Angela’s story: taken to book


Angela’s story continues:

“How did you get on?” David asked an hour after we got home.

I looked at him puzzled and then shrugged.

“You mean Christmas? It was great, I think Mum and Dad really like you.” I replied.

“Yes it was, but you know that wasn’t what I meant.” David said impatiently.

“I really don’t know what you are asking.” I said letting the irritation creep into my voice.

“There is no need to take that tone with me.” David was cross.

“What is your problem?” I yelled. “You ask stupid bloody cryptic questions and then get angry when I won’t play.”

“I am not playing and stop yelling.” David snapped.

“I’ll bloody well yell if I want to.” I screamed. Whoops.

“That does it.” David said quietly. “Go and stand in the corner.”

“I won’t.” I replied incredulously. “I haven’t done anything.”

David raised his eyebrows and gave me that look.

“Well I yelled, sorry.” I said not sounding sorry at all. “But you started it.”

I was upended across his knee in a trice and after a quick volley of swats, I was bared for a sustained spanking.

“This is what you want isn’t it? You have gone too long without.” David said firmly.

“David please I am sorry.” I whined.

It was too late and I was soundly hand spanked on my bare bottom. I could hear my breathing getting increasingly laboured as I tried to hold back the tears. The worst thing was that I knew that I would get worse later.

I didn’t bother to plead I just began to cry.

“Are you ready to go to the corner now?” David asked calmly.

“Yes Sir.” I sobbed.

“While you are there you can think about the answer to my quite civil question.” David ordered.

I stood sniffing with my jeans and knickers around my ankles and my tears running down my cheeks to meet them. My stinging red bottom, so nearly recovered from the last weeks caning, felt hot and heavy and I still didn’t know what the question was.

David was in no hurry; I just stood for an age angry at the world determined that I had been unjustly treated and I did not know why. Although at the back of mind, I thought it might have something to do with the book he gave me. But I was too busy sulking to listen to that thought.

“Well?” David asked a long while after. “How did you get on?”

“I had a lovely Christmas, then I came home and I got a spanking for no reason.” I replied sulkily.

David didn’t say anything he just walked away.

I must have stood there for another half an hour, because my legs had begun to ache, before he came back.

“Well?” He said.

“Dunno.” I pouted like a kid.

“Alright.” David sighed. “I’ll be back in a while.”

My legs and bottom were beginning to get a bit cold as I stood in the corner. I must have been there for a while because there was no more tingling in my behind, just a pervasive soreness. I knew David wanted me to show him the book to see what I had written in it. If I gave in now I would be punished for being stubborn because he would say that I knew all along. But what if I didn’t? I knew I wouldn’t win.

I heard David coming back and my heart leapt in fear and relief, I would give in. But he only went into the toilet and when he came out, he went back to watching television.

I started to cry. All right, I thought if he won’t listen to me then he can wait all night for an answer. I think I stamped my foot.

I was there quite a while longer, because I had run out of tears and the ones I had shed had dried on my face leaving it feeling tight and itchy.

Finally David came back and stood behind me for a while waiting.

“May I speak?” I said in a small voice.

“Only if it is to answer my question.” David answered.

“Do you mean about my book?” I swallowed.

“You I know I did, see you knew all the time.” His voice had a hard edge to it.

“I wrote down three things.” My voice was a whisper and even I could hear the pout in it. “Can I show you?”

“And how many things would you have to write about tonight’s little exhibition?”

“Shouting, not answering the question, swearing, not going to the corner.” I listed.

“Being stubborn and being a brat.” He added.

“Sorwee.” I said in a baby voice.

“Ok go and get you book and show me.” He sighed.

I ran from the corner to fetch it. As I handed it to him I realised I was in deep trouble. I was already due a punishment for the crimes in the book and my naughtiness since we got back was probably worse behaviour.

David flicked over the pages.

“Not enough detail and I don’t want to see prevarication and excuses in here. What’s this? ‘I might have had too much to drink,’ is that all you can say?” He shook his head. “‘Maybe I should be more careful about what I say when I am talking to people’.”

“David it’s hard, it’s embarrassing.” I whined.

“Let me see, rudeness, indiscretion and drinking too much. I would have let drinking too much go, as it was Christmas, but that’s why you had to choose your own sins, so it counts now, but what about laziness? You did not offer to help your mum once. Even I helped.”

I realised he was right and blushed in genuine shame.

“After your behaviour tonight, I make that 10 sins to atone for all together. Under the circumstances, we had better assume the spanking and corner time this evening account for you being a stubborn brat. That leaves eight, fair enough?”

“Yes Sir.” I said meekly.

“Starting tomorrow, you will spend all evening between dinner and bed time in the corner. After which you will get progressively harder spankings with your new brushes. Then at the weekend, you’ll get a good strapping followed by the cane. Fair?”

“Yes Sir.”

To be continued.

4 Responses to “Angela’s story: taken to book”

  1. We’ve both read this from the beginning now, really very good, we’ve enjoyed it a lot. Schoolgirls and stuff with parents in can get a bit ickky but there’s an affectionate humor and matter of factness about Angela’s participation that stops that and makes this such a good read. Look forward to the rest.

    R & K

    • 2 DJ

      Glad you like it.

      I agree that this story has always been on the edge – but Angela does start the story at age 19.

      Sorry for being dense – but who both? 😉


      • no not dense, should have made clear, me,(R) recidavist, a long term spanking enthusiast and now blogger, and my partner K,

        Best R

  2. 4 DJ

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    I had to go back a read my reply having actually been a little tired and emotional when I wrote it.

    DJ 😉

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