Angela’s story: in the red corner


Angela’s story continues:

David kept me in the corner so long that I actually started to get bored and began longing for his attention. Any attention. Then finally I was summoned to stand before him.

“What do you say?”

“I am sorry Sir.” I said as humbly as possible my eyes fixed on the strap in his hands.

“Are we going to see a more mature side to you in future?” He went on lovingly stoking his strap.

“I hope so Sir.” I whispered.

“You hope so? You need to be a little more positive than that don’t you think?” He barked. “You need some fortitude driven into you don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.” I mumbled.

“I intend to strap you hard and then after you have had a little more time in the corner to consider your behaviour you will offer up your bottom for the cane. Is that understood?”

I could only nod as fresh tears flowed down my cheeks.

“Do you want to beg for some clemency?” He said firmly.

“No Sir, really. Whatever you say. I know I deserve it.” I wept.

“Well then answer me when I ask you a question.”

“Yes Sir.” I cried. “But please Sir what was the question?”

He looked to the heavens. I thought briefly that if I did that I would be ‘rolling my eyes at him’ a definite spanking offence. It just made him look patient in the face of provocation.

“I mean no Sir. I don’t ask for mercy.” I remembered the question and answered it quickly.

He gave me a hard look. Not that question I thought. I could not think, this was worse than the good hiding I had coming.

“What is going to happen?” he said finally realising I wasn’t going to speak.

“You are going to strap me and then I have go and stand back in the corner.” I said with actual relief that I could please him.


“Then you are, no I am, going to offer you my bottom for a good caning. Thank you Sir, for taking the trouble.”

“Are you being cheeky?” He smiled the David smile, but there was steel in the question.

“No Sir, please I’m sorry.”

“Then don’t improvise. You can thank me later.” He said reassuringly. “Bend over the back of the sofa.”

I flopped right over with my still very red and sore behind sticking up. I winced as I did so, this was going to be hard going.

The strap took me right across both cheeks with a blazing sting I had not quite felt before. I was more surprised than anything at this new experience.

As I pondered and considered this latest form of justice, I felt the second. I gasped and stifled a sob, but nothing could hold back fresh tears.

As the strapping continued, I tried to distract myself by listening to the tremendous sound of the impact. It was both impressive and comforting as the burn was not as bad a sit sounded, which served to trick me for a time.

But a sustained strapping on my already tender rear was not to be ignored, as my breathing became more laboured, my nose began to run and the tears became more copious, I soon broke down. No one was more surprised than me when the first full-scale boohooing sobs escaped my mouth.

“I’m sorry.” I wailed.

His point made, Sir stopped and helped me to the corner. He didn’t push me away as I hugged him, which was naughty of me and against the rules, he squeezed me back and stood by me for a moment to make sure I could manage.

“Thank you.” I sobbed.

My crying was free and satisfying. Such was the haven of the corner this time that I was not ready to leave when I was summoned. For a moment, I remembered I had to do something but I could not recall what it was. Then I remembered.

I bent over with great difficulty and presented my bottom for the cane. I waited an eternity for my real thrashing to begin. David swished the cane a couple of times and although I jumped, I managed to hold position. I felt a guilty little pride at that.

“I’ll cane you at the weekend, you have had enough for now.” He said softly.

I was strangely disappointed and did not move, perhaps hoping he would change his mind.

“Good girl. You held your position. OK get up.” David embraced me and led me to the sofa for a cuddle.

Not that I could sit at all, even on the padded seats, but I lay face down and cuddled into him.

“Please don’t let anyone call me at work again.” He said as he hugged into me.

“I am so ashamed about that.” I sobbed again.

We just held each other for the longest time.

To be continued.

One Response to “Angela’s story: in the red corner”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Angela is certainly a willing recipient. Good thing David is looking out for her. Nice touch with the ending. Now she’ll have something to look forward to. That’s always nice…

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