Angela’s story: Christmas revelations


Angela’s story continues.

As Christmas approached, I was nervous as hell. The day before we left for my parents I stood with my bottom turned the bedroom mirror in my best underwear, sans knickers but complete with stockings and suspenders. I fingered the raised ridges on my behind and I got a perverse pleasure from prodding them even as I winced.

I was convinced that my parents would know at once that I had been punished but that was not what was really bothering me.

They had met David before, but not in this context. What if they did not like him? What if the did not approve of us? I was beginning to see how our relationship might look to others.

I was not quite 21 and he was 37, technically old enough to be my father, although my own father was 15 years older than that.

Another slight worry I had was getting a spanking. What if David thought I misbehaved while at home? Would he spank me there with my parents in the next room? Or even in front of them? Or would he wait until we got home?

What would my parents think if he didn’t wait?

My mind was racing with the possibilities. As I dwelt on imagined punishments and fondled my latest battle scars I become aroused. My hand drifted to where they shouldn’t and I was transported to another world.

That is when David chose to enter the room.

“What are you doing?” He was grinning.

I jumped back blushing and began to splutter.

“How dare you creep up on me?”

He frowned menacingly, although his eyes were still smiling.

“I think someone needs another spanking.”

I was immediately meek and conciliatory.

“Oh please I am sorry, you just caught me by surprise.” I wheedled.

He sat on the bed and pulled me towards him reaching for my bare bottom. I tried to kiss him but I was turned over his lap as he continued caressing my behind.

“Please be careful I am still so sore.” I gasped.

I was so wet the slickness was audible as he touched me there.

“What are the rules? Remind me again.” He commanded.

I just ground into him wanting him badly. He smacked my bottom hard.

“I asked you a question.” He teased.

“You can spank me with your hand for any reason you want and I must not complain.” My voice was thick and I was scared.

He swatted my behind hard. I yelped but craved another, even though my welts were blazing again.

“Do you ask mercy?” He bent forward and nibbled my ear.

“No Sir.” I gasped.

I was spanked hard. Not too hard, but soundly enough for one so recently caned. He kept up the moderate pace until I was moist at both ends and then he took me. I yelled louder than when he had spanked me.

Afterwards we lay in an embrace upon the bed.

“I don’t suppose there will be much of this at your parents.” He said ruefully.

I shrugged.

“I’ll do whatever you say. But perhaps we should play it by ear.” I snuggled into him. “I’ll have to wash this rig-out now, it was supposed to be a surprise for you at Christmas.”

“I liked it very much. Does it always come sans culottes?” He grinned.

“I wouldn’t sit down for a week if you caught me without knickers on.” I giggled.

“I win either way.” He laughed.

Our arrival on Christmas Eve was a tense over polite affair.

“Come in David, I expect you could use a drink.” My father said with false bonhomie. “Single malt? I have an 18-year-old Talisker somewhere.”

“Thank you.” David forced a smile.

“I assume you will be sharing?” Mother whispered as she took our coats.

I blushed, but I was relieved that it was one less hurdle to overcome.

Things loosened up after that, although I just sipped at my awful sherry and drank much less than I was now used to. The conversation skirted around politics and education. It finally settled on football and David and Dad were away.

“Bloody ManU.” Dad said in agreement with something David had said. “Have another shot.”

Mum rolled her eyes up at the mention of football and headed out to the kitchen to round up some food. I joined her.

“How is it all going?” Mum asked.

“College?” I replied innocently.

“With David?” Mum leant into me so that our shoulders rubbed affectionately.

“Its fine.” I replied shyly. “You don’t mind about things?”

“Mind? Why should I?”

“I thought you might think he was a bit old for me.”

“Do you think he is?” Mum looked at me hard.

“No Mum! I love him. I can’t believe it.”

“I can see that.” She kissed me without stopping her food preparation. “You know I am only just 41, there is more than 12 years between your father and I.”

Although I knew of course, I had never thought of it like that. I found I liked the idea.

“I like to be bossed by an older man. He had to take quite a firm hand with me when we were younger.” A smile played about her lips.

I blushed. I knew she had had too much sherry and I did not like where the conversation was going, so I changed the subject.

“What has Dad got you for Christmas?” I asked.

Mum regarded me sideways and looked me up and down.

“Alright, pax. Message heard and understood.” She laughed.

That night in bed, I told David something of my conversation with mum.

“I thought you father was the old fashioned type at heart.” David was merry and I was glad he had had a good evening. “By the way you never told me he was a Hammers fan.”

“What is a Hammers fan?” I shrugged.

“West Ham.” He said loudly as he did a mockney TV voice and punched the air.

“Oh football. I never gave it any thought. Dad never goes to games that I know of. He is an armchair supporter like you.”

That did it and we descended into a play fight until I shushed David in embarrassment.

“Mum and Dad will hear us.”

“Up the Hammers.” David gave a suppressed shout.

“Down with ManU.” Came a muffled reply from Dad next door.

I giggled as I heard Mum shutting him up.

“They can hear every word.” I mouthed to David blushing.

He shrugged and mouthed back.

“Does that mean there is no chance of a shag?”

The full Christmas festivities still lay ahead of us but so far it had been one nil to love. We slept well that night.

To be continued.

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