need to do something.”

“Sorry darling I am desperate for the loo.” I heard a woman’s voice.

“Nan just a minute.” David called from somewhere behind me.

The door opened and I knew that someone was standing behind me, the hurried breathing of the unwelcome guest stopped mid breath.

“Oh my god.” The woman gasped. “Sorry love, but where is the toilet?”

I dare not speak. I couldn’t come to that. My face blazed hotly right to my ears. The wall remained solid against my flight and the ground refused to open. Did you know that you cannot actually die of embarrassment? Something I learnt in that instant.

I heard the woman flee in haste behind me and after a cupboard was opened a closed somewhere I finally heard her find the toilet. I stood transfixed. Had David let her come in to humiliate me? Should I run to our room?

“Get dressed.” David hissed somewhere behind me.

I ran for the bedroom. I would get dressed but it didn’t matter because I was not coming out until they had gone. I hastily pulled on my jeans and then went to listen at the door.

“Alec its so great to see you and Nannette, how long have you been back?” I heard David say.

Alec and Nannette could go and. I fumed.

“We’ve been back for about three weeks now. We stayed with Nan’s parents for Christmas. Who was that I heard running for cover as we came in?” This Alec asked.

“He’s got a new girl.” Nan’s voice joined the conversation. “Very striking form behind.”

“Ah you saw?” David replied.

“Oh yes.” Nan giggled. “Has someone been a naughty girl?”

“Oh shit, sorry Dave.” Alec moaned. Then added in a growl. “Nan he told you to wait.”

“I was desperate.” Nan protested. “Where is this girl? Can we meet her? Properly I mean.”

“Angela come out, its some old friends of mine.” David called.

“Don’t embarrass the kid.” Alec remonstrated.

Kid. I could have spat in indignation. But I realised I was behaving like one. I wished I wasn’t blushing so much but I steeled myself to face the music.

To be continued.

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