Dotes: birching in Kent


!birching_kentThis is an anecdote that has not been published because it is almost too brief and trivial. But recent posts have led this to take on more significance. Do we have a mystery on our hands?

Some years ago at a dinner party with some of the in-laws and their friends the conversation got around to “kids today and what they need is a damn good thrashing”, this from a rather boring older man.

“It didn’t do me any harm.” He went on predictably. “Of course you lovely young ladies wouldn’t know about that.”

Well the hostess and her two daughters did not know anything about it, well two of them didn’t anyway, although one of the daughters had some recent experience and blushed accordingly.

However one of the other women piped up: “I was caned at school, gosh it hurt.”

“At my school in Kent we were birched in the sixth form.” Added a middle-aged woman judged to be in the sixth form around 1970.

“That’s a bit exotic we got six, do you get more or less with a birch?” The woman who had been caned asked.

“More.” The older women replied reluctantly, she was beginning to look as if she wished she hadn’t said anything.

“I thought the birch was only given bare.” One of the daughters supplied.

“Well quite.” Murmured the birched woman blushing.

“Never punish girls on the bare.” The old bore said knowingly, not hearing her.

The hostess quickly changed the subject.

Years later there was another reference on web board about bare bottom birching of girls at a Kent girl’s school in the mid 20th century and beyond. Google had not revealed anything more.

Then this week in comments made in response to the second Markham Project post there was a flurry of posts on birching in Kent.

It began with Miriam’s post: “my great Aunt went to a girls’ school in Kent in the late 1940s and 1950s where they still used the birch.”

Susie said of her mother at school in Kent during the 1960s: “Mummy dearest received whippy little twiggs across the bare bot-bot.

The birch was for older gals or for very serious offences. Younger girls usually got the slipper (not bare).

The birch was only semi-official. The parents knew and it was an open secret that they used it. Official they advertised themselves as not using the cane. Those rascals.

Mum got it between 16 and 18 for smoking, pushing a girl out of a window, being caught with a boy in a potting shed, being out of bounds whilst being gated for being out of bounds.

She said it was very embarrassing and stung. Apparently it left marks like a nettle rash that were sore for days.”

Is someone pulling our leg? Does anyone know more?

15 Responses to “Dotes: birching in Kent”

  1. 1 Casey's Belly

    I was at school in the late 50s and early 60s in what must have been a bold experiment at the time – a co-educational grammar school.

    While the cane was still in use for major infractions by the boys, I only ever heard of a clothed slippering, and that of only two strokes, for any of the girls.

    It’s sad, but I think this is just another story, well-told as it is. I would be very surprised indeed to find any concrete evidence of caning, let alone birching, any time past the very early 50s, and then only in quite strict private schools.

    I would, of course, be only to pleased to be disabused of my opinion!

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I can’t help but be sceptical about bare-bottomed birching of teenage girls at a school – not withstanding someone as good as told me once that they were.

      However the cane was used on girls and boys at my school into the 1980s – over clothes as far as I know.

      I have also seen regulations in black and white that permited the caning of girls on the bare, albeit advised against.

      I also know of girls who were often thrashed with a feather duster as an unofficial punishment at private girl’s school in Berkshire.

      I am glad corporal punishment for kids has been abolished – but until 1986 it most definitely happened in state schools and in private school suntil 1996. I agree that it was much much rarer for girls.

      What intrigues me about this story is that it seems (if it is true) to have been reserved for older girls (young adults). Also I was once told by another woman who had been privately educated that it happened a lot more than people think but when it came to girls they liked to be discreet. That chimes with some of the claims around this account and sounds plausible.

      But I also agree with you – it is the story that counts and we need not be too concerned how true it is – although some may disagree. 😉

  2. 3 Karen


    I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that went on in a private girls school. You would not believe some of the things that went on at mine. I just think it is all much more hidden.

    I was caned at school and my brother at his. There were girls at his school and the were hardly ever caned and if they were it was more lenient for them.

    But I think if there are no boys around the girls act up more and are more likely to get noticed.

    The girls at my school weren’t caned as much as the boys at my brothers – but they were caned quite a lot.

    There were also unofficial punishments from prefects and monitors. Some of them involved things that ‘weren’t allowed’ but were known about and hidden.

    Personally the one time I was caned (I got four) was not as bad as the slipper from a prefect. I think some girls may have got it bare (the slipper from a prefect I mean), but I don’t know, like I said it was all hidden. But you hear things.

    Karen K.

  3. 5 Major Smart

    I once paid to birch a call girl. In those days it was £15 a stroke. I knew that this girl could take a very, very hard caning from previous experience. Now I was to give her 6 strokes of the birch! She said she had only just decided that she would try being birched and that this would be her first birching. She took the first three srokes without jumping up although she did gasp after each stroke but after the fourth she jumped up and said “That really does hurt. Please may I rub my bottom?” I allowed her to and she rubbed it furiously. ” She eventually bent back over the stool. I applied the fifth stroke and to my surprise she began to cry. I found this very erotic and exciting so I brought the sixth stroke down as hard as I could. She then started to sob out loud and asked if I had given her that last two strokes extra hard because she had asked for a break. I said that it wasn’t that I had birched her any harder but probably because she had had a break it had made her skin more sensitive. She said she would never ask for a break again as she rubbed the target area furiously. I had a huge erection from administering this punishment. I found it a very satifying experience indeed. I asked the girl if she would take another dose of the birch the followng week and she replied “You bet I will!”

