That first foray into spanking – when did you know?


Another old chestnut doing the rounds on some blogs is how and when did you first get interested in spanking or BDSM?

The most common answer is ‘for as long as I can remember’. Now does this mean that everyone is naturally interested in spanking but most people just grow out of it or is there a predisposition to it like being homosexual.

If not, then can you be programmed to respond sexually to submission, domination and spanking?

Here are a few examples cobbled together, as usual on this blog, from various sources of people who remember the exact time and place that they were turned.

Mary J remembers when she was 15 and first discovered boys. She claims to have had no previous thoughts or interest in spanking.

“I had bunked off school to hang out with an older boy I really liked who had left school the year before. We were snogging in some bushes in the park when an older woman passed with a man and caught us. She didn’t say anything to us but gave me a really filthy look.

But then as she was walking away she turned to the man and said something like ‘if she were my girl I would give her such a good hiding that she wouldn’t sit down for a month’.

I don’t know why but just the threat gave me a thrill and secretly turned me on and I have fantasised about being spanked ever since.”

Crispin from Bath claims to have had no previous erotic interest in corporal punishment. When he was in his late teens, he remembers sitting on a bus hearing two teenage girls discussing how much trouble they got into the previous week.

Evidently they had been grounded and had only just met each other after whatever mischief they had got into. The conversation he overhead went something like this he reports:

“I got such a walloping from my dad. I had red marks all over my bum and down my legs.”

“Did he hit you on the bare?” Replied the other girl.

“Oh yeah, always, I cried my head off after, but I suppose I deserved it.”

“Yeah but it was worth it though?”

“Did you catch it?”

“Not from dad, but mum had a go with the slipper.”


“Not this time, but you know sometimes.”

Crispin says that as a teenaged boy he was so turned on that he became obsessed with parental spankings of teenage girls ever since.

Patty P from Illinois, said that she had not been spanked as a child growing up in the 1970s and had no sexual associations with spanking. Then one day she and a friend had called on another friend of theirs while they were in senior high (no idea what age this is being from the UK – Ed) only to be told by her mother to wait downstairs while she and her daughter had a chat.

After a while it became obvious to her that their friend was getting the spanking of her life upstairs in the bedroom.

“It went on for ages and my friend kept grinning and nudging me in the shoulder all the while it was going on. Then after a while the mother came down and said her daughter would be down in a minute.

“When she finally did she had obviously been crying and was very embarrassed. She kept rubbing her bottom and told us she would not be out.

“My other friend and I could not talk about anything else for the rest of the day and I think we were both really turned on. Later on I played spanking games with my college boyfriends and eventually married a man who spanked me.”

Jenny P from Bolton, England said that she was 34 and she used to laugh at people who were turned on by whips, chains and spanking. She had been married and divorced twice and had never been introduced to any spanking games or had ever been turned on by the idea of them.

Then one day she and a boyfriend went for a drive in the country and had a “terrific row.”

“I threw his prized Manchester United cap out of the window of his car and when he stopped to go and get it I slid over and drove off leaving him by the side of the road.

“I got all the way home before I calmed down enough to turn around to go and get him. I had always been hot tempered and when I could not find him, I realised that I had blown out another man.

“Then when I got home again he was waiting for me. He asked me if I loved him or did I want him to leave. I begged him to stay, but he just said that he had had enough of my foul temper and if I still wanted him when he was done there would be changes.

“He then pulled me over his lap and walloped my arse for all he was worth. He didn’t stop until I was crying and said sorry. Then he made me take my jeans and knickers down and started again. ‘This is for the cap.’ He said.

“I howled and really hated it, but we had great fun making up afterwards. Today he is my third husband and now when I play up I get a red bottom. I always hate it at the time, but not afterwards.”

Maybe it is natural after all and it just becomes dormant in most people until something rekindles it. What does anyone else think? Was there any one event for you or have you had an interest for as long as you can remember?

6 Responses to “That first foray into spanking – when did you know?”

  1. 1 Jake

    I think it is part of the human condition.

    You only have to look at the way vanilla porn exploits the word kinky or introduces whips – albeit unused ones.

    Then there is all those unspanked actresses in 1940s Hollywood movies that pose OTK in publicity stills.

    After all Secreatry was voted the sexiest film of all time in a vanilla poll.

    I think most people are not in touch with their sexuality and the closer to home something is the more they will supress it.

    Sorry to be boring but I have always been into it myself.


  2. 2 Miss S

    I knew in second grade–as soon as I knew how to read I looked up “spanking” in the dictionary.

    It was always very sexual, just because of how it’s done.

  3. 3 Scunge

    Been interested as long as I can remember,but as an adult did not “wake up” until June 2008. Oh and the age of Americans in Senior High can range from as young as 13 to about 19,all depends on when in the year you were born and how you did on the way there! 🙂

  4. 4 Richard

    As soon as i reached my preteens i was interested It was the early sixties so it was more acceptable to a point movies tv the public schools private religious ones Every one had gotten one at some point it seemed then that all change the debate began still and still it is not settled But a spanked female bottom will always excite my sexual urges

  5. 6 Skyriel

    I’ve had an interest in spanking pretty much as far back as I can remember. I was always fascinated by spanking scenes in movies or on TV, and “getting spanked” while playing house or whatever make-believe game was always the most interesting part for me.

    Despite that, I don’t think everyone is born with this keen interest, because not all my friends were as interested in it as I was. And this was the 80’s so even though spanking was still rather common, it was a bit of a taboo subject for play, so we sometimes had to be circumspect about it. So, you usually didn’t start right out by asking a potential playmate if they liked spanking. You kind of led up to it to see what their reaction was. And most of them just treated it as any other part of the game, with no more specific interest than pretend-cooking or pretend-gardening. But some of my friends I could tell were as into it as I was, and we would find ways to make the entire game about that. (Like, I had three different friends who I played some version of “Little House on the Prairie” with. Two of them were very much into the spanking aspect, and the third wasn’t at all, and we mostly focused on the daily tasks of a pioneer family.)

    Oh, also, another fun scenario what came up a lot if the group playing was rather large was “Orphanage” where one person would be the “Mean Orphanage-Keeper” and everyone else were the orphans who got beaten/spanked most of the time.

    Most of our games were played at school and there really weren’t any secluded places to be taking down clothing so all spankings were given over clothes. But a few times when spending the night at a friend’s we’d have time alone and then whenever possible pants and underwear would come down. With one friend I would bring over a leather belt I had and her family had one of those wooden souvenir paddles, and we would use those on each other, (though not particularly hard. She liked the idea of the spankings but not too much the actual pain. I was okay with it being harder though.) And I can remember with another friend, bending over her suitcase turned up on it’s end with my bottom bared and her smacking it with a yard-stick.

    We also would all watch out for any movies with spanking scenes in them and tell each other so we could either watch them together or try watching it on our own sometime.

    I do want to add on that although I had this keen interest in spanking in fiction, and thoroughly enjoyed play-spanking, even when it was a bit harder, I never wanted a real one myself. Mostly because I HATED disappointing my parents. And I would always cry if I heard my brother getting a spanking, even if he’d done something to me to deserve it.

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