Angela’s story: corner contemplations


Angela’s story continues.

All the next day I pondered the justice of David’s sentence and our life together. Why had I been so stubborn? Where did my little rebellion come from? Was I being bad for badness sake or had Christmas been such a good time that I needed to sabotage it.

“A penny for them. Are you worried about tonight?” David asked me.

“Yes. No, not really. I was thinking about yesterday.” I replied.

“You think I was too harsh?” There was no warning in his voice, he wasn’t about to get cross if he thought I was whining, so I guessed it was safe for my bottom to talk.

“Not exactly. Why did we have that silly argument?”

“I was tired and a little stubborn myself and you were courting a spanking.” He suggested.

“We were both tired I suppose and anyway I like you stubborn. You think I wanted a spanking?” I was not convinced.

“Wanted is perhaps the wrong word. Subconsciously at least you needed one, a side effect of being at your parents perhaps.” He amended.

I thought about this. He was only partly right. I already had a spanking coming and I knew that part of me welcomed it. So why did I press him? I was testing him I realised. Does he really love me? If he does, he will punish me. That was what I was thinking. Or rather wasn’t thinking. Why doesn’t my subconscious give my bottom a break once in a while?

We didn’t talk much at dinner. I could hardly eat, the butterflies in my stomach were having a party. At last I said:

“Where do you want me?”

“You haven’t finished eating.” David scolded.

I shook my head and hoped he wouldn’t insist.

“Alright, I think we will have you in the vacant corner of the lounge where I can watch you as well as TV. Upstairs and get ready for bed, pyjama tops only I think.” He ordered.

When I returned he was still finishing his coffee surrounded by dirty plates. I stood nervously with my hands shielding my naked sex wondering what to do next.

“Do you want me to clear up before I?” I just nodded towards the room not able to say the words.

“Are you stalling?” he smiled.

I realised I might be and rubbed my shoulder with my chin and kicked my feet. He nodded towards the lounge and I reluctantly went with leaden steps before my subconscious got me into any more hot water.

I hated corner time before a spanking. Afterwards it wasn’t so bad because by then I was almost eager for the haven of a nice cool wall. Post-spanking corner time meant it was all over and my bottom was safe again and I felt all clean and forgiven.

But waiting for a spanking in the corner was hell on the nerves, not to mention the legs and nose. I wondered if I would eventually get calluses on my nose from where it touched the wall? Since I didn’t have any on my bottom, which got a much rougher ride, then I guessed my nose was probably safe.

The other horrible thing about this corner time was that I knew I was not going anywhere else for a while. It was not yet nine and I had promised that I would stay here until bedtime. Maybe David would be ready for bed by 10.30 since he still had to spank me, but that was the very earliest. If there was a good film on at 10.30 then I could expect to be here until at least midnight.

At nine, David sat down and turned on the TV. I had already felt that I had stood here for an age and his arrival in the room brought home to me how long I was destined to be here.

There was a programme about Super Tsunamis on the box. I missed out on the spectacular graphics of course but I learnt a lot from just listening. Apparently, there is a giant cliff face somewhere that will fall into the sea sometime and cause a wave so big it will wipe out New York like in that movie that I can’t remember the name of. Maybe I wasn’t listening so well after all.

David made a move and I jumped. Not literally, that was a spanking offence. It was time. No David was just pouring himself a whisky. I wished he hadn’t, I realised that I had zoned out a little and now I was conscious of being in the corner again.

Sir Trevor McDonald announced the ITN 10 o’clock news coming on and David turned over to the BBC news. Moira Stuart began to drone on about how the Conservative Party didn’t like what the Labour Government was doing about Europe. How is that news? And anyway why was it Sir Trevor and not Dame Moira? And how come all the news anchors were black? Was that right, who was on Channel Four? Krishnan Guru-Murthy, he was Asian, but no he wasn’t the number one it was John Snow.

It is amazing how your mind wonders and what sort of crap occurs to you when you are standing in the corner.

The news over the TV was suddenly and ominously turned off. Surely there is a late film I prayed.

“Alright it is time.” David said sternly. “Bathroom and toilet if you need to and then into the bedroom corner until I come up.”

When I got to the bedroom, the brushes were already laid out on the bed. I swallowed hard, tonight it was to be the hairbrush, but in two nights the bath brush I realised. I scampered to the corner suddenly very intimidated.

All too soon David entered the room.

“I hope you have been good today. Nothing added to your book?”

“No Sir.” I had forgotten and hoped that was the right answer.

“Alright come here.”

I turned my hands flying to cover my front. I was always shy at times like this. David already held the brush. I walked towards him my eyes cast down, more with nerves than shame.

I was upended over his knee and held firmly, my hands were pinned into the small of my back.

“Anything to say before I pass sentence?” He intoned.

Get on with I nearly snapped, nearly, I was learning.

He did. The spanking was fast and forceful and I was soon breathing hard and blinking back tears. Why did it sting so? Unlike corner time, a spanking does not lend itself to introspection so all questions where quickly driven from my mind. The whole world shrank to the brush and my bottom.

I started to protest with incoherent phrases and then came the first sob.

David eased off the pace a little with the spanks, but they fell harder if anything. I yelled at one.

“Please David I’m sorry I said at last.” I hated begging, but I also loved it.

There was no respite, how could there be, my man was strict.

I don’t know how long the spanking lasted after that, all I know is that by the time he was done my bottom was both sore and aching. He held me as I cried and I reached back to let my fingers explore the damage. The flesh was strangely hard and very hot. I wanted desperately to rub the hurt away but I had not yet been given permission.

“Shush baby.” He soothed. “Its all over I love you.”

I just clung to him and sobbed myself clean.

To be continued.

2 Responses to “Angela’s story: corner contemplations”

  1. 1 Elly

    Another great installment.

    E x

  2. What a beautiful spankable pose standing humiliatingly in the corner wearing erotically garter and stockings. How I would love to have given her six or more of the best with a pliaable stinging cane, on her tender bare bottom.

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