  4. 6 Major Smart

    I was always terrified of getting the cane at school and managed to avoid it until I was in the fourth form. We were then aged between 14 and 15. The canings were always very, very hard from most of the techers at our school and the victims nearly always cried. I was shamed because it was a mixed class and I was worried that I might start to cry in front of the girls! I was so surprised to find that in my case any way the initial pain went off after a few seconds, although the caning was very hard indeed. Then a most surprising thing happened: The pain changed to a beautiful warm feeling that I can’t really describe. I really did want to be caned like that again and I started to mis-behave in this teacher’s class in the hope that he would give me another hard caning but I am sorry to say he never did. He must have known something! I once saw two girls being caned in front of the class at my junior school. They only got one stroke on each hand but they both shook their hands and blew on them furiously and protested and started to cry after the first stroke and tried to give the teacher excuses why they should not be caned on the other hand. I had found watching this caning very exciting and was very happy when the teacher did eventually get them to hold their other hands out for the second stroke. I got a very erotic sensation from watching this caning, especially when the girls started crying and only wished they could have got more and that the canings would have been much harder! What a great job it must have been to be a teacher in those days!!

  5. 7 Roger

    I find these sort of stories most heart-warming. It is a shame that in this day and age, the birch and other forms of corporal punishment have been completely discarded, much to the detriment of society as a whole. I feel very strongly for the return of the birch to both schools, the home and judicially, in particular for girls. Girls at this age are most impressionable and I feel that the lack of direction and discipline in their lives has lead to all sorts of inappropriate behaviour in girls – therefore they must receive severe lashing for any misdemeanours worthy enough of such correction. Surely there is no greater sight than l bully being birched severely in front of the entire school, staff and her parents and the school management committee.

  6. 8 TealRose

    Oh Roger I do hope that was tongue in cheek !!! Spankings etc for consenting adults are all great … but not for kids of any age !! They traumatised me terribly – and we are talking hand and slipper by my parents!! I still am at 56 yrs old! There are so many better ways to teach kids about life and rules rather than battering them and calling it discipline – which MEANS to teach!!

    And think about this: at my junior school age 5 – 11 there was the slipper. It was used on about 5 occasions over all the years I was there .. ie hardly ever ! [Yes.. always the boys .. except one time! and no .. not on me !]

    Then at my secondary school for girls only [in KENT no less] there was NO corporal punishment! We were know for being tidy, courteous, well behaved, kind, great kids… whereas the other school for girls that DID have CP .. was known to be full of hooligans who were shocking in their behaviour! Now … what does THAT say about CP!!

  7. 9 Paul little

    i agree with Rodger caning in schools should be brought back

  8. 10 Steve caner

    Hi, Yes girls were caned but not on the bare in state schools. Grammar and Private schools could use the cane on the clothed backside and on the bare backside if they so wished and had parents’ permission to do so which was always invariable given except where there were exception reasons like medical grounds and those that played a musical instrument were NEVER caned on the hands – always on the backside.

    I became a school teacher later in life (40) and went for a position at a girls grammar school near the Thames in Surrey. The headmistress was a very attractive woman in her early 40s and dressed sexually businesslike. She came across very professional and was very chatty. I didn’t get the job as the situation was stacked against any candidate that was there being appointed and it became obvious that she was after one particular person from another school.

    Later the same evening she telephoned me to tell me I had not been successful and I commented that it was a fake interview and stacked against anybody there. She eventually agreed and asked if we could meet up and discuss things. When I met her at the school 3 days later we chatted and I casually said “If this had happened 20 years ago I am sure you would have got the cane on your backside for being so scheming”.

    She replied “And I suppose you would have done it?”

    With that she agreed that she had set up the interviews to favour one person but had to appear to the local Council that it was all above board. I said that I noticed some old school canes in the display cabinet in the foyer and perhaps she should go and get one!

    She blushed and went and got one and said “I suppose I should bend over for six of the best” and with that she bent over and put her fingertips on the points of her high heeled shoes. I tapped her backside with the cane and reminded her that she still had her skirt on. She then stood up and dropped the skirt to the floor and then bent over again.

    I gave her six whacks with her cane and then she got dressed again then we went for a drink and back to her place for other things. We met up regularly for about two years and she told me that nearly all the girls at her old school were caned on their knickers or bare backside and until 1968 the cane was used at her school on the girls backsides.


    • 11 DJ

      Thanks very much for that little story.

      maybe one day I will upgrade it to a post if I may. 🙂

      • 12 Steve caner

        Hi. THe “Story” as you put it is true and not makebelieve. I have written about my life excursions into spanking and caning naughty women that started when my girlfriend aged 18 dented my 1964 new Ford Zodiac (UK). My excursions have expanded from spanking and caning her, my neighbour’s wife (46) my friend’s mum (52) my wife (48-65 and currently) and several women I have worked with and this Head Teacher from Kingston on Thames in 1989. You can use it as long as copyright remains with me as it is part of a book I am putting together for publication in either paper or ebook format. Several of my exploits are on my Yahoo group (sussex_spankers) and one very interesting occurance was in Devon when my first wife’s aunt was chairperson of a “village court” where they dished out CP to adult villagers. Real adult men and women were told to bare their backsides and stand on a plinth, bend over and grab a T bar then they were given 12 cane strokes on the bare in front of about 20 – 30 villagers watching. The time I saw the action there were 2 men and 5 women ages from 25 to 60 including my wife’s aunt who got 18 strokes from the local school’s PE teacher.

        • 13 DJ

          Hi Steve,

          my use of the word ‘story’ was not meant to imply that it was not true. 😉

          This blog is almost all stories – many of them are also true.

          It sounds as if you have had a busy and commendable life.

          I have never heard of this village court set-up – how recently was this? Or is that being saved for your book. I would love to do an article.

          all the best DJ 😉

  9. 14 Kres

    Wish I could re-live school canings they made me feel quite as those I has served my penance

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