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There has been a great response to the post on the Markham Project. Not only has it been the most popular post to date in just 10 days, but also there has been a lot of feedback from many out there, so thanks for that. David Roman has a lot to go on in his […]

Angela’s story continues: The next day was Saturday. As I woke, I forgot where I was. Then I became aware of the deep ache in my bottom, an ache overlaid with an all-prevailing soreness. I wasn’t in the habit if dressing on rising so I found one of David’s shirts and put it on. The […]

Angela’s story continues. When I next saw David, I could not look him in the eye. I couldn’t even wear my jeans lest they remind me of the previous week’s humiliation. “I am sorry about last week.” I murmured sheepishly. “That’s over with now. How are you anyway? Can you sit OK?” He asked kindly. […]

Angela’s story continues: Three weeks after I had been seeing David Ashley every week at his home, he started asking me about my study habits and my social life. I was a bit tongue-tied as I didn’t really have any strict regime for study and I knew I was going out far too much. “Your […]

That is 40,000 visitors in three months. As ever thanks for all the support from readers and other bloggers alike. There has been huge interest in the Markham Project, in one week has become the most popular feature ever. David Roman passed on his thanks, he now has some great leads and there will be […]

Macy’s story


Here is an excerpt from the DJ Black novel, The Russell Corner. It is part of the backstory of one of the characters. You can read more of Macy and Catherine’s adventures here. Macy Spake was always going to be a model. At school she had been little miss popular – a classic beauty with […]

The title of yesterday’s post has been changed because it was too misleading and the question mark disappeared. Angela’s story is not over yet, in fact perhaps it is about to get more interesting. If you have not been following Angela’s story then this episode will probably be a bit strange for readers of this […]

Angela’s story continues here. There is actually a missing chapter between this and the last installment, but it is lost for now. My mock exams had gone well and I was confidently looking forward to the real thing. When I first had to stay on at school I had been mortified and had hated the […]

David Roman is trying to find out about the Markham Project. The Markham Project was apparently instigated by a professional governess and educationalist, Miss Elisabeth Markham between the 1880s and the early part of the 20th century. Her aims were to encourage best practice in the training of governesses and the education of young women. […]