50,000 spankings


Another small landmark as we hit the 50,000 mark. Thanks for the support.

The top ten posts of all time are:

The Markham Project
Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife
Angela’s story
A mother’s comeuppance
The book shop in the corner
Spanked public schoolgirl lends a firm hand
The Ritual of Properly Smacking a Bottom
Sandpaper punishment before and after a spanking
Real life adult daughters still spanked in America 
Domestic spankings in the Mid West

Just outside the top ten have been various Dotes, a War time Romance and the military caning and Macy’s story, the excerpt from the Russell Corner.

The least popular of all time has been you can’t always get what you want. In general the opinion piece rants, like this and What’s your poison have been the least popular posts.

The least popular story has been Cyberspanking: be careful what you ask for, maybe because of the missleading title or maybe because readers don’t like sci-fi. Maybe it was just the terrible picture experiment. It is the only story that wasn’t reviewed elsewhere or commented on. Sorry you didn’t like the cold ruthless android servant Drax and his spoilt mistress.

Never mind the ever popular Angela should be back tomorrow.

Many thanks again for all your support so far.

7 Responses to “50,000 spankings”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Congratulations, Damien.

    Your good work is justifiably attracting a substantial readership!

  2. 2 Ellen


    I loved the robot spanking story – I am surprsied it is the least popular

    let me be the first to comment 😉


  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I did enjoy the robot story also. But I like the ones with real people better. There’s usually some suspension of disbelief going on in spanking stories. But the robot one made that a little more difficult than usual.

  4. 4 Casey's Belly

    I have been an ardent fan of SF since the days of my youth – a long time ago, but to be quite honest, I didn’t much enjoy the robot spanking story, much as I love most stories involving impacts and young women’s bottoms!

    I suppose it contradicts the 3 Laws, which were, to me and many SF nuts, inviolable; similarly, I have never been all that keen on machine spankings/canings, although they do seem to be quite popular on spanking sites.

    I may be just really old-fashioned and need the personal touch for things to seem proper – chacun a son gout, as they say somewhere or other.

    Best regards.

  5. 5 DJ

    Hi Casey

    I am big SF also, but I have always found the spanking and SF genres a difficult mix – although they are great when they work out.

    I am not a fan Asimov per se – his three laws are heavily flawed and would never work – as many robot comedys have amply demonstrated – but that is off topic.

    I think the impersonal element was the missing one here, which may have been resolved with more character development of Drax.

    This was an old story though, from when I was even worse at writing than I am now.

    But thanks for the feedback.

    Maybe I will take it as a challenge to write a good SF spanking story.


  6. 6 Casey's Belly

    Hi again – you are right, of course, about the clunkiness of the 3 Laws, but the same could be said of the Decalogue itself, on which many of our legal systems sit.

    Asimov himself showed in several short stories how and why the laws might be circumvented, particularly in the story ‘Little Lost Robot’, which I think was written in 1947, a very good year, indeed the one in which I was born!

    Anyway, as you say it is rather Off Topic for this blog and this blog isn’t meant to be a Forum or you would have made it one.

    I do, however, have an interesting link concerning the morality and protection of privacy of a machine caning, contained within a really quite good story; I feel loth to post a URL here, but if you could supply an email address (anything would do for a one-off exchange) I would be pleased to pass it on.

    Casey’s Belly.

    ps. Don’t knock your writing – it at least gets from your mind and onto the page, unlike mine!


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