Christmas canings


To tie up two loose ends from recent comments here are a couple of things found on the web. A few weeks back there was a comment questioning whether young women were ever really recipients of corporal punishment at school. Also, someone asked if there were going to be Christmas stories so there is a seasonal element that ties this together.

There has to be some doubt about the birching in Kent post, although there is some first hand evidence, but Karen K posted this in response.

“I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that went on in a private girls school. You would not believe some of the things that went on at mine. I just think it is all much more hidden.

“I was caned at school and my brother at his. There were girls at his school and they were hardly ever caned and if they were it was more lenient for them.

“But I think if there are no boys around the girls act up more and are more likely to get noticed.

“The girls at my school weren’t caned as much as the boys at my brothers – but they were caned quite a lot.

“There were also unofficial punishments from prefects and monitors. Some of them involved things that ‘weren’t allowed’ but were known about and hidden.

“Personally the one time I was caned (I got four) was not as bad as the slipper from a prefect. I think some girls may have got it bare (the slipper from a prefect I mean), but I don’t know, like I said it was all hidden. But you hear things.”

Carol Anne said this in a forum on a women’s sexual health website about an event that happened in the early 1980s.

“Girls were caned at my school, but not very often so I really did not expect to be caned during my first year of sixth form. But I was and this was to lead to my first ever orgasm.

“I was elected to the committee for organising the school disco so we had certain privileges. One day I was up in the music room familiarising myself with some the equipment. There was a big sign on the stereo system we were using that said ‘do not play volume above six.’ I thought it would be fun to test this at full volume, all the way up to 10. The music came out much louder than I had anticipated, these were very big speakers, before I could turn it down, there was a horrible pop and the smoking speakers became silent all by themselves.

“The music teacher burst into the room and I was sent to the deputy head. No apology was acceptable as I had been in open defiance of clearly displayed sign, which I admitted, and had abused my privileges.

“She gave me six of the best on my knickers. I was crying and pleading with her before she did it, she only offered to consult my parents, but I knew they would agree with her. I was so embarrassed as I bent over and the pain was incredible.

“Afterwards I rushed to the loo to look at the damage and got very aroused looking at my bare bottom with marks. I satisfied myself right there for the first time.”

Pixiebelle said in response to this.

“I got caned at school and had a similar experience afterwards. I tried and managed to get myself caned several times after that.”

And to close on a seasonal note another woman, Billy Do (that’s what it said) posted this on another forum about pranks under the subject ‘most embarrassing days’.

“When I was 17 we were let out of our school early just before Christmas as a treat, so me and two friends went into town and had a couple of lunchtime drinks a pub and then decided to visit Santa at the flea market.

“The sign said something like ‘all good children deserve something at Christmas’ so on a dare I asked the man dressed up as Father Christmas what the bad girls got. Will you spank us etc?

“He went along with it as there was no one about and three silly half drunk girls got a couple of play pats on our knickers over Santa’s knee.

“Unfortunately one of our teachers was passing and we got hauled back to school and our parents were called. My mother and one of the other girls’ mums came and we got such a telling off, I had never been so embarrassed. Then my mum said as I thought spanking was such fun I had better have the cane. The other mum agreed. You can imagine our response.

“The headmistress said it would have to be all three of us or nothing and to my surprise my friend who’s mother was not there said she wanted it all over with and agreed to be caned.

“We had to bend over one by one, mum even suggested as there were only women present it should be bare, but luckily the headmistress wouldn’t. It hurt though and we never lived it down as somehow word got out.”

Is truth stranger than fiction? As Angela’s story isn’t ready until tomorrow, maybe this is of interest in the meantime.

3 Responses to “Christmas canings”

  1. What a beautiful present to give a naughty woman at this time of the year. If I had my way she awould be given 25 strokes with that cane on her tender bare bottom.

  2. 2 Paul

    I had a similar Christmas experience in the upper sixth.

    A few of us went to a friend’s house at lunchtIme on the last day of term before Christmas. We had already been warned that that the pub across the road would probabley be checked so we thought this would be a way round it. Unfortunately at registration my form mistress noticed the alcohol on my breath and sent me to the Headmaster. I was sent home ofr the est of the day after being told that I would be dealt with on the first day of the next term.

    I managed not to think about it for most of the holiday but not surprisingly it came to the forefront of my mind a bit more in the last couple of days, culminating in a very nervous walk to school. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but in assembly the headmaster reminded us that we had been warned before the holiday that consuming alcohol in school hours would not be permitted, whatever the occasion and that some people hadn’t heeded that warning and would be dealt with duing the course of the day.

    It was at the end of the second period that our maths teacher announced that I had to go and see the headmaster during break.

    I got six. It was over my trousers but I stii felt it.

  3. 3 bubsy

    Being Christmas this girl should have been given a twelve days of Christmas caning I.e. 12 strokes. This should have been after a good spanking and 12 strokes of a leather strap to make her bottom as red as a robin for the caning Bend her over again!

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